zika virus infections in nigeria: virological and seroepidemiological investigations in oyo state.a study of zika virus infections was carried out in four communities in oyo state, nigeria. virus isolation studies between 1971 and 1975 yielded two virus isolations from human cases of mild febrile illness. haemagglutination-inhibition tests revealed a high prevalence of antibodies to zika and three other flaviviruses used. the percentages of positive sera were as follows: zika (31%), yellow fever (50%), west nile (46%), and wesselsbron (59%). neutralization tests showed that 40% of nigerians ...1979489960
[serological survey for the prevalence of certain arboviruses in the human population of the south-east area of central african republic (author's transl)].a serological survey of antibodies to arboviruses was carried out in the human population of the south-east part of central african republic in april 1979. four hundred and fifty nine serum samples were tested using the haemagglutination inhibition test (h. i.) and fifty of them by the complement fixation test (c. f.). only 11% of the population tested had no h. i. antibodies against the following arboviruses: chikungunya, semliki-forest, sindbis, yellow fever, uganda s, west-nile, zika, bunyamw ...19816274526
zika virus: a report on three cases of human infection during an epidemic of jaundice in nigeria. 195413157159
zika virus infection experimentally induced in a human volunteer. 195613380987
zika virus infection in man. 196414175744
one-step rt-pcr for detection of zika virus.zika virus (zikv) is an emerging mosquito-borne flavivirus circulating in asia and africa. human infection induces an influenza-like syndrome that is associated with retro-orbital pain, oedema, lymphadenopathy, or diarrhea. diagnosis of zika fever requires virus isolation and serology, which are time consuming or cross-reactive.200818674965
genetic and serologic properties of zika virus associated with an epidemic, yap state, micronesia, 2007.zika virus (zikv) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus first isolated in uganda from a sentinel monkey in 1947. mosquito and sentinel animal surveillance studies have demonstrated that zikv is endemic to africa and southeast asia, yet reported human cases are rare, with <10 cases reported in the literature. in june 2007, an epidemic of fever and rash associated with zikv was detected in yap state, federated states of micronesia. we report the genetic and serologic properties of the zikv associated wit ...200818680646
fever from the forest: prospects for the continued emergence of sylvatic dengue virus and its impact on public health.the four dengue virus (denv) serotypes that circulate among humans emerged independently from ancestral sylvatic progenitors that were present in non-human primates, following the establishment of human populations that were large and dense enough to support continuous inter-human transmission by mosquitoes. this ancestral sylvatic-denv transmission cycle still exists and is maintained in non-human primates and aedes mosquitoes in the forests of southeast asia and west africa. here, we provide a ...201121666708
complete genome sequences of zika virus strains isolated from the blood of patients in thailand in 2014 and the philippines in, we present the complete genome sequences of two zika virus (zikv) strains, zika virus/homo sapiens-tc/tha/2014/sv0127-14 and zika virus/h. sapiens-tc/phl/2012/cpc-0740, isolated from the blood of patients collected in thailand, 2014, and the philippines, 2012, respectively. sequencing and phylogenetic analysis showed that both strains belong to the asian lineage.201627174274
zika virus epidemic in brazil. i. fatal disease in adults: clinical and laboratorial aspects.zika virus (zikv) was first detected in brazil in may 2015 and the country experienced an explosive epidemic. however, recent studies indicate that the introduction of zikv occurred in late 2013. cases of microcephaly and deaths associated with zikv infection were identified in brazil in november, 2015.201627835759
encephalitis caused by chikungunya virus in a traveler from the kingdom of tonga.febrile travelers from countries with unique endemic pathogens pose a significant diagnostic challenge. in this report, we describe the case of a tongan man presenting with fever, rash, and altered mental status. the diagnosis of chikungunya encephalitis was made using a laboratory-developed real-time rt-pcr and serologic testing.201424958800
analysis of synonymous codon usage bias of zika virus and its adaption to the hosts.zika virus (zikv) is a mosquito-borne virus (arbovirus) in the family flaviviridae, and the symptoms caused by zikv infection in humans include rash, fever, arthralgia, myalgia, asthenia and conjunctivitis. codon usage bias analysis can reveal much about the molecular evolution and host adaption of zikv. to gain insight into the evolutionary characteristics of zikv, we performed a comprehensive analysis on the codon usage pattern in 46 zikv strains by calculating the effective number of codons ( ...201627893824
co-infection of dengue fever and hepatitis a in a russian traveler.we report a hepatitis a (hav) and dengue virus (denv) co-infection in russian man who had been traveling to dominican republic. at admission to the hospital hemorrhagic and jaundice symptoms were observed in patient. pcr tests of blood serum and urine revealed rna dengue virus type 3, hav rna, anti-hav-igm.201627516967
integrating health research into disaster response: the new nih disaster research response program.the need for high quality and timely disaster research has been a topic of great discussion over the past several years. recent high profile incidents have exposed gaps in knowledge about the health impacts of disasters or the benefits of specific interventions-such was the case with the 2010 gulf oil spill and recent events associated with lead-contaminated drinking water in flint, michigan, and the evolving health crisis related to zika virus disease. our inability to perform timely research t ...201627384574
zika virus infection as an unexpected finding in a leptospirosis patient.areas where leptospirosis and arboviruses are endemic largely overlap in the tropics. however, the number of arbovirus infections is usually much higher. the initial clinical presentation can be highly confusing; therefore, laboratory confirmation is key to an accurate diagnosis.201628348757
mucocutaneous findings and course in an adult with zika virus infection.the zika virus epidemic has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the world health organization. we describe the mucocutaneous features and histologic correlation in a patient with the acute zika virus infection.201627168495
male-to-male sexual transmission of zika virus--texas, january 2016.zika virus infection has been linked to increased risk for guillain-barré syndrome and adverse fetal outcomes, including congenital microcephaly. in january 2016, after notification from a local health care provider, an investigation by dallas county health and human services (dchhs) identified a case of sexual transmission of zika virus between a man with recent travel to an area of active zika virus transmission (patient a) and his nontraveling male partner (patient b). at this time, there had ...201627078057
transmission of zika virus through sexual contact with travelers to areas of ongoing transmission - continental united states, 2016.zika virus is a flavivirus closely related to dengue, west nile, and yellow fever viruses. although spread is primarily by aedes species mosquitoes, two instances of sexual transmission of zika virus have been reported, and replicative virus has been isolated from semen of one man with hematospermia. on february 5, 2016, cdc published recommendations for preventing sexual transmission of zika virus. updated prevention guidelines were published on february 23. during february 6-22, 2016, cdc rece ...201626937739
first imported case of zika virus infection into korea.since zika virus has been spreading rapidly in the americas from 2015, the outbreak of zika virus infection becomes a global health emergency because it can cause neurological complications and adverse fetal outcome including microcephaly. here, we report clinical manifestations and virus isolation findings from a case of zika virus infection imported from brazil. the patient, 43-year-old korean man, developed fever, myalgia, eyeball pain, and maculopapular rash, but not neurological manifestati ...201627366020
[surveillance of the circulation of arbovirus of medical interest in the region of eastern senegal].a study about the circulation of arboviruses of medical interest in southeastern senegal was conducted from 1988 to 1991, during and around the periods of transmission. specific igm antibodies were detected by elisa test in human sera, as a sign of a recent infection within 2 to 5 months. the comparison of the serological igm results from human surveys in different villages, and the isolations of arboviruses from mosquitoes during the same period of time permitted a rapid and global evaluation o ...19938099299
update: interim guidance for health care providers caring for women of reproductive age with possible zika virus exposure--united states, 2016.cdc has updated its interim guidance for u.s. health care providers caring for women of reproductive age with possible zika virus exposure to include recommendations on counseling women and men with possible zika virus exposure who are interested in conceiving. this guidance is based on limited available data on persistence of zika virus rna in blood and semen. women who have zika virus disease should wait at least 8 weeks after symptom onset to attempt conception, and men with zika virus diseas ...201627031943
update: interim guidance for prevention of sexual transmission of zika virus--united states, 2016.cdc issued interim guidance for the prevention of sexual transmission of zika virus on february 5, 2016. the following recommendations apply to men who have traveled to or reside in areas with active zika virus transmission and their female or male sex partners. these recommendations replace the previously issued recommendations and are updated to include time intervals after travel to areas with active zika virus transmission or after zika virus infection for taking precautions to reduce the ri ...201627032078
zika virus: a pandemic in progress.the world is facing a number of emerging infections. the latest outbreak of zika virus infection has only added to the suffering. the who declared a state of emergency in the affected countries and has issued alarms worldwide. the paucity of literature leading to lack of clear guidelines is one of the most important factors resulting in a higher number of cases. the absence of clinical vaccine and an antiviral drug may prove to be a really grave situation. the present paper throws some light on ...201628191517
zika-related report a case of unilateral maculopathy associated with acute zika virus infection.201728221261
likely sexual transmission of zika virus from a man with no symptoms of infection - maryland, june 2016, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene (dhmh) was notified of a nonpregnant woman who sought treatment for a subjective fever and an itchy rash, which was described as maculopapular by her provider. laboratory testing at the maryland dhmh laboratories administration confirmed zika virus infection. case investigation revealed that the woman had not traveled to a region with ongoing transmission of zika virus, but did have sexual contact with a male partner who had rece ...201627585037
two cases of thrombocytopenic purpura at onset of zika virus infection.we report here two cases of thrombocytopenic purpura at onset of zika virus infection. a 26-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man had thrombocytopenia above 5×10(9) platelets/l. hemorrhagic symptoms were mucosal and subcutaneous bleeding and gross hematuria and they reported episode of conjunctivitis. in both cases blood and bone marrow analysis suggested thrombocytopenic purpura, blood pcr tests for dengue (denv), chikungunya (chikv) and zika virus (zikv) were negative. in both cases urinary pcr ...201627596376
probable sexual transmission of zika virus from a vasectomised man. 201627676342
persistent detection of zika virus rna in semen for six months after symptom onset in a traveller returning from haiti to italy, february 2016.a man in his early 30s reported in january 2016 a history of fever, asthenia and erythematous rash during a stay in haiti. on his return to italy, zikv rna was detected in his urine and saliva 91 days after symptom onset, and in his semen on day 188, six months after symptom onset. our findings support the possibility of sexual transmission of zikv and highlight the importance of continuing to investigate non-vector-borne zikv infection.027541989
infection dynamics in a traveller with persistent shedding of zika virus rna in semen for six months after returning from haiti to italy, january 2016.we describe the dynamics of zika virus (zikv) infection in a man in his early 40s who developed fever and rash after returning from haiti to italy, in january 2016. follow-up laboratory testing demonstrated detectable zikv rna in plasma up to day 9 after symptom onset and in urine and saliva up to days 15 and 47, respectively. notably, persistent shedding of zikv rna was demonstrated in semen, still detectable at 181 days after onset.027542178
insights into arbovirus evolution and adaptation from experimental studies.arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) are maintained in nature by cycling between vertebrate hosts and haematophagous invertebrate vectors. these viruses are responsible for causing a significant public health burden throughout the world, with over 100 species having the capacity to cause human disease. arbovirus outbreaks in previously naïve environments demonstrate the potential of these pathogens for expansion and emergence, possibly exacerbated more recently by changing climates. these recen ...201021994633
[investigation surrounding a fatal case of yellow fever in côte d'ivoire in 1999].côte d'ivoire is an endemic country for yellow fever, but no case was officially notified in recent years. in july 1999, however, one fatal case was reported. a german citizen was infected in the national park of comoe, in the north eastern area of the country. in order to evaluate the extent of amaril virus circulation and the risk for local people, a virological, entomological and epidemiological investigation was carried out by the ministry of health, the occge, the côte d'ivoire pasteur inst ...200111681215
[serological survey for arbovirus antibodies in the human and simian populations of the south-east of gabon (author's transl)].a serological survey for arbovirus antibodies was carried out in human and simian populations of the south-east of gabon. 197 human sera (adults), 34 simian sera (collected in the monkey colony of the centre international de recherches médicales de franceville) and 28 paired sera of mothers and their new-borns (samples collected from the umbilical cord) were tested using haemagglutination inhibition (hi) for all sera and complement fixation test (cf) for some of them. in the human population, 88 ...19826809352
comparative studies of some african arboviruses in cell culture and in mice.twenty african arboviruses, five alphaviruses, nine flaviviruses, three bunyamwera group viruses, two bwamba group viruses and one ungrouped virus were titrated in parallel in 11 cell systems in suckling mice and adult mice. the relative sensitivities of the in vitro and in vivo systems have been compared. the highest infectivities were obtained in suckling mice. vero and llc-mk2 cells produced plaques with the greatest number of viruses and semliki forest virus grew most readily. ntaya virus an ...19761245842
zika virus causing encephalomyelitis associated with immunoactivation.brazil has experienced a zika virus (zikv) outbreak with increased incidence of congenital malformations and neurological manifestations. we describe a case of a 26-year-old brazilian caucasian man infected with zikv and diagnosed with encephalomyelitis. brain and spinal cord images showed hyperintense lesions on t2 and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (flair), and levels of proinflammatory cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid showed a remarkable increase of interleukin (il)-6 and il-8. the o ...201628053996
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