[arbovirus diseases in south america and caribbean islands (author's transl)].historically, yellow fever has dominated arboviral diseases in south america and the caribbean and sylvatic cases still occur every year (more than 200 in 1979). the dengue, by the very large number of cases occurring in the area during successive epidemics--the most important being the last one in 1977-1978--is a serious problem for public health, an epidemic of hemorrhagic dengue being a constant threat. encephalitides are the third syndrome of arboviral etiology observed in the south american ...19816116149
oropouche virus. iii. entomological observations from three epidemics in pará, brazil, 1975.urban epidemics of oropouche (oro) fever in three municipalities in pará, brazil were studied in 1975. culicoides paraensis (goeldi) were collected during each of the epidemics and there was a positive correlation, by study areas within the city of santarém, between human seropositivity to oro virus and population densities of c. paraensis and culex quinquefasciatus say. the best numerical correlation was with populations of c. paraensis. the relative absence of other species in the areas of hig ...19817212163
in vitro and in vivo studies of the interferon-alpha action on distinct orthobunyavirus.oropouche, caraparu, guama, guaroa and tacaiuma viruses (orthobunyavirus genus) cause human febrile illnesses and/or encephalitis. to achieve a therapeutical agent to prevent and/or treat these diseases we evaluated the antiviral action of interferon-alpha (ifn-alpha) on these orthobunyaviruses. in vitro results showed that all the studied orthobunyaviruses are susceptible to antiviral action of ifn-alpha, but this susceptibility is limited and dependent on both concentration of drug and treatme ...200717368573
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