increase in zucchini yellow mosaic virus symptom severity in tolerant zucchini cultivars is related to a point mutation in p3 protein and is associated with a loss of relative fitness on susceptible plants.abstract zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv, potyvirus) is a very damaging cucurbit virus worldwide. interspecific crosses with resistant cucurbita moschata have led to the release of "resistant" zucchini squash (c. pepo) f(1) hybrids. however, although the resistance is almost complete in c. moschata, the commercial c. pepo hybrids are only tolerant. zymv evolution toward increased aggressiveness on tolerant hybrids was observed in the field and was obtained experimentally. sequence comparisons ...200318943611
flowering locus t protein may act as the long-distance florigenic signal in the cucurbits.cucurbita moschata, a cucurbit species responsive to inductive short-day (sd) photoperiods, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) were used to test whether long-distance movement of flowering locus t (ft) mrna or ft is required for floral induction. ectopic expression of ft by zymv was highly effective in mediating floral induction of long-day (ld)-treated plants. moreover, the infection zone of zymv was far removed from floral meristems, suggesting that ft transcripts do not function as the f ...200717540715
genes for resistance to zucchini yellow mosaic in tropical pumpkin.four cultigens of cucurbita moschata resistant to zucchini yellow mosaic virus were crossed with the susceptible 'waltham butternut' and with each other in order to clarify the mode of inheritance of resistance and relationships among the genes involved. five loci were segregating, with genes for resistance zym-0 and zym-4 carried by 'nigerian local' and one of them also carried by 'nicklow's delight,' zym-1 carried by 'menina,' and zym-6 carried by 'soler.' a recessive gene carried by 'waltham ...201121493595
phloem long-distance delivery of flowering locus t (ft) to the apex.cucurbita moschata flowering locus t-like 2 (hereafter ftl2) and arabidopsis thaliana (arabidopsis) flowering locus t (ft), components of the plant florigenic signaling system, move long-distance through the phloem from source leaves to the vegetative apex where they mediate floral induction. the mechanisms involved in long-distance trafficking of ft/ftl2 remain to be elucidated. in this study, we identified the critical motifs on both ft and ftl2 required for cell-to-cell trafficking through mu ...201323607279
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