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determinants of the longevity of third-stage infective larvae of ancylostoma tubaeforme.the effects of some extrinsic factors on the lipid (energy) reserves and longevity of third-stage larvae of the cat hookworm ancylostoma tubaeforme, were investigated under controlled laboratory conditions. in nonstressful microenvironmental conditions, larval longevity was directly related to the rate of utilisation of the lipid reserves. the effects of the various environmental stresses on longevity could also be explained largely on the basis of their deleterious effects on the lipid metaboli ...197944307
anthelmintic efficacy of milbemycin d against toxocara cati and ancylostoma tubaeforme in domestic cats.anthelmintic efficacy of milbemycin d was evaluated against toxocara cati and ancylostoma tubaeforme in domestic cats. twelve cats naturally infected with each nematode species were allocated among 2 groups of 6 animals each, and milbemycin d was orally administered to the 2 groups of cats in doses of 0.05 mg/kg and 0.1 mg/kg body weight, respectively. in all the cats infected with t. cati, fecal egg counts decreased followed by their disappearance from the feces and 2-35 worms were excreted int ...19911836368
evaluation of the efficacy and safety of two formulations of pyrantel pamoate in cats.the efficacy of paste and granule formulations of pyrantel pamoate against concurrent infections of toxocara cati and ancylostoma tubaeforme in cats was examined in a controlled trial. three groups of 8 cats received either no medication (controls) or pyrantel pamoate in paste or granule formulations at a dosage of 20 mg/kg of body weight. after administration of the paste formulation, fecal egg counts of a tubaeforme and t cati were decreased by 98.6 and 96.4%, respectively, and 100% of hookwor ...19902368952
a survey of helminths in domestic cats in the pretoria area of transvaal, republic of south africa. part 1: the prevalence and comparison of burdens of helminths in adult and juvenile cats.the helminths found in 1,502 necropsied cats were examined. the findings indicated that 65% of the cats were infested. the most prevalent helminths encountered were ancylostoma tubaeforme (41%), ancylostoma braziliense (25%), dipylidium caninum (23%), toxocara cati (11%), taenia taeniaeformis (7.7%), ancylostoma caninum (3.3%), joyeuxiella fuhrmanni (2.5%), ancylostoma ceylanicum (1.4%), and physaloptera praeputialis (1.3%). the following helminths were recorded in fewer than 1% of the cats: cen ...19892634770
intestinal helminthic infections of cats in calabar, nigeria.a study of intestinal helminthic infections of 52 cats (felis catus) was undertaken in calabar, nigeria. direct smear and zinc sulphate floatation technique were utilized. the following helminths were observed: toxocara cati (28.85%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (19.23%), trichuris felis (5.77%), dipylidium caninum (23.08%) and taenia taeniaeformis (9.61%). the worm burdens were generally low, ranging from 2 to 20 per cat. no definite pattern of infection was observed with regard to sex. trematodes w ...19883169644
anthelmintic efficacy of febantel combined with praziquantel against ancylostoma tubaeforme, toxocara cati, and taenia taeniaeformis in cats.forty cats, each harboring 2 or 3 parasitic infections (ancylostoma tubaeforme, toxocara cati, and/or taenia taeniaeformis), were used to titrate the anthelmintic efficacy of a paste containing 3.4% febantel and 0.34% praziquantel. the cats were allotted into 4 groups (10 cats/group). for 3 consecutive days, the cats were given febantel/praziquantel at 5/0.5 mg/kg/day, 10/1 mg/kg/day, 15/1.5 mg/kg/day, or a blank paste vehicle (control) at 0.29 g/kg of body weight. the recommended dosage of 10 m ...19863767110
invasion of skin by larvae of the cat hookworm, ancylostoma tubaeforme. 19724641493
energy utilization of infective ancylostoma tubaeforme larvae. 19725039336
the migratory behavior of the infective-stage larvae of ancylostoma braziliense and ancylostoma tubaeforme in rodent paratenic hosts. 19715156466
[prevalence of protozoans helminths among cats purchased for experimental use in the kanto area].prevalence of protozoan and helminth parasites in adult cats for experimental use obtained from kanto area, japan during the period of 1973-74 (91 cats) and 1980-81 (80 cats) was investigated by means of autopsy, fecal examination and serological tests. no protozoa were found in blood smear specimens. the rate of positive toxoplasma antibody tests was 65.4% (hemagglutination test) in 1973-74 and 26.3% (latex agglutination test) in 1980-81. oocysts of coccidia found in feces were isospora felis a ...19836653679
anthelmintic effect of febantel/praziquantel paste in dogs and cats.a paste formulation of 3.4% febantel and 0.34% praziquantel was given in soft food at a rate of 0.29 g/kg of body weight, once daily for 3 days to dogs and cats. eleven of 12 dogs were naturally infected with ancylostoma caninum, 10 with trichuris vulpis, 2 with toxocara canis, 5 with taenia sp, and 3 with dirofilaria immitis. ten of 11 cats were naturally infected with toxocara cati, 2 with ancylostoma tubaeforme, 3 with taenia sp, 5 with capillaria aerophila, and 1 with paragonimus kellicotti. ...19846703448
helminths of the tsushima leopard cat (felis bengalensis euptilura).three tsushima leopard cats (felis bengalensis euptilura) in japan were collected as road kills. three species of trematodes (pharyngostomum cordatum, paragonimus sp. and dicrocoeliidae gn. sp.), one species of cestode (spirometra erinacei) and nine species of nematodes (arthrostoma hunanensis, uncinaria felidis, uncinaria sp., ancylostoma tubaeforme, molineus springsmithi, toxocara cati, capillaria aerophila, capillaria felis-cati, and capillaria sp.) were found. among these helminths, arthrost ...19938445779
[investigations on the endoparasitic fauna of domestic cats in eastern brandenburg].the internal organs of 155 cats originating from 3 different territories in the eastern part of brandenburg state were examined for parasites between 1993 and 1995. parasites were found in 85% of cats. parasites with the highest prevalence were toxocara mystax (45%), hydatigera taeniaeformis (22%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (17%) and opisthorchis felineus (16%). metorchis bilis, mesocestoides spp., taenia pisiformis, capillaria plica, capillaria sp., ollulanus tricuspis, aelurostrongylus abstrusus, ...19979139627
gastrointestinal helminth parasites in stray cats from the mid-ebro valley, spain.gastrointestinal helminths were collected from 58 necropsied stray cats (felis catus) in the mid-ebro valley, north-east spain, from december 1989 to march 1992. the prevalence was 89.7%, with those of individual parasites being toxocara cati 55.2%c, ancylostoma tubaeforme 29.3% joyeuxiella pasqualei 55.2%, diplopylidium acanthotetra 20.7%, dipylidium caninum 20.7%, mesocestoides spp. 13.8%, taenia taeniformis 8.6% and diplopylidium nölleri 8.6%. in relation to sex, the differences were not sign ...19989637225
hookworms of feral cats in florida.thirty feral cats (felis catus) from alachua county (northern florida) and 30 from palm beach county (southern florida) were examined for hookworms. two species, ancylostoma tubaeforme and ancylostoma braziliense, were identified. forty-five cats (75%) were infected with a. tubaeforme, with a mean intensity of 48 hookworms per cat. twenty cats (33%) were infected with a. braziliense, with a mean intensity of 28 worms per cat. the prevalence of a. tubaeforme was greater than that of a. braziliens ...200312860064
[an epidemiological study on zoonoses in korea]helminthic zoonoses are of significant importance to the public health and to the socioeconomic consequences especially in lost-meat, animal products and animal labor. for past several decades in korea, it has been recognized that endoparasitic infections among domestic animals are extremely common and many of the helminth parasites of man have been acquired from, or are shared with domestic animals. however, there was no survey of a nationwide scale on the prevalence of animal helminthiasis; an ...198112902720
endoparasites in dogs and cats in germany 1999-2002.infections with endoparasites in dogs and cats have been determined by analysing the results of faecal examinations (flotation, mifc, sedimentation, baermann, smear, prospect giardia microplate assay). samples of 8438 dogs and 3167 cats from the years 1999 until 2002 have been included in the investigation. 2717 dogs (32.2%) and 771 cats (24.3%) have been infected with endoparasites. in the infected dogs the following parasites have been identified: class nematodea: toxocara canis: 22.4%, toxasc ...200312928886
comparative morphology of ancylostoma tubaeforme (zeder, 1800) and ancylostoma caninum (ercolani, 1859). 196214017192
efficacy of a topically administered combination of emodepside and praziquantel against mature and immature ancylostoma tubaeforme in domestic cats.this paper reports the efficacy of emodepside/praziquantel spot-on (profender), bayer ag, leverkusen, germany), a novel broad-spectrum anthelmintic for dermal application, against l4 larvae and immature adult and adult stages of ancylostoma tubaeforme in cats. the formulation contains 2.14% (w/w) emodepside and 8.58% (w/v) praziquantel, with emodepside being active against gastrointestinal nematodes and praziquantel against cestodes. five randomized, blinded and controlled laboratory studies dem ...200516228275
parasites of free-ranging small canids and felids in the bolivian chaco.parasite surveys of free-ranging wildlife provide important information for monitoring population health. between march 2001 and march 2003, we sampled 10 ocelots (leopardus pardalis), eight geoffroy's cats (oncifelis geoffroyi), a jaguarundi (herpailurus yaguarondi), five pampas foxes (pseudalopex gymnocercus), and three crab-eating foxes (cerdocyon thous) at three sites in the bolivian chaco. the objective of the study was to survey the parasite fauna of these carnivores and compare prevalence ...200617312790
helminth parasites of the endangered iberian lynx (lynx pardinus) and sympatric carnivores.five critically endangered iberian lynxes (lynx pardinus) and 35 other sympatric carnivores (19 feral cats felis catus, 12 egyptian mongooses herpestes ichneumon, and 4 common genets genetta genetta) were analysed for helminths in sierra morena and doñana area (southern spain). ancylostoma tubaeforme, which was believed to be harmful for lynx cubs according to a previous study, was present in the only lynx and in 53% of cats analysed in doñana (80% in adult cats). other species shared in both ar ...200718021466
descriptive epidemiology of intestinal helminth parasites from stray cat populations in qatar.a total of 488 stray cats, 212 adult and 29 juvenile females plus 235 adult and 12 juvenile males, were examined post-mortem during the winter and summer months of 2006 from five sites in the vicinity of doha and its outskirts. five helminths, comprising three nematode and two cestode species were identified and the majority of cats harboured two of these species. the most prevalent was the cestode taenia taeniaeformis (75.8%), followed by the cestode diplopylidium sp. (42.8%), and the nematodes ...200818199386
intestinal helminths of feral cat populations from urban and suburban districts of qatar.a survey of the helminths of 658 adult cats from feral urban and suburban populations in qatar was conducted across all months in 2006 and 2007. six species of helminths were identified, comprising two cestodes (taenia taeniaeformis [73.6%] and diplopylidium acanthotetra [47.1%]) and four nematodes (ancylostoma tubaeforme [14.7%], physaloptera praeputialis [5.2%], toxocara cati [0.8%] and toxascaris leonina [0.2%]), and 83% of cats were infected with at least one of these. the average number of ...201020031329
gastrointestinal helminthes in stray cats (felis catus) from aizawl, mizoram, india.gastrointestinal helminthes were collected from 27 necropsied stray cats (felis catus) in aizawl, mizoram, india from january 2005 to april, 2009. the examined cats showed mixed helminthic infections, with an overall prevalence of 85.2%. five nematodes, 2 cestodes and 1 trematode were identified. the most common helminthes were taenia taeniaeformis (70.4%), toxocara cati (59.3%), physaloptera praeputalis (44.4%), dipylidium caninum (40.7%), spirocerca felineus (18.5%), gnathostoma spinigerum (11 ...201121710844
results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from cats and dogs in germany between 2003 and a retrospective study, the results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from 8,560 cats and 24,677 dogs between january 2003 and december 2010 in germany were analysed. 30.4 % of the examined dogs and 22.8 % of the cats were infected with endoparasites. the examination of the faecal samples from dogs revealed stages of giardia spp. (18.6 %), toxocara canis (6.1 %), toxascaris leonina (0.6 %), ancylostomatidae (2.2 %), trichuris vulpis (1.2 %), capillaria spp. (1.3 %), crenosoma v ...201121739375
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in northern region of nile delta, egypt.a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites in 113 faecal samples from stray cats collected randomly from kafrelsheikh province, northern region of nile delta of egypt; was conducted in the period between january and may 2010. the overall prevalence was 91%. the results of this study reported seven helminth species: toxocara cati (9%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (4%), toxascaris leonina (5%), dipylidium caninum (5%), capillaria spp. (3%), taenia taeniformis (22%) and heterophyes heterophyes (3%), f ...201121760884
prevalence of selected zoonotic and vector-borne agents in dogs and cats in costa estimate the prevalence of enteric parasites and selected vector-borne agents of dogs and cats in san isidro de el general, costa rica, fecal and serum samples were collected from animals voluntarily undergoing sterilization. each fecal sample was examined for parasites by microscopic examination after fecal flotation and for giardia and cryptosporidium using an immunofluorescence assay (ifa). giardia and cryptosporidium ifa positive samples were genotyped after pcr amplification of specific ...201121846585
molecular evidence of shared hookworm ancylostoma tubaeforme haplotypes between the critically endangered iberian lynx and sympatric domestic cats.hookworms of the genus ancylostoma are the most pathogenic parasites of young cats, and a. tubaeforme may cause morbidity or mortality in young individuals of the most endangered felid species in the world, the iberian lynx (lynx pardinus). since the transmission of monoxenous parasites is related to host density and remaining lynx populations are currently very small, the presence of reservoir hosts may be necessary for the maintenance of the hookworm life-cycle, the domestic cat being the most ...201122136770
prevalence of fleas and gastrointestinal parasites in free-roaming cats in central mexico.the prevalence of fleas and gastrointestinal parasites in free-roaming and domestic cats in central mexico was evaluated. three hundred and fifty eight cats captured in the street or brought in by owners to the animal control center unit, a unit of state government, from june 2010 to may 2011, were included in the study. all cats were examined for the presence of fleas and gastrointestinal worms. one-hundred and ninety (53%) cats were infested with at least one flea species. single infestations ...201323573282
epidemiological survey of zoonotic helminths in feral cats in gran canaria island (macaronesian archipelago-spain).the presence of zoonotic parasites in feral cats have been widely considered all over the world. in gran canaria (macaronesian archipelago, canary islands, spain) the number of feral cats has grown out of control in urban and rural areas. 48 of felis catus captured in different gran canaria areas were studied. animals were necropsied and several organs were systematically examined in order to collect and identify macroscopic parasites. in addition, coprological tests were done in 28 cats. there ...201627447205
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in azarshahr, (east azerbaijan province, iran).gastrointestinal parasites are among the most common parasitic infections found in stray cats, which might act potential helminthic parasites to domestic cats. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in stray cats in the city of azarshahr, which is located in east azerbaijan province, iran. a cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 necropsied stray cats, trapped and collected from different geographic regions of azarshahr. from a total 50 stray ...201627876926
road killed carnivores illustrate the status of zoonotic helminthes in caspian sea littoral of iran.carnivore carcasses on the roads can be regarded as study materials in parasitology and eco-epidemiology. stray carnivores such as dogs and cats are known to harbor so many different pathogens like zoonotic helminthes. the current investigation, apparent the status of the helminthic parasites found in road killed carnivores from different parts of guilan province north of iran.201728761483
gastrointestinal helminths and ectoparasites in the stray cats (felidae: felis catus) of ahar municipality, northwestern iran.the stray cats are considered as the sources of emerging humans and domestic livestock pathogens and the zoonoses of public health importance. the present study was aimed to elucidate intestinal helminth infections and infestation with ectoparasites of the stray cats of ahar city, northwestern iran.201728761492
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