distribution and diversity of geminiviruses in trinidad and tobago.abstract seven crop and eight weed species from 12 agricultural locations in trinidad and tobago were assayed for the presence of whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses (wtgs) by using dot blot hybridization and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification of the n-terminal coat protein sequence with degenerate primers. the amplified fragments were cloned and analyzed by restriction enzyme digestion to determine fragment length polymorphism among the cloned fragments. representative clones were the ...199818944827
molecular characterization of a new whitefly-transmissible bipartite geminivirus infecting tomato in panama.the nucleotide sequence of infectious clones of a tomato-infecting geminivirus from panama [named tomato leaf curl virus (tolcv-pan) because of symptoms produced in infected tomato (plant stunting and mild leaf curling)] was determined. tolcv-pan has a bipartite genome (dnas a and b) and computer analysis showed that the genome resembles that of other bipartite, whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses. dna a (2584 nt) and b (2542 nt) have little sequence homology other than within the common region. ...19989780034
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