conjunctival swab cytology from a guinea pig: it's elementary!three 3-month-old guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) were evaluated for purulent ocular discharge. conjunctival swabs were obtained for cytologic evaluation of wright's-giemsa-stained preparations. the specimen from the most severely affected guinea pig consisted primarily of karyolytic neutrophils and small lymphocytes. epithelial cells occasionally were observed that contained intracytoplasmic coccoid basophilic organisms, 0.5-1.5 microm in diameter. the intraepithelial inclusions were most consist ...200515902672
peptide immunization of guinea pigs against chlamydia psittaci (gpic agent) infection induces good vaginal secretion antibody response, in vitro neutralization and partial protection against live challenge.immunization of female guinea pigs with a chimeric peptide consisting of variable domain iv (vdiv) and a region known as gp8 from the major outer membrane protein of chlamydophila caviae, formerly chlamydia psittaci guinea pig inclusion conjunctivitis strain, was performed to assess whether humoral immune responses could be elicited in the reproductive tracts of immunized animals. the c. caviae strain is able to cause a sexually transmitted infection in the guinea pig that closely parallels c. t ...200111380677
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