genomic sequencing and analysis of chilli ringspot virus, a novel potyvirus.chilli ringspot virus (chirsv), a novel potyvirus, was recently found in hainan, china with high prevalence. the genomic sequence of the chirsv-hn/14 isolate was determined by sequencing overlapping cdna segments generated by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction with degenerate and/or specific primers. chirsv genome (genbank acc. no. jn008909) comprised of 9,571 nucleotides (nt) excluding the 3'-terminal poly (a) tail and contained a large open reading frame of 9,240 nt encoding a lar ...201121847573
molecular variability of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus populations.the incidence of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (tvbmv) on tobacco increases dramatically in china recently and it has caused great economic losses. to gain insights into the evolutionary mechanisms of tvbmv, a total of 40 tvbmv isolates were collected from different tobacco production regions in china and their genomic regions encoding helper component-proteinase (hc-pro), the third protein (p3), the first 6k protein (6k1) and coat protein (cp) were sequenced. phylogenetic analyses revealed ...201121497622
complete genome sequence of a tobacco isolate of the tobacco vein banding mosaic virus strain prevailing in china.tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (tvbmv) is a species of the largest plant virus genus potyvirus. its incidence has been increasing in chinese tobacco-growing area. tvbmv isolates can be clustered into three genetic groups that are corresponding with their geographical origin. we have reported the complete genomic sequence of tvbmv isolate ynd with unique nib/cp cleavage site. here, we determined and analyzed the complete genomic sequence of isolate hn39, which was collected from tobacco in hen ...201020012876
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