characterization of salivaricin crl 1328, a two-peptide bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus salivarius crl 1328 isolated from the human vagina.salivaricin crl 1328 is a heat-stable bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus salivarius crl 1328, a strain isolated from healthy human vagina, with potential applications for preventing urogenital infections. the objective of this study was to characterize the locus responsible for salivaricin crl 1328 production and its mechanism of action against enterococcus faecalis mp97 as the sensitive strain. oligonucleotides were designed based on sequences of antimicrobial peptides previously described i ...200919591924
characterization of oral lactobacilli as potential probiotics for oral health.intestinal lactobacilli have been successfully used as probiotics to treat gastrointestinal disorders, but only limited data are available for the probiotic properties of oral lactobacilli to combat oral diseases. we aimed to characterize oral lactobacilli for their potential probiotic properties according to the international guidelines for the evaluation of probiotics, and to select potential probiotic strains for oral health.200818279182
intestinal and immunological effects of daily oral administration of lactobacillus salivarius cect5713 to healthy adults.there is an increasing interest in the intestinal and immunological effects of probiotics. the aim of the present study is to evaluate the tolerance and beneficial effects in healthy adults of the strain, lactobacillus salivarius cect5713 isolated from breast milk. a phase ii, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled human clinical trial was carried out in 40 healthy adults. the probiotic group received a daily dose of 2 x 10(8) cfu of l. salivarius cect5713 in capsules during 4 weeks whil ...201020159049
glutathione-mediated response to acid stress in the probiotic bacterium, lactobacillus salivarius.lactobacillus salivarius, a probiotic bacterium, encounters acidic conditions in its passage through the gastrointestinal tract of human and animal hosts. we studied the effect of a rapid downshift in extracellular ph from 6.5 to 4 on cell growth. the maximum growth rate was higher in low ph medium with glutathione supplementation than without. cells developed a gsh-mediated acid-tolerance response and, when grown with 0.5 mm gsh, reached a higher final density than with other conditions. these ...201020349113
genomic diversity of lactobacillus salivarius.strains of lactobacillus salivarius are increasingly employed as probiotic agents for humans or animals. despite the diversity of environmental sources from which they have been isolated, the genomic diversity of l. salivarius has been poorly characterized, and the implications of this diversity for strain selection have not been examined. to tackle this, we applied comparative genomic hybridization (cgh) and multilocus sequence typing (mlst) to 33 strains derived from humans, animals, or food. ...201021131523
salivaricin p, one of a family of two-component antilisterial bacteriocins produced by intestinal isolates of lactobacillus salivarius.lactobacillus salivarius dpc6005, a porcine intestinal isolate, produces a two-component bacteriocin, salivaricin p, with homology to abp-118 produced by a human probiotic l. salivarius strain. indeed, molecular characterization revealed that while the peptides sln1 and abp-118alpha are identical, their companion peptides (sln2 and abp-118beta, respectively) differ by two amino acids. this observation suggests that two-component bacteriocins may be a common feature of intestinal l. salivarius st ...200717416691
a five-strain probiotic combination reduces pathogen shedding and alleviates disease signs in pigs challenged with salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium.salmonella spp. infection is a major cause of gastroenteritis, with many thousands of cases reported in the european union every year. the use of probiotics offers the potential to improve this situation. here, we investigate the effects of oral treatment of pigs with a defined lactic acid bacteria culture mixture on both clinical and microbiological signs of salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium infection. fifteen weaned pigs blocked by sex and weight were administered control milk or a mixtu ...200717261517
two lactobacillus strains, isolated from breast milk, differently modulate the immune response.the ability of two different lactobacillus strains (lactobacillus salivarius cect5713 and lactobacillus fermentum cect5716), isolated from human breast milk, to modulate the immune response was examined.200717241338
lactobacillus salivarius cect 5713, a potential probiotic strain isolated from infant feces and breast milk of a mother-child this study, lactobacillus salivarius cect 5713 was originally isolated from feces of a one-month-old breast-fed infant. since it has been suggested that the gut microbiota of breast-fed infants reflects that of the maternal breast milk, we investigated if this specific strain was present in breast milk of the respective mother. rapd and pfge analysis revealed the presence of the strain l. salivarius cect 5713 in this biological fluid. to our knowledge, this is the first report of a l. salivar ...200616843562
antimicrobial potential of four lactobacillus strains isolated from breast milk.the antimicrobial potential of four lactobacilli (lactobacillus salivarius cect5713, lactobacillus gasseri cect5714, l. gasseri cect5715 and lactobacillus fermentum cect5716), isolated from fresh human breast milk, was evaluated in this study and compared with lactobacillus coryniformis cect5711, a reuterin-producing strain isolated from an artisan goat's cheese.200616834593
comparative and functional analysis of sortase-dependent proteins in the predicted secretome of lactobacillus salivarius ucc118.surface proteins are important factors in the interaction of probiotic and pathogenic bacteria with their environment or host. we performed a comparative bioinformatic analysis of four publicly available lactobacillus genomes and the genome of lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius strain ucc118 to identify secreted proteins and those linked to the cell wall. proteins were identified which were predicted to be anchored by wxl-binding domains, n- or c-terminal anchors, gw repeats, lipoprotein ...200616751526
the effect of probiotic bacteria on transepithelial calcium transport and calcium uptake in human intestinal-like caco-2 cells.while prebiotic substances have attracted considerable attention in terms of their stimulatory effect on intestinal calcium absorption, the potential influence of probiotic bacteria on calcium absorption has received little research emphasis. therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of well-characterized probiotics (lactobacillus salivarius (ucc 118) and bifidobacterium infantis (ucc 35624)) on calcium uptake and transepithelial calcium transport in human intestinal-l ...200616570693
differential cytokine response from dendritic cells to commensal and pathogenic bacteria in different lymphoid compartments in humans.resident host microflora condition and prime the immune system. however, systemic and mucosal immune responses to bacteria may be divergent. our aim was to compare, in vitro, cytokine production by human mononuclear and dendritic cells (dcs) from mesenteric lymph nodes (mlns) and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) to defined microbial stimuli. mononuclear cells and dcs isolated from the mln (n = 10) and peripheral blood (n = 12) of patients with active colitis were incubated in vitro wit ...200616293657
comparative survival rates of human-derived probiotic lactobacillus paracasei and l. salivarius strains during heat treatment and spray drying.spray drying of skim milk was evaluated as a means of preserving lactobacillus paracasei nfbc 338 and lactobacillus salivarius ucc 118, which are human-derived strains with probiotic potential. our initial experiments revealed that nfbc 338 is considerably more heat resistant in 20% (wt/vol) skim milk than ucc 118 is; the comparable decimal reduction times were 11.1 and 1.1 min, respectively, at 59 degrees c. an air outlet temperature of 80 to 85 degrees c was optimal for spray drying; these con ...200010831444
identification of lactobacillus species of human origin by a commercial kit, api50chl.the efficacy of a biochemical kit, api50chl kit, for identification of intestinal and vaginal lactobacilli from humans was evaluated by comparing with the results of dna-dna hybridization assay. the results showed that in total only 52 of the 172 strains (30.2%) tested were identified correctly by the kit at species level. especially all strains of some species, such as lactobacillus gasseri and lactobacillus crispatus, were misidentified as lactobacillus acidophilus by the kit. however, the kit ...199910681709
characterization of the genetic locus responsible for the production of abp-118, a novel bacteriocin produced by the probiotic bacterium lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius ucc118.abp-118, a small heat-stable bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius ucc118, a strain isolated from the ileal-caecal region of the human gastrointestinal tract, was purified to homogeneity. using reverse genetics, a dna fragment specifying part of abp-118 was identified on a 10769 bp chromosomal region. analysis of this region revealed that abp-118 was a class iib two-peptide bacteriocin composed of abp118alpha, which exhibited the antimicrobial activity, and abp118bet ...200211932444
an improved hplc method for the analysis of citrus limonoids in culture media.recent studies have shown that citrus limonoids have potential health benefits. however, information on the absorption and metabolism of limonoids in human gastrointestinal (gi) tract is limited. in the present study we have investigated the metabolism of limonin glucoside (lg), the predominant limonoid in citrus by four microorganisms (enterococcus fecalis, escherichia coli, lactobacillus salivarius, and candida albican) widely present in the human lower gi tract. lg and metabolites in the cult ...200717049317
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