mycoplasma alkalescens-induced arthritis in dairy calves.mycoplasma alkalescens was isolated from 6 of 7 synovial fluid samples taken by arthrocentesis from 3-week- to 4-month-old holstein-friesian calves with severe arthritis (tibiotarsal or carpal joints). approximately 30 of 215 calves in the herd were affected. in one 6-week-old calf, m alkalescens was isolated from the liver, right tibiotarsal joint, right and left popliteal lymph nodes, and an exposed umbilical artery. intraarticular inoculations of broth cultures of m alkalescens initially indu ...1978624670
in vitro amplification of the 16s rrna genes from mycoplasma bovirhinis, mycoplasma alkalescens and mycoplasma bovigenitalium by pcr.polymerase chain reaction (pcr) systems were developed for detection of 3 pathogenic bovine mycoplasmas, mycoplasma alkalescens (mak), m. bovigenitalium (mbg) and m. bovirhinis (mbr). the primers were selected from the sequences of the 16s rrna from each of the mycoplasmas. neither the mbg-pcr system nor the mbr-pcr system showed cross-amplification among 24 bovine, caprine-ovine and human mycoplasma species (including acholeplasma and ureaplasma species) tested. the mak-pcr system showed cross- ...19989879529
seroepidemiology of undifferentiated fever in feedlot calves in western canada.the relationships between 4 bacterial and 3 viral antibody titers and morbidity (undifferentiated fever (uf)) and mortality were investigated in recently weaned beef calves. blood samples from 100 animals that required treatment for uf (cases) and 100 healthy control animals (controls) were obtained: upon arrival at the feedlot (arrival), at the time of selection as a case or control (selection), and at approximately 33 d of the feeding period (convalescent). seroconversion to pasteurella haemol ...19999919366
isolation of mycoplasma species from the lower respiratory tract of healthy cattle and cattle with respiratory disease in belgium.between 1997 and 2000, a total of 150 healthy cattle and 238 animals with respiratory disease were examined for six mycoplasma species. attempts were made to detect mycoplasma canis, mycoplasma dispar and ureaplasma diversum in calves with recurrent disease, and all three of these species were identified in calves with recurrent disease and in healthy lungs. in healthy calves, 84 per cent of bronchoalveolar lavage fluids were mycoplasma free; when cultures were positive, mycoplasma bovirhinis wa ...200212418530
abattoir-based survey of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in cattle in turkey.blood samples collected from 945 cattle at four local abattoirs in turkey were examined for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (cbpp) by the complement fixation test (cft) and competitive elisa (celisa). in addition, the carcases of the animals were examined macroscopically at the abattoirs and 62 lung samples which had lesions suggestive of cbpp were collected for bacteriological culture. to identify suspicious isolates the pcr was used in addition to the routine biochemical tests. by the cft, t ...200312638910
isolation of mycoplasmas from nasal swabs of calves affected with respiratory diseases and antimicrobial susceptibility of their isolates.nasal swabs of 293 calves were examined for mycoplasma. the samples were collected from calves affected with respiratory diseases on 71 farms in various parts of japan between 1996 and 1997. mycoplasma bovirhinis was isolated from 47 of 293 calves (16.0%). mycoplasma alkalescens, m. bovis, m. arginini, m. bovigenitalium and acholeplasma spp. were isolated from 19 (6.5%), seven (2.4%), four (1.4%), four (1.4%) and 18 (6.1%) calves, respectively. pasteurella multocida and p. haemolytica were isola ...200314535934
mycoplasma alkalescens demonstrated in bronchoalveolar lavage of cattle in denmark.mycoplasma alkalescens is an arginine-metabolizing mycoplasma, which has been found in association with mastitis and arthritis in cattle. routine bacteriological examination of 17 bronchoalveolar lavage samples from calves with pneumonia in a single herd in denmark, identified m. alkalescens in eight samples. the organism was found as a sole bacterilogical findings in five of the samples as well as in combination with mannheimia haemolytica, haemophilus somni and salmonella dublin. this is the f ...200717204146
detection of multiple mycoplasma species in bulk tank milk samples using real-time pcr and conventional culture and comparison of test sensitivities.the objective of this study was to further validate a sybr pcr protocol for mycoplasma spp. by comparing it with standard microbial culture in the detection of mycoplasma spp. in bulk tank milk samples. additionally, we identified mycoplasma spp. present by analysis of pcr-generated amplicons [dissociation (melt) temperature (t(m)), length, and dna sequence]. the research presented herein tests the hypothesis that the sybr pcr protocol is as sensitive as conventional culture for the detection of ...201121700026
validation of a mycoplasma molecular diagnostic test and distribution of mycoplasma species in bovine milk among new york state dairy farms.mycoplasma mastitis is a contagious and costly disease of dairy cattle that significantly affects animal health and milk productivity. mycoplasma bovis is the most prevalent and invasive agent of mycoplasma mastitis in dairy cattle, and early detection is critical. other mycoplasma have been isolated from milk; however, the role and prevalence of these species as mastitis pathogens are poorly understood. routine screening of milk for mycoplasma by bacteriological culture is an important componen ...201627016831
detection of mycoplasma in mastitic milk by pcr analysis and culture method.mycoplasma alkalescens, m. bovigenitalium, m. bovirhinis and m. bovis were directly detected from milk specimens by a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) when milk specimens were centrifuged and treated with mycoplasmal lysis buffer. the sensitivity of this pcr method was 110 to 1,400 colony forming units (cfu). this method was useful for the detection of mycoplasmas in milk specimens from cows at an early stage of mycoplasmal mastitis since a small amount of mycoplasma could be detect in milk witho ...200111459020
molecular epidemiological analysis of mycoplasma bovis isolates from the pennsylvania animal diagnostic laboratory showing genetic diversity.we have examined the genetic variability of mycoplasma bovis strains submitted to the pennsylvania animal diagnostics laboratory, university park (pa-adl), between december 2007 and december 2008. of 4,868 total samples submitted for mycoplasma testing, 302 were determined to be culture positive. mycoplasma bovis (63.6%), mycoplasma californicum (7.3%), mycoplasma bovirhinis (2.7%), mycoplasma bovigenitalium (0.7%), mycoplasma alkalescens (4.9%), mycoplasma putrefaciens (0.3%), and mycoplasma di ...201121426978
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