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isolation and properties of the causal agent of a new variola-like disease (monkeypox) in man.the causal agent of a case of disease in man occurring in the democratic republic of the congo with a similar clinical picture to smallpox was isolated and studied. the agent was identified as monkeypox virus. a comparative study of the isolated strain (congo-8) and of viruses isolated from similar cases of illness in liberia (liberia-1 and liberia-2 strains) and sierra leone (v-70 1 266 strain) showed that they were identical. a number of local species of monkeys and apes were examined serologi ...19724340219
poxviruses isolated from clinically ill and asymptomatically infected monkeys and a chimpanzee.poxviruses were isolated from the kidneys of an outwardly healthy chimpanzee trapped in an area of the democratic republic of the congo where a case of monkeypox had recently occurred in man, from the kidneys of clinically healthy cynomolgus monkeys in a colony in the netherlands, and from monkeys suffering from monkeypox during outbreaks in colonies in the usa. it was established that two of the three viruses isolated from animals asymptomatically infected-namely, strain chimp-9 from the chimpa ...19724340220
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