isolation and characterization of borrelia parkeri in ornithodoros parkeri (ixodida: argasidae) collected in colorado.this study describes the identification of borrelia parkeri spirochetes in colorado. two isolates of b. parkeri (6230 and 6232) were recovered from ornithodoros parkeri cooley ticks collected at an inactive prairie dog town in moffat county. both isolates were partially characterized by sequencing and subsequent parsimony and neighbor-joining analyses of appropriate regions of the 16s ribosomal rna, flagellin and p66 genes. analyses of the 16s gene sequences from the colorado isolates indicated ...200111580039
an insight into the sialome of the soft tick, ornithodorus parkeri.while hard ticks (ixodidae) take several days to feed on their hosts, soft ticks (argasidae) feed faster, usually taking less than 1h per meal. saliva assists in the feeding process by providing a cocktail of anti-hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodullatory compounds. saliva of hard ticks has been shown to contain several families of genes each having multiple members, while those of soft ticks are relatively unexplored. analysis of the salivary transcriptome of the soft tick ornithodoru ...200818070662
genome sequence of borrelia parkeri, an agent of enzootic relapsing fever in western north america.borrelia parkeri is a relapsing fever agent that rarely causes human infection, unlike other north american species. b. parkeri strain hr1 was isolated from ornithodoros parkeri ticks. the sequences of its linear chromosome and large plasmid were determined by next-generation sequencing. these confirmed its closer relatedness to borrelia turicatae than to borrelia hermsii.201424526628
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