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absence of a pilus receptor for filamentous phage ike. 19744600625
changes in membrane proteins of escherichia coli k12 mediated by bacteriophage ike-specific least 3 minor proteins have been detected by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the unseparated (31 000 daltons) and inner membranes (53 000 and 86 000 daltons) of a non-piliated strain of e. coli k12 bearing the phage ike-specific resistance plasmid rm98 (tra+); these proteins are lacking in its tra- derivative and in the plasmidless host. in contrast, in another k12 host carrying each of different ike-specific colicinogenic factors, an extra 30 000 dalton protein i ...1976793620
filamentous phage ike mrnas conserve form and function despite divergence in regulatory a means of determining whether there has been selection to conserve the basic pattern of filamentous phage mrnas, the major mrnas representing genes ii to viii have been defined for a phage distantly related to the ff group specific for escherichia coli hosts bearing f pili. phage ike has a genome with 55% identity with the ff genome and infects e. coli strains bearing n pili. the results reveal a remarkably similar pattern of overlapping polycistronic mrnas with a common 3' end and unique 5' ...19979054970
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