[malignant catarrhal fever in zoo ruminants].an outbreak of malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) in indian gauer (bos gaurus gaurus) and javan banteng (bos javanicus javanicus) occurred in the year 1964 and killed almost all animals of the groups of these species kept at the munich zoo at that time. in the consecutive years at highly irregular intervals cases of the head-and-eye-form of mcf occurred sporadically at the zoo in european and american bison (bison bonasus, b. bison' bison, b. bison athabascae), elk (alces alces), red deer (cervus e ...19989810608
malignant catarrhal fever: an emerging disease in the african buffalo (syncerus caffer).within the tribe bovini in the subfamily bovinae, the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis), american bison (bison bison), european bison (bubalus bonasus) and yak (bos grunniens) are recognized as species highly susceptible to malignant catarrhal fever (mcf). in contrast, the lack of reports describing clinical mcf in the african buffalo (syncerus caffer) whether free ranging or captive has led to a perception that african buffaloes are resistant to mcf. during the last decade, several cases of mcf i ...201523957274
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