serodiagnosis of human paragonimiasis caused by paragonimus heterotremus.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and indirect hemagglutination tests (iha) were evaluated for serodiagnosis of human paragonimiasis caused by paragonimus heterotremus using homologous adult worm extract as antigen. igg-elisa was the most sensitive, being positive in all paragonimiasis sera tested while iha and iga-elisa gave 88% and 59% positive rates respectively. cross reactivity in igg-elisa was detected with fascioliasis sera, producing overall assay specificity of 97%. it is sugges ...19902402668
paragonimus heterotremus and other paragonimus spp. in thailand: pathogenesis, clinic and treatment.six species of paragonimus have been reported in thailand: p. siamensis in cat, bandicoot and rat; p. bangkokensis in mongoose; p. harinasutai in cat and dog (experiment); p. macrochis in bandicoot and rat; p. westermani in tiger and p. heterotremus in cat, dog and man. it is interesting to note that in 1965 two immature p. heterotremus worms were recovered for the first time in man, namely in subcutaneous swellings in a boy; in 1981 nine mature p. heterotremus worms were expectorated after praz ...19846542391
pulmonary paragonimiasis with expectoration of worms: a case report.a 40-year old thai farmer with pulmonary paragonimiasis was treated with praziquantel 25 mg/kg body weight, three times after meals for one day. on follow-up treatment during hospitalization he coughed up 7 adult lung flukes. the worms were identified as paragonimus heterotremus. this is probably the first case report to demonstrate adult mature paragonimus coughed up from man.19817256348
human lung fluke paragonimus heterotremus: differential diagnosis between paragonimus heterotremus and paragonimus westermani infections by eitb.the specificity of three major polypeptides (35, 33 and 32.5 kd) from paragonimus heterotremus antigens prepared from ether-extracted adult worms was tested against sera from heterologous infections as well as against p. westermani-infected sera. only the 35 kd polypeptide was not present, its antigenic determinant being bound to the antibodies from all p. westermani-infected cases. its cross-reactivity against various sera from heterologous helminthiases and other lung infections showed that it ...19989484969
indirect haemagglutination test using monoclonal antibody-affinity purified antigens for diagnosis of human paragonimiasis due to paragonimus indirect haemagglutination test (iha) using antigens purified by monoclonal antibody-affinity chromatography was developed for the diagnosis of human paragonimiasis caused by paragonimus heterotremus. sera from patients with paragonimiasis (n = 30) were evaluated, along with sera from other parasitic infections (n = 92), pulmonary tuberculosis (n = 18) and healthy controls (n = 30). the sensitivity, specificity as well as positive and negative predictive value of the iha, calculated at the pr ...19989484970
angiostrongyliasis: analysis of antigens of angiostrongylus costaricensis adult worms versus igg from infected patients with angiostrongylus cantonensis.the possibility of cross-reactivity was previously investigated by indirect elisa with sera from angiostrongylus cantonensis infections, normal controls and a. costaricensis antigen. 5 microg/ml of crude antigen from both sexes of each species reacted with diluted serum samples (1:800) of each of 20 cases of angiostrongyliasis and normal controls, and further with anti-human igg conjugate at 1:1,000. the mean absorbance values were evaluated as follows; normal controls showed a value of 0.033 us ...200011414459
molecular discrimination between individual metacercariae of paragonimus heterotremus and p. westermani occurring in accurately discriminate between individual metacercariae of paragonimus heterotremus and p. westermani occurring in thailand, polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based molecular methods were established and subjected to an evaluation. we first amplified and sequenced the second internal transcribed spacer (its2) region of the nuclear ribosomal dna of the two species. based on their nucleotide differences, p. heterotremus and p. westermani were unequivocally discriminated from each other. these nu ...200516438190
pleuropulmonary paragonimiasis due to paragonimus heterotremus: molecular diagnosis, prevalence of infection and clinicoradiological features in an endemic area of northeastern the northeastern region of india, paragonimiasis is emerging as an important public health problem. however, until now the identity of the species causing human infection has been uncertain and there has been little information on the prevalence and clinicoradiological features of infection in the community. parasitological and immunological surveys revealed that paragonimiasis was hyperendemic in parts of arunachal pradesh. egg positivity in the sputum was 20.9% and 4.1% in children (age </= ...200717467757
identification of the human paragonimiasis causative agent in lao people's democratic assess the species of human paragonimiasis in lao people's democratic republic, 6 ovum samples from 6 native confirmed paragonimiasis patients were examined with polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplifying the internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2). the pcr products were sequenced, and a homology search was performed using the genbank. all 6 sequences were identical with paragonimus heterotremus its2. our work suggests that p. heterotremus may be the main etiological agent of human paragonimiasi ...200818973418
paragonimus heterotremus infection in nagaland: a new focus of paragonimiasis in determine the prevalence of paragonimiasis among the patients who were attending the tuberculosis (tb) clinics at the community health centre, pfutsero, phek district, nagaland. to determine the species of paragonimus that cause infection in humans and the crustacean host that acts as the infectious source for humans.200919384034
Human paragonimiasis in Viet Nam: epidemiological survey and identification of the responsible species by DNA sequencing of eggs in patients' sputum.Parasitological and sero-epidemiological surveys for human paragonimiasis were conducted in three provinces of Viet Nam. A total of 590 participants from two known endemic areas of human paragonimiasis (Sinho district of Laichau province and Lucyen district of Yenbai province) and from Dakrong district of Quangtri province where we recently found crab hosts heavily infected with Paragonimus westermani metacercariae. By multiple dot-ELISA screening, 28 (12.7%) out of 220 participants in Sinho dis ...201121946337
studies on immunodiagnosis of human paragonimiasis and specific antigen of paragonimus paragonimus heterotremus were recovered from the lungs and pleural cavity of cats orally infected with metacercariae. the worms were ground and extracted with distilled water. the soluble crude antigen (ca) contained about 40% proteins which could be fractionated by gel filtration on sephadex g-200 into three profiles namely the f1, f2 and f3. the ca and its sephadex profiles were used in an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for detecting antibodies to p. heterotremus in t ...19911917281
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