inheritance and recombination of strain-specific characters in tobacco streak virus. 19724118318
comparative investigations on the coat protein binding sites of the genomic rnas of alfalfa mosaic and tobacco streak viruses.the genomic rnas of alfalfa mosaic virus (aimv) and tobacco streak virus (tsv) form complexes with viral coat protein. these complexes were subjected to digestion with ribonuclease t1 and filtered onto millipore filters. it was shown that the major coat protein binding sites are located at the 3' ends of the genomic rna species of aimv and tsv in both heterologous and homologous rna-coat protein combinations. internal coat protein binding sites were found as well. although there is homology betw ...198418639816
rice dreb1b promoter shows distinct stress-specific responses, and the overexpression of cdna in tobacco confers improved abiotic and biotic stress tolerance.cbf/dreb (c-repeat binding factor/dehydration responsive element binding factor) family of transcription factors in plants is reported to be associated with regulation of gene expression under stress conditions. here, we report the functional characterization of a dreb transcription factor, dreb1b gene from rice (oryza sativa ssp. indica). the osdreb1b gene was differentially regulated at the transcriptional level by osmotic stress, oxidative stress, salicylic acid, aba, and cold. a 745 bp promo ...200818754079
the complete nucleotide sequence of apple mosaic virus rna-3.the complete nucleotide sequence of apple mosaic ilarvirus (apmv) rna-3 has been determined from cloned viral cdnas. the 5' terminus of rna-3 was determined by direct rna sequencing, while the 3' end was determined by polyadenylation of genomic rna and sub-cloning using oligo dt. apmv rna-3 is 2056 bases in length and encodes at least two open reading frames. it is similar in size and genome organization to the rna-3 of other members of the bromoviridae, which includes ilarviruses. the cp gene i ...19957646355
complete nucleotide sequence of tobacco streak virus rna 3.double-stranded cdna of in vitro polyadenylated tobacco streak virus (tsv) rna 3 has been cloned and sequenced. the complete primary structure of 2,205 nucleotides reveals two open reading frames flanked by a leader sequence of 210 bases, an intercistronic region of 123 nucleotides and a 3'-extracistronic sequence of 288 nucleotides. the 5'-terminal open reading frame codes for a mr 31,742 protein, which probably corresponds to the only in vitro translation product of tsv rna 3. the 3'-terminal ...19846546793
factors affecting the proportion of nucleoprotein components of tobacco streak virus. 19715125567
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