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proteomic analysis of salicylic acid induced resistance to mungbean yellow mosaic india virus in vigna mungo.the role of salicylic acid (sa) in inducing resistance to mymiv infection in vigna mungo has been elucidated by proteomics. twenty-nine proteins identified by maldi-tof/tof, predicted to be involved in stress responses, metabolism, photosynthesis, transport and signal transduction, showed increased abundance upon sa treatment. susceptible plants showed characteristic yellow mosaic symptoms upon mymiv infection. a concentration dependent decrease in physiological symptoms associated with mymiv wa ...201021130907
new motifs within the nb-arc domain of r proteins: probable mechanisms of integration of geminiviral signatures within the host species of fabaceae family and implications in conferring disease resistance.the gemini viruses are a group of plant infectious agents, of which mungbean yellow mosaic india virus (mymiv) belongs to the bipartite subgroup of gemini virus and causes serious yield penalty in the leguminous group of plants. in this investigation we have isolated two resistant gene homologues (rghs; ay301990, ay301991) from two mymiv-resistant lines of vigna mungo and v. radiata that have high homology with a mymiv-resistant linked marker, vmyr1 (ay 297425). these three resistance factors al ...200717320114
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