vertebrate hosts and vectors of trypanosoma rangeli in the amazon basin of brazil.a total of 46 trypanosoma rangeli stocks were isolated from naturally infected mammals and triatomine vectors. twenty-two stocks were from the common opossum (didelphis marsupialis), one from the brown "4-eyed" opossum (metachirus nudicaudatus), one from the anteater (tamandua tetradactyla), one from the coati (nasua nasua), seven from rhodnius pictipes and 14 from rhodnius robustus. two stocks were also isolated from recently fed sandflies (lutzomyia sp., shannoni group). the stocks were identi ...19836418015
susceptibility of different rhodnius species (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae) to a brazilian strain of trypanosoma rangeli (sc58/kp1-).specific host-parasite associations have been detected experimentally and suggest that triatomines of the genus rhodnius act as biological filters in the transmission of trypanosoma rangeli .201526148037
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