local antigenic stimulation of guinea-pig mammary gland. 19734197732
the use of laboratory animals in the potency test of brucella abortus s.19 vaccine. response of guinea-pigs to graduated doses of vaccine and challenge. 19724625200
experimental studies with four species of brucella in selected wildlife, laboratory, and domestic animals. 19674964093
endogenous neutralization of virus during fatal hog cholera illness. 19704984194
immunosuppressive effect of chronic strontium-90 administration to miniature swine. 19704988169
insulin-specific tolerance induction. ii. tolerant helper t cells can be rescued by insulin complexed to brucella abortus.murine antibody responses to heterologous insulins are under h-2-linked immune response (ir) gene control. we previously demonstrated that the immune response to insulin in freund's complete adjuvant (cfa) can be specifically inhibited by prior injection of soluble insulin i.v. unresponsiveness requires at least 4 days after i.v. injection to develop, and once induced, it lasts 4 wk or more. unresponsiveness is caused by t cell, but not b cell, tolerance; furthermore, we have been unable to demo ...19846208264
immunisation of laboratory animals and cattle with non-agglutinogenic extracts of brucella abortus strain 45-20. 19714998854
[genetic changes in the composition of brucella variant with persistently attenuated virulence]. 19674970399
a selective medium for the isolation of brucella abortus from milk. 19674965376
selection analysis of populations of vaccine strains of brucella. 19664958780
phenol-water fractions from smooth brucella abortus and brucella melitensis: immunochemical analysis and biologic behavior. 19734632040
a comparison of various selective media, including a new selective medium for the isolation of brucellae from milk. 19724631240
marsupial immunoglobulins: an immunoglobulin molecule resembling eutherian iga in serum and secretions of setonix brachyurus (quokka). 19744134066
the in vivo activity of a smooth phage-resistant variant of brucella abortus strain 19. 1976816417
the immunogenic activity of ribosomal fractions derived from brucella abortus.the immunizing activity of ribosome preparations derived from brucella abortus strain 19 cells was examined in guinea-pigs and mice. after subcutaneous injections of br. abortus ribosomes in freund's incomplete adjuvant, both mice and guinea-pigs developed immunity to challenge by virulent br. abortus 544 organisms which was at least as effective as the protection conferred by live strain 19 vaccine. both mice and guinea-pigs also developed agglutinating and complement-fixing antibodies and dela ...1976812900
application of the indirect enzyme-labeled antibody microtest to the detection and surveillance of animal diseases.the rapid, indirect enzyme-labeled antibody (ela) microplate test has been developed as a diagnostic and surveillance tool to aid in the control of animal disease. the test has been applied to viral (hog cholera), parasitic (trichinosis), and bacterial (brucellosis) diseases of animals. a correlation of greater than 95% was observed between the hog cholera ela test and the serum neutralization test for hog cholera in greater than 2,000 field samples obtained during the 1976 epizootic in new jers ...1977409789
trends of brucellosis in florida. an epidemiologic review.human brucellosis in florida is documented for the 47-year period 1928-1975. of the 936 cases reported in 1930-1975, more than half (505) occurred in the decade 1940-1949. the incidence declined rapidly to an average rate of five cases per year, although there was an increase in 1974 and 1975. the analysis is mainly concerned with the years 1961-1975, since more complete epidemiologic data are available for this period. cases occurred throughout the year, with the highest incidence being between ...1977403760
[a comparative study of the intensity of immunity created by vaccinal strains of br. abortus 19, br. melitensis rev 1 and br. suis 61 following their simultaneous and separate administration]. 19694982998
antigens of brucella abortus. ii. toxicity for macrophages in culture. 19684970070
isolation and properties of an rna fraction present in brucella culture supernatants.the supernatant fluids of batch and continuous cultures of brucella strains contained up to 100 mg/l of soluble rna which could be recovered by precipitation with lysozyme, this rna fraction had many of the properties of ribosomal rna and was single-stranded, sensitive to ribonuclease, with an approximate sedimentation constant of 5s, a molecular weight of about 35000 daltons and an adenine; guanine; cytosine; uracil content of 17.5; 26.5; 33; 23 mol% respectively. rna fractions from lysozyme pr ...19806153668
[detection of antibodies in serum in brucellosis by the indirect immunofluorescence method]. 19684978503
[immunologic reorganization of persons vaccinated cutaneously with vaccinal strains of br. abortus no. 19 and 104-m]. 19664978569
the identity, distribution and epizootiological significance of brucella isolates in australia, 1981 to 1985.results listing the identification of brucella isolates received by the national brucellosis reference centre, national biological standards laboratory, canberra from 1981 to 1985 are presented. the distribution of brucella species and biotypes is shown on a host and state basis. cultures isolated in australia were identified as brucella abortus biotypes 1, 2 and 4, and strain 19; b. suis biotype 1, and b. ovis. b. melitensis biotype 3 was recovered from man infected in the mediterranean area. b ...19873111457
[brucella titers in swine caused by yersinia enterocolitica, serotype 0:9].antibody to brucella abortus developed in two thirds of all gilts kept on a pig breeding station. systematic tests taken for the purpose of detecting clinical symptoms and of isolating brucella were negative. however, yersinia (y.) enterocolitica, serotype 0:9, was cultured from rectal swab samples which had been obtained from 31 to 78 gilts. the clinical, bacteriological, and serological tests gave rise to the assumption that the brucella titres have been caused by yersinia enterocolitica infec ...19806779771
characteristics of carbon dioxide-independent cultures of brucella abortus isolated from cattle vaccinated with strain 19. 196514331715
delayed-type hypersensitivity responses induced by bovine colostral components.transfer factor-type substances obtained from leukocytic cells and fluid portions of bovine colostrum caused effective passive transfer of delayed-type hypersensitivity responses across species barriers. passive transfer of brucella abortus sensitivity was obtained with equal regularity when using components derived from peripheral blood and colostrum of dams sensitized at 3 and 9 months of age. colostral feedings to calves caused the passive transfer of delayed-type hypersensitivity as early as ...19853925823
[combined vaccines including 1 or several anti-foot-and-mouth valences].combined vaccines are used for many human and animal diseases. however, we have very few examples of combinations containing anti-foot-and-mouth valence which would allow easy immunization against differnet diseases without additional handling. until now foot-and-mouth vaccination has been applied simultaneously with anti-brucellic vaccination (baldoni, renoux), andi-anthrax (nobili) and vaccination against swine fever and aujeszky's disease (lysenko). during the last ten years we have particul ...1976198308
serological discrimination by indirect enzyme immunoassay between the antibody response to brucella sp. and yersinia enterocolitica o:9 in cattle and pigs.a rapid, inexpensive and rugged serological test that distinguishes cattle and swine infected with brucella sp. or yersinia enterocolitica o:9 is described. the test protocol, which is an indirect enzyme immunoassay uses a high concentration of divalent cation chelating agents to minimize binding of y. enterocolitica o:9 antibody to rough lipopolysaccharide antigen derived from b. abortus rb51. no false positive reactions were observed when testing 100 canadian cattle and swine without any evide ...200616140390
[synthetic polymers as stimulators and prolonging agents of the immune action of the brucellosis protective antigen].among a number of synthetic polymers under study polyvinylpyrrolidone was found to be most active in stimulating the immunogenic action of brucellosis protective antigen. it was also found that the polymer with a molecular weight of 490,000 had a longer stimulating effect on the protective properties of brucellosis protective antigen than the polymer with a molecular weight of 40,000. the intramuscular injection of brucellosis protective antigen had no sensitizing effect on the body and produced ...19826805179
[biological control of a brucella allergen (author's transl)]. 19806789758
relation between macrophage migration inhibition and immunity to brucella abortus in guinea-pigs.relation between macrophage migration inhibition and immunity to brucella abortus in guinea-pigs. onderstepoort journal of veterinary research 43 (4), 175-184 (1976). a soluble protein antigen was prepared from brucella melitensis rev i with which macrophage migration inhibition (mmi) assays were successfully done using guinea-pig peritoneal exudate cells. by comparing the mmi, agglutinin response and immunity of groups and of individual guinea-pigs which had been immunized with either b. melite ...1976828715
oral vaccination of sexually mature pigs with brucella abortus vaccine strain develop a novel oral vaccine delivery system for swine, using the rough vaccine strain of brucella abortus.200111497459
fluorescence polarization assay for the diagnosis of brucellosis: a review.fluorescence polarization assay (fpa) is based on the rotational differences between a small soluble antigen molecule in solution (labelled with a fluorochrome) and the antigen molecule complexed with its antibody. a small molecule will rotate randomly at a rapid rate, resulting in rapid depolarization of light, while a larger complex molecule will rotate slower and depolarize light at a reduced rate. the rate change in depolarization can be measured. the fpa is a homogeneous assay which does no ...200111506271
[occurrence of listeria , bedsonia, leptospira and brucella antibodies in workers on animal husbandry farms in wielkopolska]. 19846429736
a passive hemagglutination test for the detection of brucella improved method of coupling a soluble complex, abs, isolated from b, abortus to sheep red blood cells by chromic chloride in the presence of barbital buffer resulted in a highly specific and reliable passive hemagglutination test for the diagnosis of human and animal brucellosis. no false positive results have been found so far in more than 2000 control sera from known brucellosis-free patients or animals. on the other hand, with over 1800 test sera from patients or animals with brucella infe ...19806766977
[morphofunctional evaluation of the immunogenicity of a live brucellosis vaccine].the possibility of evaluating the immunogenic potency of brucellosis vaccine ba-19 by immunological methods has been shown. morphometry and the quantitative evaluation of globulin-producing cells in lymphoid organs by direct and indirect immunofluorescent techniques serve as informative evaluation tests. the marker method with the evaluation of lymphocyte classes by acid and alkaline phosphatases and the electrophoretic motility characteristics of t- and b-lymphocytes, used in combination with t ...19873120443
[experimental evaluation of the brucellosis therapeutic vaccine efficacy].use of antibiotics can't completely solve the problem of brucellosis treatment, especially its chronic forms, because antibacterial preparations do not eliminate main pathogenetic factor of the disease--sensibilization of the macroorganism. it makes actual the question about complex immuno- and antibacterial therapy. long-term clinical experience proved high effectiveness of a therapeutic brucellosis vaccine. earlier this preparation was manufactured in research institute of vaccines and sera in ...200717523477
oral immunization of mice and swine with an attenuated salmonella choleraesuis [delta cya-12 delta(crp-cdt)19] mutant containing a recombinant plasmid.salmonella choleraesuis chi 3781, an attenuated [delta cya-12 delta(crp-cdt)19] mutant, was electroporated with the plasmid pba31-r7, which codes for the expression of a 31-kda protein from brucella abortus (bcsp31). recombinant s. choleraesuis chi 3781 stably maintained the pba31-r7 plasmid and continued to express the cloned protein following recovery of the organism from orally inoculated animals. unlike previous studies using s. typhimurium chi 4064(pba31-r7), s. choleraesuis chi 3781(pba31- ...19938423090
over-expression of homologous antigens in a leucine auxotroph of brucella abortus strain rb51 protects mice against a virulent b. suis challenge.infection by members of the gram-negative bacterial genus brucella causes brucellosis in a variety of mammals. brucellosis in swine remains a challenge, as there is no vaccine in the usa approved for use in swine against brucellosis. here, we developed an improved recombinant brucella abortus vaccine strain rb51 that could afford protection against brucella suis infection by over-expressing genes encoding homologous proteins: l7/l12 ribosomal protein, cu/zn superoxide dismutase [sod] and glycosy ...201121376799
properties of an immunogenic fraction from brucella abortus 45/ saline extracts of brucella abortus strain 45/20 contain up to 4 protein components. some of these components are shared with other brucella strains but one appears specific to b. abortus 45/20 or possibly other non-smooth brucella strains. the extracts are antigenic in guinea-pigs and evoke protective immunity against virulent b. abortus. the rough antigen specific activity appears to be associated with a protein component rather than lipopolysaccharide.19846436092
seroprevalences of brucellosis, q-fever and toxoplasmosis in slaughter livestock in trinidad.serum samples obtained from livestock (cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats and water buffaloes) slaughtered at various slaughter houses in trinidad were screened for agglutinins to three zoonosis causing pathogens. of a total of 751 sera tested, 2 (0.3%) originating from chickens were positive for brucella abortus agglutinins using the rose bengal test (rbt), but both were negative by the tube serum agglutination test (sat). thirty-six (4.8%) of 749 sera were positive for coxiella burnetii aggl ...19968881416
brucellosis in venezuela.brucellosis is a public health problem in venezuela and affects large numbers of animals. the most important biovar in the country is brucella abortus. in cattle and buffalo it causes high rates of abortions in females and infertility in males; it is transmissible to occupationally exposed humans. in 1968, an official program was set up for the control and eradication of the disease and it is still in place. amongst the control provisions, this program provides for the vaccination of female calv ...200212414132
epidemiology and control of brucellosis in china.the paper describes the history and evolvement of brucellosis in china. it presents the variation of epidemic situation, epidemiological characteristics, application of vaccines and control in brief. before 1980s, human and animal brucellosis was quite severe; during 1980s, the incidence of human and animal brucellosis was relatively low, and seemed to decrease during the decade. during 1990s, there were no obvious changes in the incidence of animal brucellosis, but the incidence of human brucel ...200212414142
the presence of brucella abortus agglutinins in swine of the prairie area. 195017648478
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