evidence to show that an agent that cross-reacts serologically with cowdria ruminantium in zimbabwe is transmitted by ticks.the serological diagnosis of heartwater based on reactions to the immunodominant cowdria ruminantium major antigen protein-1 (map-1) is impaired by the detection of false-positive reactions. in this study, the prevalence of false-positive reactions on seven heartwater-free farms in zimbabwe was determined to be 8-94% by immunoblotting against c. ruminantium antigens. the highest prevalence of false-positives on spring valley farm correlated with the presence of rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi tick ...19989493330
ehrlichia ruminantium variants which do not cause heartwater found in south 1994 a batch of apparently healthy goats was selected for intended export to the usa from a heartwater-free and vector tick-free region of south africa. the animals were tested serologically for heartwater, using either or both an ifa and an elisa test, and 52% were found to be serologically positive. a pcr assay based on ehrlichia ruminantium 16s gene sequences gave positive results for 54% of the animals, suggesting that apparently non-pathogenic e. ruminantium variants existed in this hear ...200717123750
multiple pathogens including potential new species in tick vectors in côte d'ivoire.our study aimed to assess the presence of different pathogens in ticks collected in two regions in côte d'ivoire.201626771308
ticks and tick-borne pathogens in livestock from nomadic herds in the somali region, ethiopia.between may 2006 and january 2007, blood samples and ticks were randomly collected from 220 nomadic animals from filtu and dollo odo districts, libaan zone, in the somali region of ethiopia. overall, 81.5% cattle, 98.2% camels, 53.4% goats and 61.1% sheep were infested by ixodid ticks. collected ticks (n = 1,036) were identified as rhipicephalus pulchellus (40.1%), r. pravus (25.8%), amblyomma gemma (9.4%), hyalomma rufipes (13.3%), h. truncatum (2.8%), h. impeltatum (1.2%) and h. dromedarii (0. ...201222349943
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