common enterobacterial antigen in yersinia enterocolitica.production of the common enterobacterial antigen (ca) by strains of yersinia enterocolitica (y.e.) serotypes 3 and 9 (winblad), by strains of 5 different y.e. serogroups (wauters) and various other bacteria was examined. antibody against ca was raised by immunization of rabbits with e. coli o 14. extract prepared from s. typhimurium was used for the sensitization of sheep erythrocytes with ca. absorption and haemagglutination inhibition experiments showed that ca could be detected in heat extrac ...19751098394
yersinia pseudotuberculosis and ovine abortion. 19921529512
[the nonspecific changes in the immune system to the administration of the membrane-ribosomal fraction of the causative agent of pseudotuberculosis].nonspecific changes in different elements of the immune system of animals under the action of y. pseudotuberculosis membrane-ribosomal fraction (mrf) with high protective potency have been studied for the purpose of the analysis of the preparation for immunological safety. mrf has been shown to produce no changes in humoral immune response to antigens of different nature or to enhance this response, to produce no essential effect on the intensity of the reaction of delayed hypersensitivity to sh ...19911858471
enteritis in sheep, goats and pigs due to yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection.the features of naturally occurring yersinia pseudotuberculosis serotype iii infections in 16 sheep, one goat and 3 pigs, and y. pseudotuberculosis serotype i infections in 3 goats, are described. affected animals usually had diarrhoea and were in poor condition or emaciated. a number were moribund or dead when submitted for necropsy. thickening of the caecal and colonic mucosa was the only gross lesion attributable to y. pseudotuberculosis infection, with liver or other visceral abscesses not b ...19902098020
[campylobacter jejuni infections in slaughterhouse workers].complement fixing (c.f.) antibodies to campylobacter jejuni were detected in 83 slaughterhouse workers and 83 blood donors. workers were aged 18-65 years (mean, 41.7 +/- 12.3) and had worked in the slaughterhouse for 2-40 years (mean, 17.5 +/- 5.1). c.f. antibodies were detected according to mosimann's method and by including five antigens: campylobacter jejuni, yersinia enterocolitica types 03 and 09, yersinia pseudotuberculosis and brucella. positive titers were found in 12.1% of workers and i ...19883154982
[hemolytic properties of yersinia. iv. studies of the filterable properties of hemolysins]. 19863762261
serological response of sheep to plasmid-encoded proteins of yersinia species following natural infection with y. enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis.a prospective study of the serological response to natural infection with yersinia enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis was performed in an experimental flock of sheep. a preliminary investigation with immunoblotting techniques showed that lambs infected with virulent yersinia spp. produced antibodies to several yersinia outer-membrane proteins (yops) encoded by a virulence plasmid (pyv) of y. enterocolitica or y. pseudotuberculosis. thereafter, an enzyme immunoassay (eia) was developed to m ...19938411087
ovine abortion caused by yersinia pseudotuberculosis. 19968650921
serotypes of yersinia pseudotuberculosis recovered from domestic livestock.the serological identity of 234 strains of yersinia pseudotuberculosis recovered from domestic animals and birds in new zealand was determined by slide agglutination test. thirty strains were also examined by tube agglutination test. the strains were isolated from cattle (56), sheep (8), deer (117), goats (13), pigs (7), rabbits (6), guinea pigs (5), and aviary species of birds (22). all strains were isolated from animals or birds which had died or shown signs of ill health and amongst which dia ...198416031006
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