the efficacy of praziquantel against cestodes in cats, dogs and sheep.praziquantel is a new type of acylated isoquinoline-pyrazine. a single, low oral or subcutaneous dose of the compound is reliably effective against all tested juvenile and adult cestodes in cats, dogs and sheep. praziquantel is the first cestodicide which is also effective on bile duct cestodes. in cats and dogs, 5 mg praziquantel per kg is completely effective on all stages of taenia hydatigena, t pisiformis, t ovis, t taeniaeformis, dipylidium caninum, mesocestoides corti, echinococcus multilo ...1978564542
changes in hookworm distribution in surinam.during the months may-july, 1974, a follow-up investigation was carried out on hookworm infections in dogs and cats in order to study changes in the hookworm distribution in surinam since 1967. fifty-two cats and 152 dogs were examined for the presence of helminths in the oesophagus, small intestine, coecum and heart. in total 15,942 helminths were isolated; most of these (14,006) were hookworms belonging to the species ancylostoma caninum, a. tubaeforme, a. ceylanicum and a. braziliense. the av ...1976987625
a survey of helminths in domestic cats in the pretoria area of transvaal, republic of south africa. part 1: the prevalence and comparison of burdens of helminths in adult and juvenile cats.the helminths found in 1,502 necropsied cats were examined. the findings indicated that 65% of the cats were infested. the most prevalent helminths encountered were ancylostoma tubaeforme (41%), ancylostoma braziliense (25%), dipylidium caninum (23%), toxocara cati (11%), taenia taeniaeformis (7.7%), ancylostoma caninum (3.3%), joyeuxiella fuhrmanni (2.5%), ancylostoma ceylanicum (1.4%), and physaloptera praeputialis (1.3%). the following helminths were recorded in fewer than 1% of the cats: cen ...19892634770
intestinal helminthic infections of cats in calabar, nigeria.a study of intestinal helminthic infections of 52 cats (felis catus) was undertaken in calabar, nigeria. direct smear and zinc sulphate floatation technique were utilized. the following helminths were observed: toxocara cati (28.85%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (19.23%), trichuris felis (5.77%), dipylidium caninum (23.08%) and taenia taeniaeformis (9.61%). the worm burdens were generally low, ranging from 2 to 20 per cat. no definite pattern of infection was observed with regard to sex. trematodes w ...19883169644
a survey of helminths in stray cats from copenhagen with ecological autopsy of 230 adult stray cats, 120 from backyards and 110 from gardens, the intestinal tract was scrutinized for helminths. the prevalence of toxocara cati, taenia taeniaeformis and dipylidium caninum was found to be 79%, 11% and 14%, respectively. comparisons were made with the results of previous danish investigations. the prevalence of toxocara cati was found to be independent of time of collection and the sex and habitat of the cats and identical in cats with or without taenia. this ind ...19846538054
[prevalence of protozoans helminths among cats purchased for experimental use in the kanto area].prevalence of protozoan and helminth parasites in adult cats for experimental use obtained from kanto area, japan during the period of 1973-74 (91 cats) and 1980-81 (80 cats) was investigated by means of autopsy, fecal examination and serological tests. no protozoa were found in blood smear specimens. the rate of positive toxoplasma antibody tests was 65.4% (hemagglutination test) in 1973-74 and 26.3% (latex agglutination test) in 1980-81. oocysts of coccidia found in feces were isospora felis a ...19836653679
the intestinal helminths of the red fox and some other carnivores in southwest south-west germany between 1975 and 1980, 3,573 red foxes (vulpes vulpes), 84 badgers (meles meles), 47 stone martens (martes foina), and 387 cats (felis catus) were examined for intestinal helminths. in foxes the extent of infections was: taenia crassiceps 24%, t. polyacantha 8%, t. taeniaeformis 0.6%, t. serialis 0.5%, mesocestoides leptothylacus 20%, mesocestoides sp. 0.2%, toxocara canis 32%, toxascaris leonina 3%, uncinaria stenocephala 26%. one to three foxes harboured t. hydatigena, t. ...19827072323
prevalence of intestinal parasites in domestic cats from the london area.the prevalence of intestinal parasites in domestic cats from the london area was surveyed over an 18-month period by microscopic examination of faecal samples. of the 947 cats examined 11.5 per cent were infected with toxocara cati, 1.9 per cent with isospora felis, 1.2 per cent with dipylidium caninum, 1.2 per cent with taenia taeniaeformis, 0.8 per cent with i rivolta and 0.2 per cent with toxascaris leonina.19817340062
[fleas and methods of control].over 2,000 species of fleas parasitize mammals and birds. a simplified study of their morphology indicates for the main identification criteria. after listing the main families of fleas, the author outlines the identification of species most often encountered by veterinarians. knowledge of the different types of flea parasitism and their life cycles is essential for effective control measures. control is justified by the direct and indirect pathogenic roles of fleas (transmission of plague, tula ...19947711303
[parasitological fecal studies of equids, dogs, cats and hedgehogs during the years 1984-1991].the results of the coproscopical examinations in horses, dogs, cats and hedgehogs between 1984 and 1991 are presented. in 9192 samples from horses 55.5% stages of strongylids, 4.0% of parascaris equorum, 2.2% of anoplocephalids, 1.6% strongyloides westeri, 0.7% of oxyuris equi, 0.6% of eimeria leuckarti, 0.2% of fasciola hepatica and 0.04% of dictyocaulus arnfieldi were found. in 48.0% of the 46 samples from donkeys eggs from strongylids were detected, in 17.4% larvae from dictyocaulus arnfieldi ...19938261912
a survey of toxocara infections in cat breeding colonies in the netherlands.faecal samples from 225 adults cats and 112 kittens and dust and soil samples from 25 catteries in the netherlands were examined for toxocara eggs. the results of this survey showed a low nematode infection rate in the investigated dutch catteries since only four adult cats (2%) from two catteries (8%) were found to shed toxocara cati eggs. no other helminth eggs were seen in the faecal samples. nematode eggs were not present in the environmental dust and soil samples from houses and kennels; on ...19989477527
gastrointestinal helminth parasites in stray cats from the mid-ebro valley, spain.gastrointestinal helminths were collected from 58 necropsied stray cats (felis catus) in the mid-ebro valley, north-east spain, from december 1989 to march 1992. the prevalence was 89.7%, with those of individual parasites being toxocara cati 55.2%c, ancylostoma tubaeforme 29.3% joyeuxiella pasqualei 55.2%, diplopylidium acanthotetra 20.7%, dipylidium caninum 20.7%, mesocestoides spp. 13.8%, taenia taeniformis 8.6% and diplopylidium nölleri 8.6%. in relation to sex, the differences were not sign ...19989637225
efficacy of praziquantel (cesocide injection) in treatment of cestode infections in domestic and laboratory animals.efficacy of praziquantel (cesocide injection) by intramuscular (i.m.) route against cestode infections was evaluated. total 93 domestic or laboratory animals such as dogs, cats, rats, mice, goats, deers and chickens were used. animals were infected with dipylidium caninum, spirometra sp., taenia pisiformis, taenia taeniaeformis, hymenolepis nana, moniezia expansa, moniezia sp. or raillietina sp. a single dose of praziquantel, 6 mg/kg of body weight, was highly effective (97.9%) against cestodes ...198812811058
endoparasites in dogs and cats in germany 1999-2002.infections with endoparasites in dogs and cats have been determined by analysing the results of faecal examinations (flotation, mifc, sedimentation, baermann, smear, prospect giardia microplate assay). samples of 8438 dogs and 3167 cats from the years 1999 until 2002 have been included in the investigation. 2717 dogs (32.2%) and 771 cats (24.3%) have been infected with endoparasites. in the infected dogs the following parasites have been identified: class nematodea: toxocara canis: 22.4%, toxasc ...200312928886
[new case of human parasitism due to dipylidium caninum (linneus, 1758) railliet, 1892, in the republic of mexico]. 196214076969
helminth parasites of cats from the vientiane province, laos, as indicators of the occurrence of causative agents of human parasitoses.a total of 55 domestic cats (felis catus f. domestica) and one wild (bengal) cat (prionaluirus bengalensis) from the vientiane province, central laos, were examined for helminth parasites with emphasis given to potential human parasites. the following species were found (parasites infective to man marked with an asterisk): opisthorchis viverrini, haplorchis pumilio, h. taichui, h. yokogawai, stellantchasmus falcatus (digenea); spirometra sp., dipylidium caninum, taenia taeniaeformis (cestoda); c ...200314710631
[infections with helminths and/or protozoa in cats in animal shelters in the netherlands].to determine the prevalence of infections with helminths and protozoa in cats in animal shelters, faecal samples from 305 cats from 22 animal shelters in the netherlands were examined, using a centrifugation-sedimentation-flotation-technique. the association between potential risk factors and the occurrence of an infection was also tested. infections with helminths and/or protozoa were found in 160 samples (52.5%). toxocara cati was found in 86 cats (28.2%), cystoisospora felis in 59 cats (19.3% ...200414737808
evaluation of the efficacy of emodepside+praziquantel topical solution against cestode (dipylidium caninum, taenia taeniaeformis, and echinococcus multilocularis) infections in cats.emodepside+praziquantel topical solution was developed to provide broad-spectrum anthelmintic activity against gastrointestinal parasites in cats. eight controlled studies were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of a topical solution of emodepside (3 mg/kg) and praziquantel (12 mg/kg) (profender, bayerag, leverkusen, germany) against feline infections with three species of cestodes. studies featured naturally acquired infections of dipylidium caninum or taenia taeniaeformis, or experimental infe ...200516228273
field evaluation of the efficacy and safety of emodepside/praziquantel spot-on solution against naturally acquired nematode and cestode infections in domestic cats.two controlled, blinded and randomized multi-site clinical field studies evaluated the efficacy and safety of emodepside/praziquantel spot-on in the treatment of gastrointestinal nematode and cestode infections in cats. in a study conducted in europe, faecal egg count reductions of >98% for all nematode eggs and eggs of toxocara cati, respectively, were observed in cats treated with emodepside/praziquantel spot-on (profender, bayer ag, leverkusen, germany). for a positive-control product contain ...200516228276
[prevalence of intestinal canine and feline parasites in saitama prefecture, japan].we studied the prevalence of intestinal parasites in animal companions in saitama prefecture, japan, where no detailed data is currently available. between may 1999 and december 2007, fecal samples were collected from 906 dogs and 1,079 cats in public animal shelters and examined by microscopy. overall, prevalence of intestinal parasites in dogs was 38.6% and cats 43.1%. trichuris vulpis was the most prevalent canine parasite species (22.3%), followed by toxocara canis (12.5%), ancylostoma canin ...200919522305
canine and feline vector-borne diseases in italy: current situation and italy, dogs and cats are at risk of becoming infected by different vector-borne pathogens, including protozoa, bacteria, and helminths. ticks, fleas, phlebotomine sand flies, and mosquitoes are recognized vectors of pathogens affecting cats and dogs, some of which (e.g., anaplasma phagocytophilum, borrelia burgdorferi, dipylidium caninum, leishmania infantum, dirofilaria immitis, and dirofilaria repens) are of zoonotic concern. recent studies have highlighted the potential of fleas as vectors ...201020145730
[occurrence of parasites in the alimentary canal of cats from szczecin area, poland].the aim of this work was to determine the average prevalence of cats with parasites in their alimentary canal in the area of szczecin and to identify the parasite species in the alimentary canal in these animals. this research was carried on: domestic cats, stray cats and cats from the animal shelter and from the animal protection society. approximately, 3 grams of weight faeces was collected, and each sample was homogenized with a glass rod, examined with microscope, and then processed by flota ...201021179670
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in northern region of nile delta, egypt.a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites in 113 faecal samples from stray cats collected randomly from kafrelsheikh province, northern region of nile delta of egypt; was conducted in the period between january and may 2010. the overall prevalence was 91%. the results of this study reported seven helminth species: toxocara cati (9%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (4%), toxascaris leonina (5%), dipylidium caninum (5%), capillaria spp. (3%), taenia taeniformis (22%) and heterophyes heterophyes (3%), f ...201121760884
results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from cats and dogs in germany between 2003 and a retrospective study, the results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from 8,560 cats and 24,677 dogs between january 2003 and december 2010 in germany were analysed. 30.4 % of the examined dogs and 22.8 % of the cats were infected with endoparasites. the examination of the faecal samples from dogs revealed stages of giardia spp. (18.6 %), toxocara canis (6.1 %), toxascaris leonina (0.6 %), ancylostomatidae (2.2 %), trichuris vulpis (1.2 %), capillaria spp. (1.3 %), crenosoma v ...201121739375
gastrointestinal helminthes in stray cats (felis catus) from aizawl, mizoram, india.gastrointestinal helminthes were collected from 27 necropsied stray cats (felis catus) in aizawl, mizoram, india from january 2005 to april, 2009. the examined cats showed mixed helminthic infections, with an overall prevalence of 85.2%. five nematodes, 2 cestodes and 1 trematode were identified. the most common helminthes were taenia taeniaeformis (70.4%), toxocara cati (59.3%), physaloptera praeputalis (44.4%), dipylidium caninum (40.7%), spirocerca felineus (18.5%), gnathostoma spinigerum (11 ...201121710844
epidemiological survey of zoonotic helminths in feral cats in gran canaria island (macaronesian archipelago-spain).the presence of zoonotic parasites in feral cats have been widely considered all over the world. in gran canaria (macaronesian archipelago, canary islands, spain) the number of feral cats has grown out of control in urban and rural areas. 48 of felis catus captured in different gran canaria areas were studied. animals were necropsied and several organs were systematically examined in order to collect and identify macroscopic parasites. in addition, coprological tests were done in 28 cats. there ...201627447205
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in azarshahr, (east azerbaijan province, iran).gastrointestinal parasites are among the most common parasitic infections found in stray cats, which might act potential helminthic parasites to domestic cats. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in stray cats in the city of azarshahr, which is located in east azerbaijan province, iran. a cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 necropsied stray cats, trapped and collected from different geographic regions of azarshahr. from a total 50 stray ...201627876926
prevalence of fleas and gastrointestinal parasites in free-roaming cats in central mexico.the prevalence of fleas and gastrointestinal parasites in free-roaming and domestic cats in central mexico was evaluated. three hundred and fifty eight cats captured in the street or brought in by owners to the animal control center unit, a unit of state government, from june 2010 to may 2011, were included in the study. all cats were examined for the presence of fleas and gastrointestinal worms. one-hundred and ninety (53%) cats were infested with at least one flea species. single infestations ...201323573282
gastrointestinal parasites of cats in brazil: frequency and zoonotic risk.gastrointestinal helminths are considered to be the most common parasites affecting cats worldwide. correct diagnosis of these parasites in animals living in urban areas is pivotal, especially considering the zoonotic potential of some species (e.g. ancylostoma sp. and toxocara sp.). in this study, a copromicroscopic survey was conducted using fecal samples (n = 173) from domestic cats living in the northeastern region of brazil. samples were examined through the flotac technique and the overall ...201627096530
gastrointestinal helminths and ectoparasites in the stray cats (felidae: felis catus) of ahar municipality, northwestern iran.the stray cats are considered as the sources of emerging humans and domestic livestock pathogens and the zoonoses of public health importance. the present study was aimed to elucidate intestinal helminth infections and infestation with ectoparasites of the stray cats of ahar city, northwestern iran.201728761492
prevalence of toxoplasma gondii and other gastrointestinal parasites in domestic cats from households in thika region, kenya.gastrointestinal (git) parasites of domestic cats (felis catus) not only cause morbidity but are also potential zoonotic agents. the current study aimed at establishing the prevalence of git parasites in cats kept by households in thika region, kenya. fecal samples were collected randomly from 103 cats and analyzed for presence of parasites using standard parasitological methods. in descending order, the prevalence of the detected protozoa parasites was isospora spp. 43.7% (95% ci: 40.4-47%), cr ...201728691033
gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in kashan, iran.considering the role of parasites in contamination of human beings and domestic animals and lack of information in the region, the present study was performed to investigate the infection status of helminthes and protozoa of stray cats in central iran. a cross - sectional study was conducted on 113 stray cats trapped from different geographic regions of kashan during four seasons and were necropsied. different organs including: kidney, heart, liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and abdominal ca ...200919696723
critical evaluation of taeniacidal antibiotic s15-1 (sq 21, 704) for removal of natural tapeworm infections in dogs and cats.the new taeniacidal antibiotic s15-1 (sq 21,704) was evaluated against naturally occuring infections of taenia pisiformis in 53 dogs, dipylidium caninum in 35 dogs, t taeniaformis in 18 cats, and d caninum in 33 cats. it all instances, the compound was administered in gelatine capsules in a single oral dose. the doses tested were between and 200 mg/kg of body weight in dogs and between 15 and 45 mg/kg in cats. in dogs, doses of 25 mg/kg and greater were 100% effective against t pisiformis, where ...1979573080
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