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characterization of rkz isolate of ovine herpesvirus 1.cytopathic effect (cpe) characterized mainly by foci of rounded cells was observed in cultures of primary plexus choroideus cells from healthy lamb following cryopreservation. it was possible to transmit the infectious agent to other primary cells of ovine origin by co-cultivation with infected cells. by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy it was found that high percentage of sheep (65-80% in 3 different herds from slovakia) are infected with this infectious agent. electron microscopy of cell ...200011332276
epidemiology, disease and control of infections in ruminants by herpesviruses--an overview.there are at least 16 recognised herpesviruses that naturally infect cattle, sheep, goats and various species of deer and antelopes. six of the viruses are recognised as distinct alphaherpesviruses and 9 as gammaherpesviruses. buffalo herpesvirus (bflhv) and ovine herpesvirus-1 (ovhv-1) remain officially unclassified. the prevalence of ruminant herpesviruses varies from worldwide to geographically restricted in distribution. viruses in both subfamilies alphaherpesvirinae and gammaherpesvirinae c ...200818678185
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