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isolation and characterisation of rhabdovirus from wild common bream abramis brama, roach rutilus rutilus, farmed brown trout salmo trutta and rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss in northern ireland.rhabdovirus was isolated from wild common bream abramis brama during a disease outbreak with high mortality in northern ireland during may 1998. rhabdovirus was also isolated at the same time from healthy farmed rainbow oncorhynchus mykiss and brown trout salmo trutta on the same stretch of river and 11 mo later from healthy wild bream and roach rutilus rutilus in the same river system. experimental intra-peritoneal infection of bream and mirror carp cyprinus carpio var specularis with 2 of thes ...200111843142
influence of methisoprinol on the replication of rhabdoviruses isolated from carp (cyprinus carpio) and catfish (ictalurus melas): in vitro study.rhabdoviruses constitute one of the most pathogenic viruses isolated from rainbow trout and carp culture. several viruses were also isolated from other species of fish. these viruses are mostly associated with epizootics and heavy losses. spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) and pike fry rhabdovirus (pfrv) have been the most extensively studied, due to their significant economic impact. significant progress has been made towards controlling the major bacterial fish diseases using vaccines, but t ...200312675468
dna vaccination can protect cyprinus carpio against spring viraemia of carp virus.several dna constructs containing the spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) glycoprotein (g) gene were investigated for their ability to induce protection against svcv following injection into myofibres. the constructs were pooled into four groups and co-injected with a plasmid encoding murine granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor. group 1 contained one full-length and two truncated g constructs under the control of the cytomegalovirus (cmv) promoter. group 2 contained full-length cons ...200616650915
characterization of complete genome sequence of the spring viremia of carp virus isolated from common carp (cyprinus carpio) in china.the complete genome of spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) strain a-1 isolated from cultured common carp (cyprinus carpio) in china was sequenced and characterized. reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) derived clones were constructed and the dna was sequenced. it showed that the entire genome of svcv a-1 consists of 11,100 nucleotide base pairs, the predicted size of the viral rna of rhabdoviruses. however, the additional insertions in bp 4633-4676 and bp 4684-4724 of svcv a ...200717447109
first detection and confirmation of spring viraemia of carp virus in common carp, cyprinus carpio l., from hamilton harbour, lake ontario, june 2006, 150 wild common carp were sampled from hamilton harbour, lake ontario, canada. tissue pools consisting of kidney, spleen and encephalon were screened for viruses as a condition facilitating the export of live carp to france. cytopathic effect (cpe), indicative of a viral infection, became evident after 8 days of incubation at 15 degrees c. eighteen of 30 tissue pools (five fish per pool) eventually demonstrated viral cpe. the viral pathogen was initially cultured and isolated on th ...200717958610
detection of spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) in koi carp, cyprinus carpio l.spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) is a rhabdovirus associated with systemic illness and mortality in cyprinids. several diagnostic tests are available for detection of svcv. however, most of these tests are time consuming and are not well adapted for field-based diagnostics. in this study, a diagnostic tool for svcv detection based on reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) has been developed. based on the nucleotide sequence of the glycoprotein (g) gene of svcv ...200818353016
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