isolation of a pseudomonas fluorescens metabolite/exotoxin active against both larvae and pupae of vector mosquitoes.a formulation was developed from the metabolite(s) of a novel pseudomonas fluorescens migula strain (vcrc b426) and tested against 4th-instar larvae and pupae of three species of vector mosquitoes, anopheles stephensi liston, culex quinquefasciatus say and aedes aegypti (l). the larvae and pupae of an. stephensi were the most susceptible to the formulation, followed by those of c. quinquefasciatus and ae. aegypti, in that order, and the dosage requirement for pupal mortality was less than that r ...200312558096
di-rhamnolipid is a mosquito pupicidal metabolite from pseudomonas fluorescens (vcrc b426).pseudomonas fluorescens migula (vcrc b426) produces a secondary metabolite, which was found to be active against pupae of vector mosquitoes namely culex quinquefasciatus, anopheles stephensi and aedes aegypti. the mosquito pupicidal metabolite from p. fluoescens was mass produced and separated by ethyl acetate extraction and purified further by silica gel column chromatography, fplc, hplc and tlc. the purified metabolite was characterized by nmr, ft-ir, lc-ms and maldi-tof. the ft-ir, (1)h and ( ...201525912083
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