the immunology of susceptibility and resistance to scabies.the transmission of scabies occurs with the burrowing of sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis mites into the skin. infestation invariably leads to the development of localized cutaneous inflammation, pruritus and skin lesions. classical transmission studies document an initial increase in s. scabiei numbers subsequent to primary infestation with a gradual reduction as host immunity develops. however, certain individuals fail to control infection and develop severe crusting of the skin, accompanied wit ...201020626808
[norwegian scabies: etiological grounds (author's transl)].norwegian scabies is a rare clinical variant of human infestation with sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. it is characterized by hyperkeratotic lesions of the palmar and plantar surfaces, scalp and ears which contain myriad mites. the authors have observed three cases: the first occurred in a old delibited woman with a recklinghausen's disease, the second in a boy with down's syndrome, the last in a child treated with immunosuppressors. review of the literature and study of etiological grounds. the ...1979159655
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