genetic variation in the vp4 and nsp4 genes of human rotavirus serotype 3 (g3 type) isolated in china and japan.sequence analyses of the vp4 and nsp4 genes were performed on twenty human isolates of serotype g3 rotavirus obtained from china and japan. one isolate from china, chw17, possessed p[4] genotype vp4 and kun group nsp4 genes which are associated with g2. one isolate (02/92) from japan, which was shown to have a wider spacing between rna segments 10 and 11 by rna polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis like au-1, possessed p[9] genotype vp4 and au-1 group nsp4 genes. the other isolates had p[8 ...199910229272
[molecular and epidemiological study on viral diarrhea among infants in lanzhou].to study the epidemiologic characteristics of viral diarrhea in children under 5 years old in lanzhou, understand the four major virus in children of distribution.201121789851
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