the phylogenetic structure of the cluster of tobamovirus species serologically related to ribgrass mosaic virus (rmv) and the sequence of streptocarpus flower break virus (sfbv).ribgrass mosaic virus (rmv), turnip vein-clearing virus (tvcv) and youcai mosaic virus (yomv; formerly designated as oilseed rape mosaic virus; ormv) belong to the genus tobamovirus and are arranged in one out of three subgroups because of their common host range, serological cross-reactivity and amino acid composition of their coat proteins. the recently defined species wasabi mottle virus (wmov) is closely related to the same subgroup. the distinction of the four species is difficult and the l ...200616328151
biological and molecular characterization of a crucifer tobamovirus infecting oilseed china, the tobamovirus that infects oilseed rape has been misdiagnosed as tobacco mosaic virus (tmv) based on its morphological similarity and serological relatedness. recently, a tobamovirus has been isolated from oilseed rape in china, which we named youcai mosaic virus br (yomv-br), according to its biological and molecular characteristics. it had strong infectivity to cruciferae but less to solanaceae, leguminosae, and cucurbitaceae, and its virion morphology was consistent with that of t ...200919449162
sequence analysis shows that ribgrass mosaic virus shanghai isolate (rmv-sh) is closely related to youcai mosaic virus.the complete nucleotide sequence of an isolate of ribgrass mosaic virus (rmv-sh) from brassica chinensis (qingcai) in shanghai, china was determined. the genome consisted of 6301 nucleotides and its genomic organization was similar to those of other crucifer-tobamoviruses. comparisons of the nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequences and phylogenetic analyses showed that rmv-sh had very high homology (> 95% identical nucleotides and 97.7-99.6% identical amino acids) to a sequence of youcai mo ...200111504428
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