morphology and morphometry of three plasmodium juxtanucleare (apicomplexa: plasmodiidae) this work, three isolates of plasmodium juxtanucleare have been analyzed based on morphological, morphometric and parasitic parameters. each isolate was sampled from naturally infected adult chicken (gallus gallus) from rural areas of three brazilian municipalities: seropédica (22 degrees 48' s; 43 degrees 41' w), in the state of rio de janeiro; cruzeiro (22 degrees 33' s; 44 degrees 57' w), in the state of são paulo; and santa bárbara do tugúrio (21 degrees 15' s; 43 degrees 27' w), in the s ...200718078600
[malaricide activity of the quercetin in gallus gallus l., 1758 immunocompromised infected by plasmodium (bennettinia) juxtanucleare versiani and gomes, 1941].the aim of this study was comparatively to evaluate the malaricide activity of the quercetin to the action of the chloroquine in gallus gallus experimentally infected for plasmodium juxtanucleare and immunocompromised. thirty- four hens had been used, previously infected for p. juxtanucleare and immunocompromised by the administration of 26 mg/kg of metilprednisolon 40mg/ml in the pectoral muscle. these had been divided in three groups: 1- control, 2- treated with chloroquine and 3- with quercet ...200820059852
interactions of plasmodium juxtanucleare and chicken anaemia virus: establishing a model.the pathogens plasmodium juxtanucleare and chicken anaemia virus (cav) are easily transmitted and potentially harmful to chickens. in this study, we established an experimental model to investigate the effects of avian malaria caused by p. juxtanucleare in white leghorn specific-pathogen-free (spf) chicks previously immunosuppressed with cav. parasitaemia, haematological variables and clinical and pathological parameters were determined in four different experimental groups: chicks coinfected by ...201323953391
hepatic profile of gallus gallus linnaeus, 1758 experimentally infected by plasmodium juxtanucleare versiani & gomes, of the species that causes avian malaria is plasmodium juxtanucleare. it is commonly found in poultry, especially when the birds receive food free of coccidiostats. since industrial and organic poultry breeding is increasing in the world and few studies have been conducted examining the clinical parameters of both healthy and infected birds, this work evaluated whether the infection caused by p. juxtanucleare in gallus gallus provokes alterations in the birds' hepatic profile. we analyzed th ...201021074323
antimalarial activity of the novel quinoline/6-thiopurine conjugate in gallus gallus linnaeus, infected experimentally by plasmodium (novyella) juxtanucleare.this study aimed to evaluate the 4-(6'-thiopurine)-7-chloroquinoline, a novel quinoline/6-thiopurine conjugate, for the treatment of gallus gallus experimentally infected with plasmodium juxtanucleare, an avian malaria agent. the avian group treated with 4-(6'-thiopurine)-7-chloroquinoline showed a significative parasite clearance and maintained a low level of parasitaemia, when compared with the untreated control group and to the chloroquine treated avian group.200919691466
effect of rutin and chloroquine on white leghorn chickens infected with plasmodium (bennettinia) juxtanucleare.plasmodium juxtanucleare is one of the agents that cause avian malaria in chickens and little is known about the treatment of the infection. the aim of this study was to compare the antimalarial activities of rutin and chloroquine in chickens infected with p. juxtanucleare after immunosuppression with corticosteroid. antimalarial activity was verified in 33 fowls by evaluation of parasitemia levels in giemsa-stained blood smears taken to 30 days. rutin did not exert a reduction in parasitemia fr ...200919225902
prevalence and distribution of gastro-intestinal helminths and haemoparasites in young scavenging chickens in upper eastern region of ghana, west africa.we conducted a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence and species of gastro-intestinal helminths and haemoparasites in 100 chickens kept under extensive management systems in ghana, west africa. all the examined chickens (100%) were infected with gastro-intestinal helminths; a total of 18 species were detected. the species and their prevalences were: acuaria hamulosa (25%), allodapa suctoria (20%), ascaridia galli (24%), capillaria spp. (60%), choanotaenia infundibulum (13%), gongylon ...200010821963
culex saltanensis dyar, 1928--natural vector of plasmodium juxtanucleare in rio de janeiro, brazil.searching for the natural vector of plasmodium juxtanucleare in an enzootic locality: granjas calábria (33% of the chickens infected), jacarepaguá, in rio de janeiro, brazil, 13 comparative captures of mosquitoes were carried out, simultaneously on man (out-doors) and on chicken (in a poultry-yard), between 6 and 9 p.m., from september 1988 to march 1989. culex saltanensis was the most frequent species in captures on chicken, accounting for 41.7% of the mosquitoes collected on this bait, showing ...19911842406
hematological changes of chickens experimentally infected with plasmodium (bennettinia) juxtanucleare.plasmodium juxtanucleare is one of the agents that cause chicken malaria. high parasitemia causes anemia, diarrhea and weight loss that leads to death. this parasite is spread through the tropics and little is known about the physiological changes caused by p. juxtanucleare infections in chickens. the aim of this work was to determine hematological changes in chickens experimentally infected with this parasite. no weight or temperature differences between infected and control groups were detecte ...200919345020
blood parasites of taiwan birds.blood films were examined from 1477 birds of taiwan (193 species, 49 families). haemoproteus kruse was by far the commonest parasite, with leucocytozoon danilewski a not very close second. it is probable that some of the haemoproteus infections represented new species, and 1 occurring in the bamboo partridge (bambusicola thoracica sonorivox gould) seemed characteristic enough to justify recognition as such; the name haemoproteus bambusicolae sp. n. is proposed for this organism. malaria was foun ...1976826624
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