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studies on clofazimine-resistance in mycobacteria: is the inability to isolate drug-resistance mutants related to its mode of action?this study showed that clofazimine was not radiomimetic, it was not a mutagenic compound, it was not an inducer of prophage-lambda, and it did not eliminate plasmids from appropriate host bacteria. the drug caused an effective inhibition of the growth of mycobacterium aurum, and also inhibited the growth cycle of the mycobacteriophage d29. cross-resistance between clofazimine, streptomycin and rifampicin could not be demonstrated. drug-resistance mutants towards clofazimine could not be isolated ...19873122464
comparison of the performances of two in-house rapid methods for antitubercular drug susceptibility testing.resistance to rifampin (rifampicin), isoniazid, and streptomycin of 69 mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates was analyzed by an in-house method based on mycobacteriophage d29 and a colorimetric micromethod. both methods showed sensitivity and specificity values ranging from 93% to 100%. these simple methods offer an option for drug resistance assessment of m. tuberculosis.200919015333
the impact of relative humidity and collection media on mycobacteriophage d29 aerosol.this study was conducted to evaluate the effect of aerosol generation, methods of sampling, storage conditions and relative humidity on the culturability of the mycobacteriophage d29. the lytic phage d29 can kill mycobacterium tuberculosis and the phage aerosol can be treated as a potential tool for tuberculosis treatment. the culturability of d29 was tested using a test chamber designed for the bioaerosols research against three spray liquids (deionized water, pbs and normal saline), four colle ...201122194291
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