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effect of glycerol on haemophilus influenzae transfection.competent haemophilus influenzae bacteria were exposed to purified phage hp1 dna and then plated for transfectants (pfu). when 32% (final concentration) glycerol was added before plating, between 10- and 100-fold more transfectants were observed. glycerol had no significant effect on transfection with dna from single or tandem double lysogens. it also had little effect on transformation with chromosomal dna or on transformation of defective hp1 lysogens with phage hp1 dna. it was concluded that ...19863485628
repair of methyl methane sulfonate-damaged phage by haemophilus mutants of haemophilus influenzae strain rd (mmsa-) have been isolated that are more sensitive to methyl methane sulfonate (mms) than recombination-deficient (reca-) mutants. the mutations cotransformed about 25% with the stra locus while the five studied clustered tightly; they are all probably allelic. the mutants are not sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, or nitrous acid. mms-damaged phage hp1 plated very inefficiently on these mutants, indicating that they lack the first step ...19836602266
reciprocal regulation of the early promoter region of bacteriophage hp1 by the cox and cl proteins.we have identified a transcriptional switch at the early promoter region of bacteriophage hp1. this switch controls the transcription of the early lytic operon from the p(r1) and p(r2) promoters and the transcription of the lysogenic operon from the p(l) promoter. the start sites of the three promoters were mapped, and using a chloramphenicol acetyl transferase assay, we have investigated the levels of transcription from the promoters in the absence or in the presence of two phage-encoded transc ...19979268158
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