kobuviruses - a comprehensive review.kobuviruses are members of the large and growing family picornaviridae. until now, two official, aichi virus and bovine kobuvirus, and one candidate kobuvirus species, 'porcine kobuvirus', have been identified in human, cattle and swine, respectively. in addition, kobu-like viruses were detected very recently in the bat. aichi virus could be one of the causative agents of gastroenteritis in humans, and kobuviruses probably also cause diarrhoea in cattle and swine. although aichi virus has been d ...201121294214
an rna extraction protocol for shellfish-borne viruses.the gptt virus rna extraction method, originally developed for extraction of human norovirus and hepatitis a virus rnas from contaminated shellfish, was evaluated for extraction of rna from aichi virus strain a846/88 (aiv), coxsackievirus strains a9 (cav9) and b5 (cbv5), murine norovirus (strain mnv-1), and the norovirus surrogate, feline calicivirus (fcv) strain kcd, for the purpose of rt-pcr detection within seeded oyster (crassostrea virginica) extracts. the rt-pcr equivalent sensitivities ob ...200717184849
inactivation of selected picornaviruses by high hydrostatic pressure.the potential of high hydrostatic pressure processing (hpp) to inactivate aichi virus (aiv), human parechovirus-1 (hpev-1), and the coxsackievirus strains a9 and b5 was investigated. for coxsackievirus a9 (cav9), a 5-min hpp treatment in minimum essential growth medium (mem) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine sera (fbs) resulted in 3.4-, 6.5-, and 7.6-log(10) tissue culture infectious dose (50%) (tcid(50)) reductions at 400, 500, and 600megapascals (mpa), respectively. for hpev-1, a 5-min treatm ...200415084405
viruses in diarrhetic dogs include novel kobuviruses and sapoviruses.the close interactions of dogs with humans and surrounding wild life provide frequent opportunities for cross-species virus transmissions. in order to initiate an unbiased characterization of the eukaryotic viruses in the gut of dogs we used deep sequencing of partially purified viral-capsid protected nucleic acids from the feces of eighteen diarrhetic dogs. we identified known canine parvoviruses, coronaviruses, and rotaviruses, and characterized the genomes of the first reported canine kobuvir ...201121775584
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