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inheritance of resistance to watermelon mosaic virus in the cucumber line tmg-1: tissue-specific expression and relationship to zucchini yellow mosaic virus resistance.the inbred cucumber (cucumis sativus l.) line tmg-1 is resistant to three potyviruses:zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv), watermelon mosaic virus (wmv), and the watermelon strain of papaya ringspot virus (prsv-w). the genetics of resistance to wmv and the relationship of wmv resistance to zymv resistance were examined. tmg-1 was crossed with wi-2757, a susceptible inbred line. f1, f2 and backcross progeny populations were screened for resistance to wmv and/or zymv. two independently assorting f ...199524169900
a genetic map of cucumber composed of rapds, rflps, aflps, and loci conditioning resistance to papaya ringspot and zucchini yellow mosaic viruses.the watermelon strain of papaya ringspot virus (prsv-w) and zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) are potyviruses that cause significant disease losses in cucumber. resistances have been identified primarily in exotic germplasm that require transfer to elite cultivated backgrounds. to select more efficiently for virus resistances, we identified molecular markers tightly linked to prsv-w and zymv resistances in cucumber. we generated f6 recombinant inbred lines (rils) from a cross between cucumis s ...200011195331
comparative mapping of zymv resistances in cucumber (cucumis sativus l.) and melon (cucumis melo l.).zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) routinely causes significant losses in cucumber ( cucumis sativus l.) and melon ( cucumis melo l.). zymv resistances from the cucumber population 'tmg1' and the melon plant introduction (pi) 414723 show different modes of inheritance and their genetic relationships are unknown. we used molecular markers tightly linked to zymv resistances from cucumber and melon for comparative mapping. a 5-kb genomic region (ycz-5) cosegregating with the zym locus of cucumber ...200415340688
reactions of some cucurbitaceous species tozucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv).zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) is a widespread serious pathogen of cucurbitaceous plants. zymv was first detected in hungary in 1995. since then it has become one of the most dangerous viruses of the cucurbitaceae family causing serious epidemics. the virus has many hosts, which - particularly perennial ones - may play important role as virus reservoirs and infection sources in virus epidemiology. on the other hand wild weed species maybe sources of resistance to viruses. our research was c ...200415756830
characterization of a mitogen-activated protein kinase gene from cucumber required for trichoderma-conferred plant resistance.the fungal biocontrol agent trichoderma asperellum has been recently shown to induce systemic resistance in plants through a mechanism that employs jasmonic acid and ethylene signal transduction pathways. mitogen-activated protein kinase (mapk) proteins have been implicated in the signal transduction of a wide variety of plant stress responses. here we report the identification and characterization of a trichoderma-induced mapk (tipk) gene function in cucumber (cucumis sativus). similar to its h ...200616950863
construction of a fosmid library of cucumber (cucumis sativus) and comparative analyses of the eif4e and eif(iso)4e regions from cucumber and melon (cucumis melo).a fosmid library of cucumber was synthesized as an unrestricted resource for researchers and used for comparative sequence analyses to assess synteny between the cucumber and melon genomes, both members of the genus cucumis and the two most economically important plants in the family cucurbitaceae. end sequencing of random fosmids produced over 680 kilobases of cucumber genomic sequence, of which 25% was similar to ribosomal dnas, 25% to satellite sequences, 20% to coding regions in other plants ...200818273646
development of broad virus resistance in non-transgenic cucumber using crispr/cas9 technology.genome editing in plants has been boosted tremendously by the development of crispr/cas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology. this powerful tool allows substantial improvement in plant traits in addition to those provided by classical breeding. here, we demonstrate the development of virus resistance in cucumber (cucumis sativus l.) using cas9/subgenomic rna (sgrna) technology to disrupt the function of the recessive eif4e (eukaryotic translation initiation fac ...201626808139
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