isolation, characterization and geographic distribution of caño delgadito virus, a newly discovered south american hantavirus (family bunyaviridae).rodents collected from the venezuelan llanos (plains) during field studies of viral hemorrhagic fever were tested for evidence of hantavirus infection. hantavirus antibody was found in one (7.7%) of 13 oryzomys bicolor, one (3.4%) of 29 rattus rattus, 10 (6.0%) of 166 sigmodon alstoni and one (2.2%) of 45 zygodontomys brevicauda. hantavirus-specific rna was detected in lung tissues from four antibody-positive rodents: two s. alstoni from portuguesa state and one s. alstoni each from cojedes and ...19979498614
experimental infection of the sigmodon alstoni cotton rat with caño delgadito virus, a south american hantavirus.forty-eight sigmodon alstoni (alston's cotton rat) were inoculated with caño delgadito (cdg) virus to extend our knowledge and understanding of the natural host relationships of the hantaviruses indigenous to the americas. infectious cdg virus was recovered from oropharyngeal secretions, urine, or solid tissues of nine of 12 animals killed on day 9 post-inoculation (pi), 14 of 24 animals killed on day 18 or 27 pi, and none of 12 animals killed on day 54 pi. in addition, virus-specific rna was de ...200212363052
natural host relationships of hantaviruses native to western venezuela.strains of caño delgadito virus (cadv) and maporal virus (mapv) were isolated from 25 (8.9%) of the 280 rodents captured on farms in 1997 in western venezuela. the results of analyses of laboratory and zoographic data indicated that alston's cotton rat (sigmodon alstoni) is the principal host of cadv, horizontal virus transmission is the dominant mode of cadv transmission in alston's cotton rat in nature, a pygmy rice rat (oligoryzomys sp.) is the principal host of mapv, and the natural host rel ...201020055578
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