nucleotide sequence-based identification of a novel circovirus of canaries.circovirus-like, spherical particles measuring 16 to 18 nm in diameter were detected in organ homogenates from adult canaries that had died after a short illness characterized by dullness, anorexia, lethargy and feather disorder. a polymerase chain reaction method, based on degenerate primers specific to conserved amino acid sequences in the circovirus replication-associated protein, was used to amplify dna specific to a novel circovirus, tentatively named canary circovirus (ccv). sequence analy ...200119184917
molecular characterization of novel circoviruses from finch and gull.the purpose of this study was to molecularly characterize circoviruses that infect finches and gulls. circovirus-specific dnas were isolated using polymerase chain reaction methods from bursa of fabricius tissues from a gouldian finch (chloebia gouldiae) and a herring gull (larus argentatus) that were known to be circovirus-infected. nucleotide sequence determination and analysis of cloned genomic dnas showed that these circoviruses represented novel members of the genus circovirus of the family ...200717364513
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