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site-specific integration of the temperate bacteriophage phi adh into the lactobacillus gasseri chromosome and molecular characterization of the phage (attp) and bacterial (attb) attachment sites.the temperate bacteriophage phi adh integrates its genome into the chromosomal dna of lactobacillus gasseri adh by a site-specific recombination process. southern hybridization analysis of bcli-digested genomic dna from six relysogenized derivatives of the prophage-cured strain nck102 displayed phage-chromosomal junction fragments identical to those of the lysogenic parent. the phi adh attachment site sequence, attp, was located within a 365-bp ecori-hindiii fragment of phage phi adh. this fragm ...19921512192
molecular properties of the two-component cell lysis system encoded by prophage phigay of lactobacillus gasseri jcm 1131t: cloning, sequencing, and expression in escherichia coli.shotgun cloning of the lactobacillus gasseri jcm 1131t whole dna yielded two recombinant plasmids, p118gay1 and p118gay2, which directed cell lysis activity. sequencing analysis revealed that the two plasmids carried almost identical inserted genes in following orders (truncated genes, in parentheses): in p118gay1, (orf149)-orf92-holgay-lysgay-orf35-attl-(mnaagay1); in p118gay2, (orfxgay1)-orf169-orf149-orf92-holgay-lysgay-orf35-attp-(intgay). the lysgay-encoded protein (designated as lysgay, 33 ...200515808364
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