changes in hookworm distribution in surinam.during the months may-july, 1974, a follow-up investigation was carried out on hookworm infections in dogs and cats in order to study changes in the hookworm distribution in surinam since 1967. fifty-two cats and 152 dogs were examined for the presence of helminths in the oesophagus, small intestine, coecum and heart. in total 15,942 helminths were isolated; most of these (14,006) were hookworms belonging to the species ancylostoma caninum, a. tubaeforme, a. ceylanicum and a. braziliense. the av ...1976987625
a survey of helminths in domestic cats in the pretoria area of transvaal, republic of south africa. part 1: the prevalence and comparison of burdens of helminths in adult and juvenile cats.the helminths found in 1,502 necropsied cats were examined. the findings indicated that 65% of the cats were infested. the most prevalent helminths encountered were ancylostoma tubaeforme (41%), ancylostoma braziliense (25%), dipylidium caninum (23%), toxocara cati (11%), taenia taeniaeformis (7.7%), ancylostoma caninum (3.3%), joyeuxiella fuhrmanni (2.5%), ancylostoma ceylanicum (1.4%), and physaloptera praeputialis (1.3%). the following helminths were recorded in fewer than 1% of the cats: cen ...19892634770
intestinal helminthic infections of cats in calabar, nigeria.a study of intestinal helminthic infections of 52 cats (felis catus) was undertaken in calabar, nigeria. direct smear and zinc sulphate floatation technique were utilized. the following helminths were observed: toxocara cati (28.85%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (19.23%), trichuris felis (5.77%), dipylidium caninum (23.08%) and taenia taeniaeformis (9.61%). the worm burdens were generally low, ranging from 2 to 20 per cat. no definite pattern of infection was observed with regard to sex. trematodes w ...19883169644
a review of eosinophil chemotaxis and function in taenia taeniaeformis infections in the laboratory rat.the eosinophil has long been associated with diseases of acute hypersensitivity and with parasite infections, but its exact role in the pathogenesis of these conditions remains uncertain. characterization of factors associated with migration of eosinophils into tissues has helped to elucidate eosinophil function. eosinophil chemotactic factors associated with acute hypersensitivity reactions include the eosinophil chemotactic factors of anaphylaxis, histamine, and arachidonic acid metabolites, a ...19863518212
anthelmintic efficacy of febantel combined with praziquantel against ancylostoma tubaeforme, toxocara cati, and taenia taeniaeformis in cats.forty cats, each harboring 2 or 3 parasitic infections (ancylostoma tubaeforme, toxocara cati, and/or taenia taeniaeformis), were used to titrate the anthelmintic efficacy of a paste containing 3.4% febantel and 0.34% praziquantel. the cats were allotted into 4 groups (10 cats/group). for 3 consecutive days, the cats were given febantel/praziquantel at 5/0.5 mg/kg/day, 10/1 mg/kg/day, 15/1.5 mg/kg/day, or a blank paste vehicle (control) at 0.29 g/kg of body weight. the recommended dosage of 10 m ...19863767110
electron microscope observations on the egg of taenia taeniaeformis. 19685761120
efficacy of niclosamide in the treatment of taenia taeniaeformis infections in cats. 19676053544
chemotherapeutic trials with nemural and yomesan in experimental taenia taeniaeformis infection of cats. 19676068471
pge2 generation and release by the larval stage of the cestode, taenia taeniaeformis.the existence of an arachidonate cascade in invertebrate species has been little explored. we therefore sought to determine if two important prostanoid compounds, pge2 and prostacyclin, pgi2 were generated and released by the larval stage of the cat tapeworm, taenia taeniaeformis. pge2 and pgi2 were identified by specific radioimmunoassay after thin layer chromatography of chloroform/methanol extracts of the worms or in vitro saline culture media. we detected a release of 176-182 pg of pge2 from ...19836351103
a survey of helminths in stray cats from copenhagen with ecological autopsy of 230 adult stray cats, 120 from backyards and 110 from gardens, the intestinal tract was scrutinized for helminths. the prevalence of toxocara cati, taenia taeniaeformis and dipylidium caninum was found to be 79%, 11% and 14%, respectively. comparisons were made with the results of previous danish investigations. the prevalence of toxocara cati was found to be independent of time of collection and the sex and habitat of the cats and identical in cats with or without taenia. this ind ...19846538054
[prevalence of protozoans helminths among cats purchased for experimental use in the kanto area].prevalence of protozoan and helminth parasites in adult cats for experimental use obtained from kanto area, japan during the period of 1973-74 (91 cats) and 1980-81 (80 cats) was investigated by means of autopsy, fecal examination and serological tests. no protozoa were found in blood smear specimens. the rate of positive toxoplasma antibody tests was 65.4% (hemagglutination test) in 1973-74 and 26.3% (latex agglutination test) in 1980-81. oocysts of coccidia found in feces were isospora felis a ...19836653679
helminth parasites of wild cats in north-east scotland.three cestode species, namely taenia taeniaeformis batsch, 1786, taenia pisiformis (bloch, 1780) and mesocestoides litteratus (batsch, 1786) and one nematode species, toxocara cati schrank, 1788, were found in wild cats collected in grampian region, scotland. of the 41 cats examined, 25 were felis silvestris, 12 were feral felis catus and four were hybrids of f. silvestris and f. catus.19807229325
prevalence of intestinal parasites in domestic cats from the london area.the prevalence of intestinal parasites in domestic cats from the london area was surveyed over an 18-month period by microscopic examination of faecal samples. of the 947 cats examined 11.5 per cent were infected with toxocara cati, 1.9 per cent with isospora felis, 1.2 per cent with dipylidium caninum, 1.2 per cent with taenia taeniaeformis, 0.8 per cent with i rivolta and 0.2 per cent with toxascaris leonina.19817340062
evaluation of granulated fenbendazole (22.2%) against induced and naturally occurring helminth infections in cats.a granulated formulation of 22.2% fenbendazole was tested for anthelmintic activity against helminths in cats. the drug was administered in 20 g of canned food on each of 3 days at a dosage of 50 mg/kg of body weight/day. of 31 young adult cats harboring naturally occurring infections of toxocara cati, 16 were treated and 15 served as controls. there was 100% clearance of ascarids from all treated cats. among controls, 18% of the ascarid burden was expelled naturally. thirty additional cats were ...19807447142
intestinal parasites of cats purchased in seoul.fecal samples of cats purchased in seoul were examined for helminth ova or protozoan oocysts from december 1987 to march 1988. out of the 41 samples, 31 (75.6%) were positive and 60 (146.3%) were cumulative positive for parasites. the followings were identified in the samples: eggs of toxocara cati, clonorchis sinensis, metagonimus sp., pharyngostomum cordatum, spirometra erinacei, taenia taeniaeformis and oocysts of isospora sp. from nine autopsied cats, larvae of anisakis simplex, adults of c. ...19938297895
[contributions to the parasite fauna of local hosts. 10. on the endoparasitic fauna of felis silvestris].the investigations based on examination of the internal organs of 25 wild cats of the harz population died from different causes in the period from 1982 to 1989. 22 animals (= 88%) were positive for parasites. the following species were found: hydatigera taeniaeformis, taenia crassiceps, t. martis larv. (spurious parasite), mesocestoides litteratus, capillaria plica, capillaria sp. (aerophila?), toxocara mystax, cystoisopora felis. toxocara mystax and hydatigera taeniaeformis were the most often ...19938334454
[investigations on the endoparasitic fauna of domestic cats in eastern brandenburg].the internal organs of 155 cats originating from 3 different territories in the eastern part of brandenburg state were examined for parasites between 1993 and 1995. parasites were found in 85% of cats. parasites with the highest prevalence were toxocara mystax (45%), hydatigera taeniaeformis (22%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (17%) and opisthorchis felineus (16%). metorchis bilis, mesocestoides spp., taenia pisiformis, capillaria plica, capillaria sp., ollulanus tricuspis, aelurostrongylus abstrusus, ...19979139627
ultrastructural and lectin-histochemical differences between the scolex/strobila and bladder teguments of the taenia taeniaeformis strobilocercus.the strobilocercus stage of the cat tapeworm taenia taeniaeformis is surrounded by a single syncytial sheet of cytoplasm called the tegument. the outer membrane of the tegument covers both the scolex/strobila (s/s) and the bladder portions of the strobilocercus, but only the s/s region is resistant to intestinal digestion. it has been suggested that the glycocalyx, the surface-exposed glycoconjugates of the outer membrane, may serve to insulate underlying surface membrane components from digesti ...200010701558
nadh dehydrogenase subunit 1 and cytochrome c oxidase subunit i sequences compared for members of the genus taenia (cestoda).nine members of the genus taenia (taenia taeniaeformis, taenia hydatigena, taenia pisiformis, taenia ovis, taenia multiceps, taenia serialis, taenia saginata, taenia solium and the asian taenia) were characterised by their mitochondrial nadh dehydrogenase subunit 1 gene sequences and their genetic relationships were compared with those derived from the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 sequence data. the extent of inter-taxon sequence difference in nadh dehydrogenase subunit 1 (approximately 5.9-30 ...199910961852
efficacy of praziquantel (cesocide injection) in treatment of cestode infections in domestic and laboratory animals.efficacy of praziquantel (cesocide injection) by intramuscular (i.m.) route against cestode infections was evaluated. total 93 domestic or laboratory animals such as dogs, cats, rats, mice, goats, deers and chickens were used. animals were infected with dipylidium caninum, spirometra sp., taenia pisiformis, taenia taeniaeformis, hymenolepis nana, moniezia expansa, moniezia sp. or raillietina sp. a single dose of praziquantel, 6 mg/kg of body weight, was highly effective (97.9%) against cestodes ...198812811058
helminth parasites of cats from the vientiane province, laos, as indicators of the occurrence of causative agents of human parasitoses.a total of 55 domestic cats (felis catus f. domestica) and one wild (bengal) cat (prionaluirus bengalensis) from the vientiane province, central laos, were examined for helminth parasites with emphasis given to potential human parasites. the following species were found (parasites infective to man marked with an asterisk): opisthorchis viverrini, haplorchis pumilio, h. taichui, h. yokogawai, stellantchasmus falcatus (digenea); spirometra sp., dipylidium caninum, taenia taeniaeformis (cestoda); c ...200314710631
[infections with helminths and/or protozoa in cats in animal shelters in the netherlands].to determine the prevalence of infections with helminths and protozoa in cats in animal shelters, faecal samples from 305 cats from 22 animal shelters in the netherlands were examined, using a centrifugation-sedimentation-flotation-technique. the association between potential risk factors and the occurrence of an infection was also tested. infections with helminths and/or protozoa were found in 160 samples (52.5%). toxocara cati was found in 86 cats (28.2%), cystoisospora felis in 59 cats (19.3% ...200414737808
evaluation of the efficacy of emodepside+praziquantel topical solution against cestode (dipylidium caninum, taenia taeniaeformis, and echinococcus multilocularis) infections in cats.emodepside+praziquantel topical solution was developed to provide broad-spectrum anthelmintic activity against gastrointestinal parasites in cats. eight controlled studies were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of a topical solution of emodepside (3 mg/kg) and praziquantel (12 mg/kg) (profender, bayerag, leverkusen, germany) against feline infections with three species of cestodes. studies featured naturally acquired infections of dipylidium caninum or taenia taeniaeformis, or experimental infe ...200516228273
descriptive epidemiology of intestinal helminth parasites from stray cat populations in qatar.a total of 488 stray cats, 212 adult and 29 juvenile females plus 235 adult and 12 juvenile males, were examined post-mortem during the winter and summer months of 2006 from five sites in the vicinity of doha and its outskirts. five helminths, comprising three nematode and two cestode species were identified and the majority of cats harboured two of these species. the most prevalent was the cestode taenia taeniaeformis (75.8%), followed by the cestode diplopylidium sp. (42.8%), and the nematodes ...200818199386
immunohistochemical characterization of cellular proliferation in small intestinal hyperplasia of rats with hepatic strobilocercus fasciolaris infection.rats infected with the larvae of taenia taeniaeformis harbour the intermediate stage of the parasite strobilocercus fasciolaris within the liver. affected animals also develop gastric and intestinal hyperplasia. the pathogenesis of the gastric hyperplasia has been extensively investigated, but few studies have addressed the nature of the intestinal changes. this study characterizes the proliferation of small intestinal epithelial cells by immunohistochemical labelling for proliferating cell nucl ...200818539293
ultrastructural study of the spermatozoon of taenia taeniaeformis (batsch, 1786) (cestoda, cyclophyllidea, taeniidae), an intestinal parasite of felis catus from la palma (canary islands, spain).the ultrastructural characters of the mature spermatozoon of taenia taeniaeformis are described by means of transmission electron microscopy. materials were obtained from a naturally infected road-killed cat (felis catus) from la palma (canary islands, spain). the mature spermatozoon of t. taeniaeformis is a filiform cell, which is tapered at both extremities and lacks mitochondria. it is characterised by the presence of (1) a single spirallised crested body about 140 nm thick, (2) a single axon ...200919205741
the parasite fauna of stray domestic cats (felis catus) in dubai, united arab emirates.two hundred forty feral domestic cats trapped between 2004 and 2008 in the city centre and the suburb districts of dubai, as well as in desert biotopes, were subjected to a complete parasitological dissection. the established parasite fauna consisted of cystoisospora felis (12.9%), cystoisospora rivolta (9.2%), toxoplasma/hammondia (0.8%), heterophyes heterophyes (2.5%), heterophyopsis continua (0.4%), joyeuxiella spp. (65.8%), diplopylidium noelleri (37.1%), hydatigera taeniaeformis (16.7%), ta ...200919238440
intestinal helminths of feral cat populations from urban and suburban districts of qatar.a survey of the helminths of 658 adult cats from feral urban and suburban populations in qatar was conducted across all months in 2006 and 2007. six species of helminths were identified, comprising two cestodes (taenia taeniaeformis [73.6%] and diplopylidium acanthotetra [47.1%]) and four nematodes (ancylostoma tubaeforme [14.7%], physaloptera praeputialis [5.2%], toxocara cati [0.8%] and toxascaris leonina [0.2%]), and 83% of cats were infected with at least one of these. the average number of ...201020031329
prevalence of endoparasites in household cat (felis catus) populations from transylvania (romania) and association with risk factors.there is no current information regarding the prevalence of parasites in romanian cats. consequently, we conducted a study to evaluate the prevalence of endoparasites in a sample of household cats in the transylvania region, to point out the risk factors for parasite infection and to evaluate the knowledge of cat owners about the zoonotic potential of some parasites. four hundred fourteen faecal samples were collected and examined by sodium chloride flotation followed by microscopy. also, questi ...201020381250
a real-time multiplex-nested pcr system for coprological diagnosis of echinococcus multilocularis and host species.a hybridization probe-based real-time multiplex-nested pcr system was developed for the simultaneous detection of echinococcus multilocularis and host species directly from faecal samples. species identification was determined by melting curve analysis. specificity was assessed by using dna extracted from various cestodes (e. multilocularis, echinococcus granulosus (g1), echinococcus ortleppi, echinococcus canadensis (g6, g7), taenia crassiceps, taenia hydatigena, taenia mustelae, taenia pisifor ...201121327991
gastrointestinal helminthes in stray cats (felis catus) from aizawl, mizoram, india.gastrointestinal helminthes were collected from 27 necropsied stray cats (felis catus) in aizawl, mizoram, india from january 2005 to april, 2009. the examined cats showed mixed helminthic infections, with an overall prevalence of 85.2%. five nematodes, 2 cestodes and 1 trematode were identified. the most common helminthes were taenia taeniaeformis (70.4%), toxocara cati (59.3%), physaloptera praeputalis (44.4%), dipylidium caninum (40.7%), spirocerca felineus (18.5%), gnathostoma spinigerum (11 ...201121710844
integrative taxonomy at work: dna barcoding of taeniids harboured by wild and domestic modern taxonomy, dna barcoding is particularly useful where biometric parameters are difficult to determine or useless owing to the poor quality of samples. these situations are frequent in parasitology. here, we present an integrated study, based on both dna barcoding and morphological analysis, on cestodes belonging to the genus taenia, for which biodiversity is still largely underestimated. in particular, we characterized cestodes from italian wildcats (felis silvestris silvestris), free-r ...201222233209
epidemiological survey of zoonotic helminths in feral cats in gran canaria island (macaronesian archipelago-spain).the presence of zoonotic parasites in feral cats have been widely considered all over the world. in gran canaria (macaronesian archipelago, canary islands, spain) the number of feral cats has grown out of control in urban and rural areas. 48 of felis catus captured in different gran canaria areas were studied. animals were necropsied and several organs were systematically examined in order to collect and identify macroscopic parasites. in addition, coprological tests were done in 28 cats. there ...201627447205
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in azarshahr, (east azerbaijan province, iran).gastrointestinal parasites are among the most common parasitic infections found in stray cats, which might act potential helminthic parasites to domestic cats. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in stray cats in the city of azarshahr, which is located in east azerbaijan province, iran. a cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 necropsied stray cats, trapped and collected from different geographic regions of azarshahr. from a total 50 stray ...201627876926
gastrointestinal helminths and ectoparasites in the stray cats (felidae: felis catus) of ahar municipality, northwestern iran.the stray cats are considered as the sources of emerging humans and domestic livestock pathogens and the zoonoses of public health importance. the present study was aimed to elucidate intestinal helminth infections and infestation with ectoparasites of the stray cats of ahar city, northwestern iran.201728761492
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