suppression of an escherichia coli dnaa mutation by the integrated r factor r100.1: origin of chromosome replication during exponential growth.we have investigated the behavior, during exponential growth, of strains of escherichia coli carrying a dnaa(ts) mutation that has been suppressed by the integration of the f-like r plasmid r100.1. we present evidence showing that replication in these strains proceeds largely from the normal chromosome origin at 30 degrees c, a permissive temperature for the dnaa(ts) gene product, whereas, at 42 degrees c, replication proceeds largely from the integrated plasmid. these conclusions are based on m ...1977328481
requirement of the escherichia coli dnaa gene function for integrative suppression of dnaa mutations by plasmid r 100-1.the phenotype of escherichia coli dnaa missense and nonsense mutations was integratively suppressed by plasmid r100-1. the suppressed strains, however, could not survive when the dnaa function was totally inactivated. this was demonstrated by the inability of replacing the dnaa allele in the suppressed strain by a dnaa::tn10 insertion using phage p1-mediated transduction. when the intact dnaa+ allele was additionally supplied by a specialized transducing phage, lambda imm21 dnaa+, which integrat ...19882851703
integration host factor and conjugative transfer of the antibiotic resistance plasmid r100.transfer of plasmid r100-1 was reduced 100-fold in the absence of integration host factor.19873305485
sequence, identification and effect on conjugation of the rmoa gene of plasmid r100-1.the rmoa gene was recently identified from two partially overlapping sequences corresponding to a region close to the end of the tra operon of plasmid r100. its putative amino acid sequence showed strong homology to the hha protein of escherichia coli and ymoa protein of yersinia enterocolitica, which are modulators of gene expression in response to environmental stimuli. we have cloned the rmoa gene from plasmid r100-1 in puc19 and obtained the complete nucleotide sequence, which was previously ...19989851035
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