intestinal helminth parasite community in wolves (canis lupus) in italy.from 1987 to 1993, 89 wolves (canis lupus) collected throughout the whole italian range were examined for intestinal helminth parasites. twelve species were found, including 5 nematodes (uncinaria stenocephala, toxocara canis, ancylostoma caninum, trichuris vulpis and toxascaris leonina) and 7 cestodes (echinococcus granulosus, taenia hydatigena, t. multiceps, t. pisiformis, t. ovis, mesocestoides lineatus and dipylidium caninum). no significant differences were detected between sexes. t. canis ...19938065823
helminths in the wolf, canis lupus, from north-western spain.fifteen helminth species were collected from 47 wolves (canis lupus ) which were surveyed from 1993 to 1999 in northwestern spain. these included the trematode alaria alata (2.1%); the cestodes taenia hydatigena (44.7%), t. multiceps (29.8%), t. serialis (2.1%), dipylidium caninum (6.4%) and mesocestoides sp. aff. litteratus (4.2%); and the nematodes pearsonema plica (7.4%), trichuris vulpis (10.6%), trichinella britovi (12.8%), ancylostoma caninum (8.5%), uncinaria stenocephala (51.1%), toxocar ...200111520444
ecological analyses of the intestinal helminth communities of the wolf, canis lupus, in spain.this work describes the ecological characteristics of the intestinal helminth communities of 50 wolves (canis lupus l.) from spain. the species found were classified into three groups according to prevalence, intensity and intestinal distribution. taenia hydatigena pallas, 1766 and uncinaria stenocephala (railliet, 1884) are the core species of the community. taenia multiceps (leske, 1780) is a secondary species. the rest of the species, alaria alata (goeze, 1782), taenia serialis (gervais, 1847 ...200314535350
intestinal macro- and microparasites of wolves (canis lupus l.) from north-eastern poland recovered by coprological study.wolf scats collected during ecological studies in mazury lake district in ne poland were analysed for intestinal micro- and macroparasites. five nematode species were identified: ancylostoma caninum (ercolani, 1859), uncinaria stenocephala (railliet, 1884), trichuris vulpis (froelich, 1789), toxocara canis (werner, 1782) and toxascaris leonina (von linstow, 1902). among cestode species there were identified infections with dipylidium caninum (linnaeus, 1785). the overall helminth prevalence was ...200516457480
helminth infections in faecal samples of wolves canis lupus l. from the western beskidy mountains in southern poland.eighty-nine samples of grey wolf (canis lupus l.) faeces were collected between 2002 and 2004 from two areas in the western beskidy mts (south poland). helminth eggs were observed in 56.2% of faeces examined. these included: alaria alata (2.2%), taeniid eggs (11.2%), toxocara canis (5.6%), toxascaris leonina (1.1%), eucoleus aerophilus (14.6%), ancylostoma caninum (12.3%), uncinaria stenocephala (37%) and unidentified roundworm eggs of the family strongyloididae (1.1%). eucoleus aerophilus is re ...200718251025
helminth parasites of the wolf canis lupus from latvia.thirty-four wolves were collected between 2003 and 2008 from throughout latvia and examined for helminths. a total of 17 helminth species were recorded: the trematode alaria alata (85.3%); the cestodes diphyllobothrium latum (2.9%), echinococcus granulosus (2.9%), echinococcus multilocularis (5.9%), mesocestoides lineatus (5.9%), taenia crassiceps (8.8%), taenia hydatigena (41.2%), taenia (ovis) krabbei (8.8%), taenia multiceps (47.1%), taenia pisiformis (20.6%), taenia polyacantha (11.8%), taen ...200919138449
gastrointestinal parasites in dogs from the island of st. pierre off the south coast of newfoundland.the present work was performed to survey the gastrointestinal parasites of domestic dogs (canis lupus familiaris) and also to determine if any were infected with angiostrongylus vasorum (french heartworm), on the french island of st. pierre off the south coast of newfoundland. a total of 57 fecal samples were collected and examined for intestinal parasites. the overall prevalence of parasitism was 57.9% and the six species found were: uncinaria stenocephala/ancylostoma caninum (47.4%), toxocara ...200919303213
a faecal analysis of helminth infections in wild and captive wolves, canis lupus l., in hundred and three samples of faeces of reared grey wolves from four locations (stobnica park and zoological gardens in bydgoszcz, wrocław and cracow) and twenty-six samples of faeces from two free-roaming packs of grey wolf (canis lupus l.) in piła (forest divisions: borne sulinowo, czarnobór, jastrowo) and zielona góra (forest divisions: torzym, krosno odrzańskie) were collected between 2005 and 2007. helminth eggs were detected in 78.6% of faecal samples of reared grey wolves and in 88.4% ...201020236557
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