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mobilization of the vibrio pathogenicity island between vibrio cholerae isolates mediated by cp-t1 generalized transduction.pathogenicity islands are large chromosomal regions encoding virulence genes that were acquired by horizontal gene transfer and are found in a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. in toxigenic vibrio cholerae isolates the receptor for the cholera toxin encoding filamentous phage ctxphi, the toxin-coregulated pilus, is part of the vibrio pathogenicity island (vpi). in this paper, we show that the vpi can be transferred between o1 serogroup strains, the predominant cause of epidemic cholera, via a g ...200212351223
phage regulatory circuits and virulence gene many pathogenic bacteria, genes that encode virulence factors are located in the genomes of prophages. clearly bacteriophages are important vectors for disseminating virulence genes, but, in addition, do phage regulatory circuits contribute to expression of these genes? phages of the lambda family that have genes encoding shiga toxin are found in certain pathogenic escherichia coli (known as shiga toxin producing e. coli) and the filamentous phage ctxphi, that carries genes encoding cholera t ...200515979389
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