experimental infection of goats with brucella ovis.six goats were inoculated with brucella ovis. two goats were inoculated with infected semen by the intratesticular route and 2 each by installation of the semen on to the nasal or preputial epithelium. all goats produced antibody responses as measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) procedure and the serums of 5 goats reacted in complement fixation tests for b. ovis. the 2 goats inoculated by the intratesticular route and one receiving b. ovis instilled intranasally subsequently ...19854062738
studies of antigens for complement fixation and gel diffusion tests in the diagnosis of infections caused by brucella ovis and other brucella.sonically treated and saline-extracted antigens of brucella ovis, b. canis, b. abortus, and b. melitensis were compared in gel diffusion, complement fixation, and serum absorption tests. all the sonically extracted antigens showed cross-reactions with sera from animals infected or immunized with these species, whereas the saline-extracted antigens were specific for the surface of the rough or smooth colonial phase of the species or strain. the saline-extracted antigens of b. ovis and b. melitens ...19724624210
antibody and delayed-type hypersensitivity responses to ochrobactrum anthropi cytosolic and outer membrane antigens in infections by smooth and rough brucella spp.immunological cross-reactions between brucella spp. and ochrobactrum anthropi were investigated in animals and humans naturally infected by brucella spp. and in experimentally infected rams (brucella ovis infected), rabbits (brucella melitensis infected), and mice (b. melitensis and brucella abortus infected). in the animals tested, o. anthropi cytosolic proteins evoked a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction of a frequency and intensity similar to that observed with b. melitensis brucellin. o. ...19979144364
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