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abiotrophia elegans strains comprise 8% of the nutritionally variant streptococci isolated from the human mouth.ninety-one isolates of nutritionally variant streptococci (nvs) that were previously isolated from the human mouth were regarded as consisting of 7 streptococcus defectivus isolates, 78 streptococcus adjacens isolates, and 6 gemella morbillorum isolates. however, recent references to the taxonomic reclassification of nvs, from s. defectivus to abiotrophia defectiva and from s. adjacens to abiotrophia adiacens, and the newly introduced species abiotrophia elegans as a third abiotrophia species, e ...199910405400
infiltrative keratitis associated with extended wear of hydrogel lenses and abiotrophia defectiva.infiltrative keratitis is a common complication associated with extended wear of hydrogel lenses. causative bacteria are often isolated from the lens at the time of an event. we report a case where three repeated occurrences of infiltrative keratitis were associated with contamination of the contact lenses by abiotrophia defectiva.200011095068
endocarditis caused by abiotrophia defectiva.a 35-year-old man with pre-existing rheumatic heart disease and aortic regurgitation (ar) presented with intermittent fever, ankle swelling and clinical evidence of endocarditis. transoesophageal echocardiogram (tee) revealed vegetations and destruction of the aortic valve (av). blood cultures grew a gram positive coccobacillus which was phenotypically identified as abiotrophia defectvia (a.defectiva). a diagnosis of infective endocarditis (ie) due to a.defectiva was made. treatment, with penici ...200721503231
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