the g23 and g25 genes of temperate mycobacteriophage l1 are essential for the transcription of its late genes.two lysis-defective but dna synthesis non-defective temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of mycobacteriophage l1, l1g23ts23 and l1g25ts889 were found to be defective also in phage-specific rna synthesis in the late period of their growth at 42 degrees c, each to the extent of 50% of that at 32 degrees c. the double mutant, l1g23ts23g25ts889 showed the ts defect in phage rna synthesis that was nearly additive of those shown individually by the two single-mutant parents. both g23 and g25 were shown ...200717394764
a high yielding mutant of mycobacteriophage l1 and its application as a diagnostic tool.l1 is a lysogenic phage of mycobacteria, which along with l5 and d29 constitute a closely linked family of homoimmune mycobacteriophages. these phages can be potentially used for genetic engineering of mycobacteria and diagnosis of mycobacterial infection. the effectiveness of such phage based systems depends on the efficiency with which they infect and grow within target cells. while working with phage l1c1ts which is a temperature sensitive mutant of phage l1, we observed that high yielding ph ...200010867233
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