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a new procedure for efficient recovery of dna, rna, and proteins from listeria cells by rapid lysis with a recombinant bacteriophage endolysin.a method for the rapid lysis of listeria cells, employing a recombinant listeria bacteriophage a118 lytic enzyme (ply118), is described. the procedure can be used with all listerial species. it enables fast, efficient, and gentle recovery of dna, rna, or native cellular proteins from small-scale (2- to 5-ml) cultures. moreover, this approach should be very useful in analytical detection and differentiation of listeria strains when the release of native nucleic acids or proteins is required.19957540820
complete nucleotide sequence, molecular analysis and genome structure of bacteriophage a118 of listeria monocytogenes: implications for phage evolution.a118 is a temperate phage isolated from listeria monocytogenes. in this study, we report the entire nucleotide sequence and structural analysis of its 40 834 bp dna. electron microscopic and enzymatic analyses revealed that the a118 genome is a linear, circularly permuted, terminally redundant collection of double-stranded dna molecules. no evidence for cohesive ends or for a terminase recognition (pac) site could be obtained, suggesting that a118 viral dna is packaged via a headful mechanism. p ...200010652093
genome and proteome of listeria monocytogenes phage psa: an unusual case for programmed + 1 translational frameshifting in structural protein synthesis.psa is a temperate phage isolated from listeria monocytogenes strain scott a. we report its complete nucleotide sequence, which consists of a linear 37 618 bp dna featuring invariable, 3'-protruding single stranded (cohesive) ends of 10 nucleotides. the physical characteristics were confirmed by partial denaturation mapping and electron microscopy of dna molecules. fifty-seven open reading frames were identified on the psa genome, which are apparently organized into three major transcriptional u ...200314507382
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