study of two different enzyme immunoassays for the detection of mayaro virus antibodies.this paper presents the evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay in which mayaro virus-infected cultured cells are used as antigen (eia-icc) and an igm antibody capture elisa (mac-elisa) for mayaro serologic diagnosis using 114 human sera obtained during a mayaro outbreak occurred in bolivia, in 1987. results were compared with those obtained by haemagglutination-inhibition test (hai). mac-elisa was the most sensitive technique for anti-mayaro igm detection. mac-elisa was twice as sensitive as igm ei ...19892562487
applications of animal models of infectious arthritis in drug discovery: a focus on alphaviral disease.animal models, which mimic human disease, are invaluable tools for understanding the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and development of treatment strategies. in particular, animal models play important roles in the area of infectious arthritis. alphaviruses, including ross river virus (rrv), o'nyong-nyong virus, chikungunya virus (chikv), mayaro virus, semliki forest virus and sindbis virus, are globally distributed and cause transient illness characterized by fever, rash, myalgia, arthralgia ...201121366516
mayaro virus: a new human disease agent. iii. investigation of an epidemic of acute febrile illness on the river guama in pará, brazil, and isolation of mayaro virus as causative agent. 195713487974
an outbreak of mayaro virus disease in belterra, brazil. iii. entomological and ecological studies.results in entomological and vertebrate host investigations made during dual outbreaks of mayaro (may) and yellow fever (yf) viruses in belterra, pará, brazil in 1978 are reported. over 9,000 insects representing 26 species were assayed in 396 pools for the presence of arboviruses. pools of haemagogus janthinomys dyar yielded the only isolates of either may or yf virus. the minimum field infection rate for nine isolates of may virus from hg. janthinomys was 1:82, and for two isolates of yf virus ...19816266265
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