[localization of endogenous developmental stages of cryptosporidium meleagridis slavin, 1955 (apicomplexa: cryptosporidiidae) in birds].localization of endogenous developmental stages of c. meleagridis was studied on the basis of observation of 4734 preparations from individual parts (in the distance of approx. 5 cm) of the small intestine, caeca (collum caeci, corpus, apex caeci), colon, cloaca, bursa of fabricius, respiratory organs (sinus infraorbitalis, larynx, trachea, bronchi, air sacs) using the method of scraping mucous epithelium stained according to giemsa after fixation with methanol (as well as histologically) from 1 ...19947863574
cryptosporidium meleagridis in an indian ring-necked parrot (psittacula krameri).to perform a morphological and genetic characterisation of a cryptosporidium infection in an indian ring-necked parrot (psittacula krameri) and to compare this with c meleagridis from a turkey.200010860158
cryptosporidium in commercially produced turkeys on-farm and determine the presence of cryptosporidium species in commercially produced turkey flocks on farm and postslaughter.200919187504
intestinal cryptosporidiosis in turkeys in iran.naturally occurring cryptosporidiosis is reported in turkey poults suffering from diarrhoea and unthriftness in iran. histological and ultrastructural studies revealed high number of cryptosporidium developmental stages mainly located in the mid and terminal portions of small intestine of the poults. other portions of the intestinal tract were less frequently infected. oocyst shedding was detected only in 29% of the histologically positive birds. based on host species, clinical signs, pathology ...200616901269
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