identification of prevalent potyvirus on maize and johnsongrass in corn fields of tehran province of iran and a study on some of its properties.during a growing season in 2004, 231 leaf samples of virus infected and mosaic and dwarf mosaic symptoms showing maize (zea mays l.) plants and 258 leaf samples of mosaic showing johnsongrass (sorghum halepens l.) plants from various corn fields in tehran province were collected. serological tests of das-elisa and diba were performed on samples using antisera of sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv), maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv), sorghum mosaic virus (srmv) and johnsongrasss mosaic virus (jgmv). in b ...200617390895
influence of the maize dwarf mosaic virns and simazine upon the buffer soluble proteins and catalase activity of a virus-susceptible and a virus-tolerant variety of zea mays.inbred corn varieties differing in their tolerance to the maize dwarf mosaic virus infection also differ in varietal character and host response to simazine. oh 7b, a tolerant cv., has less total soluble and globulin proteins than the sensitive variety, h 55, but more kjeldahl nitrogen, albumin protein and a doubling of catalase activity. virus inoculation in oh 7b causes a reduction in all three protein fractions, kjeldahl nitrogen and catalase activity. deleterious virus-simazine interaction d ...196920925662
responses of maize (zea mays l.) near isogenic lines carrying wsm1, wsm2, and wsm3 to three viruses in the potyviridae.genes on chromosomes six (wsm1), three (wsm2) and ten (wsm3) in the maize (zea mays l.) inbred line pa405 control resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv), and the same or closely linked genes control resistance to maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv) and sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv). near isogenic lines (nil) carrying one or two of the genes were developed by introgressing regions of the respective chromosomes into the susceptible line oh28 and tested for their responses to wsmv, mdmv, and sc ...201121667271
application of sequence-independent amplification (sia) for the identification of rna viruses in bioenergy crops.miscanthus x giganteus, energycane, and panicum virgatum (switchgrass) are three potential biomass crops being evaluated for commercial cellulosic ethanol production. viral diseases are potentially significant threats to these crops. therefore, identification of viruses infecting these bioenergy crops is important for quarantine purposes, virus resistance breeding, and production of virus-free planting materials. the application is described of sequence-independent amplification, for the identif ...201020638415
validation of candidate genes putatively associated with resistance to scmv and mdmv in maize (zea mays l.) by expression profiling.the potyviruses sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv) and maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv) are major pathogens of maize worldwide. two loci, scmv1 and scmv2, have ealier been shown to confer complete resistance to scmv. custom-made microarrays containing previously identified scmv resistance candidate genes and resistance gene analogs were utilised to investigate and validate gene expression and expression patterns of isogenic lines under pathogen infection in order to obtain information about the molecu ...200919187556
the effects of b, k10, and ar chromosomes on the resistance of maize to viral infection.studies were conducted to determine if accessory (b) chromosomes, the abnormal tenth (k10) chromosome or the aberrant ratio (ar) phenomenon of maize (zea mays l.) affect the resistance of the plants to viral infection. genetically similar stocks of maize with and without these elements were compared to determine what effect they would have on the plants response to brome mosaic virus (bmv), maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv), wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv) and barley stripe mosaic virus (bsmv).-t ...197817248865
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