identifying risk factors for european stone fruit yellows from a survey.abstract european stone fruit yellows (esfy) is becoming a major economic problem for prunus growers in europe. the causal agent ("candidatus phytoplasma prunorum") and its vector (cacopsylla pruni) have been identified, but the present knowledge of the risk factors for this disease relies, at best, on specific experiments. to assess the relative significance of several factors correlated with esfy incidence in the field, an exhaustive survey was performed on apricot and japanese plum orchards i ...200618943755
molecular test to assign individuals within the cacopsylla pruni complex.crop protection requires the accurate identification of disease vectors, a task that can be made difficult when these vectors encompass cryptic species. here we developed a rapid molecular diagnostic test to identify individuals of cacopsyllapruni (scopoli, 1763) (hemiptera: psyllidae), the main vector of the european stone fruit yellows phytoplasma. this psyllid encompasses two highly divergent genetic groups that are morphologically similar and that are characterized by genotyping several micr ...201323977301
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