haemagglutination by the bacteroides fragilis group.adhesive properties of five species of bacteroides were compared by direct haemagglutination with erythrocytes of different origin. only strains of bacteroides fragilis agglutinated erythrocytes and different patterns of haemagglutination were observed. none of eight carbohydrates tested inhibited haemagglutination. the activity was destroyed by heat and by periodate treatment, but not by three proteases tested.19863005581
the characterization of bacteroides fragilis bacteriophage recovered from animal sera: observations on the nature of bacteroides phage carrier cultures. 19744843748
proteolytic activity of the bacteroides fragilis enterotoxin causes fluid secretion and intestinal damage in vivo.strains of bacteroides fragilis that produce an enterotoxin have been implicated in diarrheal disease in farm animals and humans during the past decade. our laboratory has purified and characterized this enterotoxin as a single polypeptide (m(r), approximately 20,000). recently, we used pcr to clone and sequence the enterotoxin gene from b. fragilis and showed that it exhibits significant homology with extracellular metalloproteases. further studies showed that the purified enterotoxin has prote ...19957558286
evidence for natural horizontal transfer of tetq between bacteria that normally colonize humans and bacteria that normally colonize livestock.though numerous studies have shown that gene transfer occurs between distantly related bacterial genera under laboratory conditions, the frequency and breadth of horizontal transfer events in nature remain unknown. previous evidence for natural intergeneric transfers came from studies of genes in human pathogens, bacteria that colonize the same host. we present evidence that natural transfer of a tetracycline resistance gene, tetq, has occurred between bacterial genera that normally colonize dif ...19947944364
[biological activity of bacteroides fragilis].the investigation was performed with 9 strains of b. fragilis isolated from pregnant women in their 38th week of pregnancy, strain iple 323 obtained from france, strains be17 and be61 obtained from netherlands and a strain 210 isolated from a case of appendicitis. the strains were identified by indirect immunofluorescence method and by api 32 atb test. ability to adhere to epithelium of oral cavity and vaginal mucosa and sheep and human erythrocytes was investigated. susceptibility to antibiotic ...19938189808
cloning and characterization of the bacteroides fragilis metalloprotease toxin gene.strains of bacteroides fragilis that produce a ca. 20-kda heat-labile protein toxin (termed b. fragilis toxin [bft]) have been associated with diarrheal disease of animals and humans. bft alters the morphology of intestinal epithelial cells both in vitro and in vivo and stimulates secretion in ligated intestinal segments of rats, rabbits, and lambs. previous genetic and biochemical data indicated that bft was a metalloprotease which hydrolyzed g (monomeric) actin, gelatin, and azocoll in vitro. ...19979038310
[investigations into the occurrence and the antibiotic susceptibility of gram negative anaerobes of the genera bacteroides, prevotella, porphyromonas and fusobacterium in specimens obtained from diseased animals].from different samples of 247 diseased animals (cattle, sheep, goat, horse, pig, dog, cat, rodent, zoo-animals), 410 strains of gram-negative anaerobes were cultured. 297 isolates (72.4%) could be differentiated to the species level by using cultural-biochemical methods, gaschromatography and cell-wall-lipidanalysis. they belonged to 29 different species. for an additional 113 strains (27.6%) only the genus could be determined. bacteria belonging to the genus fusobacterium occurred with the high ...19989818460
antimicrobial activity of smap-29 against the bacteroides fragilis group and clostridia.the cathelicidin-derived peptide smap-29 exerts rapid and broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against aerobic bacteria and fungi. in this study, the effects of the peptide against the bacteroides fragilis group, including antibiotic-resistant isolates, clostridium perfringens and clostridium difficile reference and clinical isolates, were investigated.200312917245
comparative evaluation of antimicrobial action of mta, calcium hydroxide and portland cement.the present study aimed to evaluate and compare the antimicrobial effect of mta dentsply, mta angelus, calcium hydroxide and portland cement. four reference bacterial strains were used: pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, bacteroides fragilis, and enterococcus faecalis. plates containing mueller-hinton agar supplemented with 5% sheep blood, hemin, and menadione were inoculated with the bacterial suspensions. subsequently, wells were prepared and immediately filled with materials and incuba ...200619089053
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