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brucella abortus infection in cattle; agglutination tests. 194620988177
[occurrence of a strain of brucella abortus (schmidt et weiss) meyer et shaw, with the properties of a culture strain used in cattle vaccination; and a study of titer-negative brucella carriers]. 195014798920
persistence of brucella abortus infection in cattle. 195015410973
incidence and distribution of brucella abortus in slaughtered bang's reactor cattle. 195114816498
[immunization of cattle against brucellosis with killed brucella abortus vaccine]. 195514360545
effect of leptospira pomona bacterin upon agglutinin titers of five cattle previously vaccinated with strain 19 brucella abortus. 195713475114
relationship of age to susceptibility of nonvaccinated cattle to brucella abortus. 195713424917
[the sensitivity of brucella abortus to ph and to certain weakly bactericidal solutions. a new technic of brucella isolation in strongly contaminated material (the fetuses of cattle)]. 196013849145
comparative study of three serologic tests for detecting the response in cattle to virulent brucella abortus. 196214461730
brucellosis in a veteran's hospital, canada, about 100 sporadically occurring cases of brucellosis are reported yearly. three patients were admitted to one montreal hospital in the first seven months of 1963; all were employed in or around a packing plant. one had pain and electrocardiographic changes suggestive of brucella myocarditis; he recovered promptly. symptoms of neurasthenia and anxiety are common and were observed in two of these three cases. two had positive blood cultures; the third showed conclusive agglutination to ...196414221779
[typing of 800 strains of brucella abortus isolated from aborted cattle embryos]. 19644157875
simultaneous immunization of cattle and with strain 19 brucella abortus and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr) vaccines. 19655212981
the use of milk and blood tests to identify cows excreting brucella abortus in their milk in brucellosis problem herds. 19655213210
characteristics of carbon dioxide-independent cultures of brucella abortus isolated from cattle vaccinated with strain 19. 196514331715
[apropos of the diagnosis of latent carriers and the excretion of brucellae with milk in cows]. 19664974579
characterization of agglutinins of cattle serum against brucella abortus. 19674965567
persistence of brucella abortus, strain 19 infection in immunized cattle. 19694993565
differentiation of the serologicl response to yersinia enterocolitica and brucella abortus in cattle.the serological responses of cattle to inoculation with brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica type ix were compared. complete cross-reactions were found in serum agglutination, antiglobulin, complement fixation and rose bengal plate tests. the cross-reaction between br. abortus and y. enterocolitica ix was confirmed by immunodiffusion tests. although antibodies specific for each organism could also be detected by immunodiffusion tests with high titre rabbit or bovine sera, these tests wer ...19704992575
immunisation of laboratory animals and cattle with non-agglutinogenic extracts of brucella abortus strain 45-20. 19714998854
the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream as assessed by the methylene blue test. a report by a working party to the director of the public health laboratory service.the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream in england and wales was investigated by a working party of the public health laboratory service (phls) between 1 october 1968 and 31 july 1969. thirty-one cream-producing dairies were visited and observations made in the light of the code of practice published by the milk and milk products technical advisory committee of the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food, and the scottish home and health department. suggestions are made in this report to st ...19714326247
assessment of fluorescent antibody absorption procedures for differentiation of the serological response to yersinia enterocolitica serotype ix and brucella abortus in cattle. 19734203694
effect of anti-cord factor antibody on experimental tuberculosis in mice.either active immunization with trehalose-6, 6'-dimycolate (cord factor)-methylated bovine serum albumin complex or passive transfer of rabbit anti-cord factor serum induced in mice an enhanced resistance against infection with virulent human mycobacterium tuberculosis. this suggests that the anti-cord factor antibody exerts an infection-protecting effect by neutralizing the toxic action of cord factor during the course of living virulent infection with tubercle bacilli. the protective effect of ...19734632133
the rose bengal plate agglutination test in dairy cattle in zambia vaccinated over age with strain 19 brucella abortus. 19734213481
the immuno-diffusion method for the identification of cattle vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 45-20. 19734202541
[complement fixation test technics in the diagnosis of cattle brucellosis. ii. an attempt at modifying the official technics]. 19744216013
quantitative distribution of brucella antibody amongst immunoglobulin classes in vaccinated and infected cattle. 19744214435
a serologic survey of pronghorns in alberta and saskatchewan, determine the exposure of free-ranging pronghorns (antilocapra americana ord) to selected pathogens, serum samples were obtained from 33 live-trapped animals from southwestern saskatchewan in 1970, and from 26 and 51 animals from southeastern alberta, in 1971 and 1972, respectively. antibodies were found to the agents of parainfluenza 3, bovine virus diarrhea, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and the chlamydial group. no serologic reactors were found to ...1975167203
diverse effects of bursectomy on humoral immune responses in the chicken.chickens bursectomized hormonally or surgically at various ages in embryonic to postembryonic lives were immunized with a mixture of antigens, and the antibodies produced titrated. immune responses to salmonella pullorum (sp), brucella abortus (ba). staphylococcus aureus (staph) and ovalbumin (oa) were more markedly suppressed by the bursal deprivation than those to heterogenous erythrocytes, viruses and such bacteria as pasteurella multocida (pm) and escherichia coli b. the immune response to b ...19751187514
evaluation of sera of leptospiral vaccinated cattle for brucella antibodies. 1976830040
vaccination against bovine brucellosis with a low dose of strain 19 administered by the conjunctival route. iii. -- serological response and immunity in the pregnant cow.seventy-four heifers, 7 to 12 months old, were randomized in four groups: group a, 8 heifers as controls; group b, 19 heifers vaccinated subcutaneously with 9 x 10(10) brucella abortus strain b 19; group c, 19 heifers vaccinated as in group b, then revaccinated by the conjunctival route 6 to 8 months later with 5 x 10(9) bacteria; group d, 28 heifers vaccinated twice by the conjunctival route with the same dose and time intervals as in group c. serological responses in agglutination, complement ...1976984715
some effects of silical treatment on marek's disease.treatment of newly hatched chicks with silica by the intraperitoneal route delayed the onset of mortalities due to the jm strain of marek's disease (md' virus inoculated at 6 days of age. during the 88-day observation period fewer silica-treated chicks died of md, but this difference was not usually statistically significant. silica treatment had no effect on the susceptibility of 4-week-old birds. silica treatment reduced the antibody response to md but, in general, not significantly. the antib ...1976179947
identification of brucella abortus antibodies in cattle serum by single radial diffusion.single radial diffusion combined with the rose bengal test permitted rapid identification of all of the brucella abortus-infected cattle in a study group of 689 animals.1976815271
[antigenic analysis and immunological studies of the uterotropic bacterial strains sh6 and 01 isolated from aborted cows].the uterotropic strains sh6 and o1 were studied immunoelectrophoretically to establish their antigenic relationship. the more readily diffusing component of the o-antigenic fraction of the strains proved immunologically identical with lpa of the r brucella organisms, while the slower component showed common determinants with the o-antigenic fraction of yersinia pseudotuberculosis. immunodiffusion revealed that the o-antigenic fraction of the o1 strain and lpa of the s brucella organisms contain ...197660821
infection and serological responses in cattle given 45/20 vaccine and later challenged with brucella of 2 groups of 15 non-pregnant cows was vaccinated twice 6 weeks apart by the subcutaneous route with a killed adjuvant 45/20 vaccine. at the time of the first vaccination a bull was introduced for a period of 14 weeks. all animals were challenged with 1.5 x 10(7) brucella abortus organisms given into the conjunctival sac 18 weeks after the second vaccination of the vaccinated group. the largest lesions at the site of vaccination (8 cm diam.) were seen 2 weeks after inoculation. small lesion ...1976828049
brucellosis: the situation in western nigeria.over 55% of 7161 people examined in different parts of western nigeria have positive brucella abortus-antibodies in their sera. higher incidence of titres were found among dairy farmers and slaughtermen than in the general population. the rates of infection among the human and the cattle populations in two farms studied were very similar. there was evidence of high rate of cross-infections going on in one of these farms: more than 63% of the herd in this farm showed serological evidence of activ ...1976821186
brucella abortus infection in the bull.observations on 2 bulls from a brucella-infected property are reported. bull 1 gave serological reactions to br. abortus in both the sat and cft from day 0 to day 141. br. abortus was not recovered from semen and the bull remained clinically normal. the serological status of bull 2 changed from negative to positive to negative over a 203 day period and remained negative for a further 74 days. semen agglutinins were only detected on one occasion (20 iu). the first clinical sign observed was epidi ...1976817703
an assessment of investigations conducted in the usa on brucella abortus strain 45/20 bacterins.the results of five investigations in cattle using 45/20 bacterins are presented and evaluated. seemingly contradictory results may be the result of one or more modifications in project design or in procedures. in these trials, there appeared to be no significant difference in the level of protection for cattle when using either intramuscular or subcutaneous routes of injection or when 10 or 12 week intervals between doses were used in cattle 6 months of age or older. also, the relative resistan ...1976816689
the immunological properties of brucella ribosomal preparations.ribosomes were isolated from brucella abortus strains 19 and 45/20 by disruption of the cells followed by differential ultracentrifugation. the ribosome preparations contained 2-3 components reacting in immunodiffusion tests but were free of detectable lipopolysaccharide-protein agglutinogen. they crossreacted with antisera to br. abortus, br. melitensis, br. suis and br. ovis and elicited intradermal delayed hypersensitivity reactions in animals infected with br. abortus, br. melitensis or br. ...1976816681
the use of supplementary tests in the serological diagnosis of bovine brucellosis.comparative tests were carried out on serum samples using the rose bengal test (rbt), the complement fixation test (cft), the antibovine globulin test (abgt) by tube, plate and rapid variants, the mercaptoethanol test (met) and the dithiothreitol test (dtt). forty cows, from which br. abortus had been recovered, gave strong reactions in all tests except for 2 cows in the sat and 3 cows in the dtt another group of 405 cows had not yielded br. abortus on limited bacteriological examination. there ...1976823932
[combined vaccines including 1 or several anti-foot-and-mouth valences].combined vaccines are used for many human and animal diseases. however, we have very few examples of combinations containing anti-foot-and-mouth valence which would allow easy immunization against differnet diseases without additional handling. until now foot-and-mouth vaccination has been applied simultaneously with anti-brucellic vaccination (baldoni, renoux), andi-anthrax (nobili) and vaccination against swine fever and aujeszky's disease (lysenko). during the last ten years we have particul ...1976198308
[allergic diagnosis of bovine brucellosis. 1. conditions for the use of a purified protein allergen: brucellin (author's transl)].a protein allergen extracted from the rough strain brucella melitensis b 115, prepared for the diagnosis of brucellosis, has been evaluated in cows. injected in non infected and non vaccinated cows, this allergen does not give any reaction, does not sensitize for subsequent injections, does not give rise to antibodies detected by routine serologic tests, and thus does not interfere with usual screening. in cows, sensitized by injections of h 38 or 45/20 vaccines, the intradermal injection produc ...1977413466
the effects of igg2 and of antigen concentration on prozoning in the complement fixation test for bovine brucellosis.addition of brucella-specific igg2 to solutions of brucella-specific igg1 initially induced prozoning and at higher concentrations prevented all reaction in the complement fixation test (cft) for bovine brucellosis. some infected cattle may be diagnosed as brucellosis-free due to a high ratio of specific igg2 to igg1. increasing the concentration of antigen in the cft reduced the tendency to prozone.1977404679
trends of brucellosis in florida. an epidemiologic review.human brucellosis in florida is documented for the 47-year period 1928-1975. of the 936 cases reported in 1930-1975, more than half (505) occurred in the decade 1940-1949. the incidence declined rapidly to an average rate of five cases per year, although there was an increase in 1974 and 1975. the analysis is mainly concerned with the years 1961-1975, since more complete epidemiologic data are available for this period. cases occurred throughout the year, with the highest incidence being between ...1977403760
application of the indirect enzyme-labeled antibody microtest to the detection and surveillance of animal diseases.the rapid, indirect enzyme-labeled antibody (ela) microplate test has been developed as a diagnostic and surveillance tool to aid in the control of animal disease. the test has been applied to viral (hog cholera), parasitic (trichinosis), and bacterial (brucellosis) diseases of animals. a correlation of greater than 95% was observed between the hog cholera ela test and the serum neutralization test for hog cholera in greater than 2,000 field samples obtained during the 1976 epizootic in new jers ...1977409789
specific lymphocyte stimulation in cattle naturally infected with strains of brucella abortus and cattle vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19.cell-mediated immune responses in cattle naturally infected with strains of brucella abortus and in cattle vaccinated with b abortus strain 19 during calfhood were studied by an in vitro lymphocyte-stimulation procedure. lymphocytes were prepared from peripheral bovine blood by the ficoll-diatrizoate technique, suspended in rpmi-1640 medium (1.5 x 10(6) lymphocytes/ml), cultured with b abortus-soluble antigen or phytohemagglutinin, and incubated for 6 days. sixteen hours prior to termination of ...1978417648
a solid-phase radioimmunoassay for the determination of bacterial-specific antibodies within different immunoglobulin classes: application to bovine brucella abortus antibodies.a solid-phase radioimmunoassay (ria) has been developed for quantitation of class-specific antibodies against bacteria. brucella abortus cells were used to sensitize glass tubes after sedimentation, drying and methanol fixation. bovine antibodies that attached to the bacteria were detected by binding of a rabbit antiserum specific for each class or subclass of bovine immunoglobulins followed by binding of 125i sheep anti-rabbit immunoglobulin reagent. this three-step method was adapted as it was ...1978107846
comparison of sensitivity and specificity of purified lymphocyte and whole-blood in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assays in detection of brucella abortus infection in cattle.a study was conducted to compare the sensitivity and specificity of purified lymphocyte and whole-blood in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assays in detection of brucella abortus infection in cattle. cattle used were infected with b. abortus field strains or strain 19. peripheral blood was collected, and lymphocytes for the technique. the blood for the whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay was diluted 10-fold with rpmi 1640 medium (without additional serum supplement) and cultured. the two tests ...1978102656
whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay for measurement of cell-mediated immune responses in bovine brucellosis.a study was conducted to develop an in vitro whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay for measurement of cell-mediated immune response in bovine brucellosis. a soluble antigen (basa) prepared from killed cells of brucella abortus 1119-3 was used. cattle infected with b. abortus field strains, b. abortus 19 calfhood- and adult-vaccinated cattle, and nonexposed cattle were tested. blood was diluted 10-fold in rpmi-1640 medium (without added serum) and cultured with basa (at a concentration of 2.2 ...197897304
the effects of brucella abortus on serology, bacteriology, and production in three texas cattle herds. 1978109847
comparison of the results of some serological tests for bovine brucellosis.a total of 1887 bovine sera positive to the rose bengal plate test were subjected to other serological tests for bovine brucellosis: the complement fixation test using warm fixation (cftw),the serum agglutination test (sat) and the radioimmunoassay (ria). the sat was generally much less sensitive than the cftw. many sera, however, gave positive reactions in the sat but no reaction in the cftw or the ria. these sat reactions were attributed to igm antibody. comparison between the results of the c ...1978418114
effect of halothane anaesthesia on secondary antibody response and mitogen-induced lymphocyte transformation in the chicken.the effect of a single halothane anaesthesia on the secondary antibody response and the lymphocyte response in vitro to phytohaemagglutinin (pha) and concanavalin a(con a) was studied. the antigens used were bovine serum albumin (bsa) and killed brucella abortus organisms (brucella). igg and igm antibodies against these antigens were quantified by solid-phase radioimmunoassay. lymphocyte transformation was studied by a whole blood micromethod. the chickens were anaesthetised for two hours with 2 ...1978716924
formation of germinal centres during neonatal tolerance in the chicken.chickens were made tolerant to bsa at the time of hatching. during the tolerance, antigenic stimulation with bsa resulted in poor germinal centre formation as compared to normal immunized control birds. the tolerance persisted for at least 6 weeks. its breakdown had hardly started at the age of 12 weeks, both igm and igg antibody responses against bsa remaining negligible. stimulation with the unrelated antigens srbc and brucella abortus resulted in good antibody responses, but the number of ger ...1979495104
comparison of serological methods for the detection of b. abortus antibodies in sera from vaccinated and non-vaccinated cattle.a total of 4551 sera from 863 strain 19 vaccinated and non-vaccinated adult cattle, independent of disease status, were tested by five serological methods to detect the presence of antibodies to b. abortus. results from standard agglutination tube (sat), buffered brucella antigen or card (ct), complement fixation (cf), enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and rivanol (riv) methods were compared. there was a 95% probability for agreement among ct negative sera, between serological methods, f ...1979117051
effect of halothane anaesthesia on primary antibody response in the chicken.the effect of a single anaesthesia of 2 hours' duration with 1% v/v halothane and of 1, 2, and 3 hours' duration with 2% v/v halothane was studied on the primary antibody response in line-bred chickens. in contradistinction to earlier studies, the immunisation was performed during anaesthesia to resemble antigenic exposure in surgical practice. the igg and igm antibodies against the antigens, bovine serum albumin (bsa) and formalin-killed brucella abortus organisms (brucella), were quantified by ...1979115219
evaluation of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting brucella abortus antibodies.the specificity of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) corresponds to conventional methods for detecting brucella antibodies in bovine serum. the elisa test detected brucella antibodies early in only 12.5% of the cattle sera tested. also, the sensitivity of elisa was comparable to complement-fixation and rivanol methods, but less sensitive than the standard tube agglutination method.1979112893
the bovine immune response to brucella abortus. ii. elimination of some sporadic serological reactions by chelation of divalent cations.the standard agglutination tests for detecting antibody to brucella abortus were modified by addition of chelating agents (edta and egta) to the antigens. approximately 80% of "singleton" agglutination test reactions, negative on the diagnostic complement fixation test, obtained with cattle sera were eliminated while no decrease in titer was apparent when sera from b. abortus infected or vaccinated cattle were tested.1979121242
persistence of brucella abortus infection in six herds of cattle under brucellosis eradication. 1979119934
immunological responses of fluke-infected and fluke-free cattle to salmonella dublin and other antigens.immune responses to heat-killed brucella abortus strain 19 and to ovalbumin were compared in 15 fluke-infected and 15 fluke-free friesian heifers. b abortus was injected 16 weeks and ovalbumin 19 weeks after the oral administration of 1000 metacercariae of fasciola hepatica. agglutinating antibody responses to b abortus were similar in both groups. immediate type hypersensitivity to ovalbumin was apparently suppressed in fluke-infected animals when assessed by active and passive cutaneous anaphy ...1979120572
effects of cyclophosphamide on the lymphoid tissues and humoral and cellular immune responsiveness of young calves.cyclophosphamide (cy) was given iv to 5-month-old calves (ten doses; each dose of 5.0 mg/kg, 2-day intervals between doses). the effects of cy on circulating leukocytes, lymphoid tissues, and the humoral and cellular immune responses were assessed. the numbers of total leukocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils and platelets decreased significantly. the lymphocyte population was depleted in the cortex of the thymus and b-dependent areas of the spleen and lymph nodes. significant decreases occurred ...1979118689
a seroepidemiologic survey of three pronghorn (antilocapra americana) populations in southeastern idaho, 1975-1977.sera from 104 adult and 42 fawn pronghorn antelope (antilocapra americana) from southeastern idaho were tested against selected livestock pathogens. the numbers positive/numbers tested (% positive) were as follows: bovine virus diarrhea - adults 2/102 (2), fawns 0/41 (0);; infectious bovine rhinotracheitis - adults 27/101 (27), fawns 9/42 (22); parainfluenza 3 - adults 79/104 (76), fawns 22/42 (52); bovine adenovirus 7 - adults 42/103 (41), fawns 20/48 (48); bovine adenovirus 3 - adults 11/32 (3 ...19806246285
an association between arthritis and persistent serological reactions to brucella abortus in cattle from apparently brucellosis-free herds.twenty-four cases of stifle (femoro-tibial joint) arthritis, in friesian heifers that had failed their first blood test for brucellosis, were examined pathologically and by serological and cultural tests for brucella. the arthritis was confined to the stifle and was non-purulent. the cases showed several other similar features, including evidence of trauma, erosions of articular surfaces, synovial proliferations and granulomata containing germinal centres and plasma cells. the synovial fluid was ...19806767307
allergenic activity and biochemical analysis of three soluble antigen preparations from brucella abortus strain 45/20.three brucella abortus strain 45/20 antigen preparations were compared with regard to their chemical composition and allergenic potential. a popular method of extracting soluble antigens from whole cells with hypertonic saline solution and ethanol precipitation was compared with the method of trichloroacetic acid (tca) or ammonium sulfate (as) precipitation of antigens released into solution by ultrasonic cell disruption. biochemical analysis of the preparations revealed that tca and as precipit ...19806767424
an epidemiological survey of human brucellosis in three victorian abattoirs.during the period 1977-1978, a serological and epidemiological investigation was conducted by the victorian departments of health and agriculture to determine the risk to abattoir workers of exposure to brucella abortus from infected cattle. nearly 1000 specimens of serum from workers at three abattoirs were tested for brucella antibodies at the microbiological diagnostic unit. serum agglutination and antihuman globulin tests were performed by a microtitre technique. approximately 25% of these s ...19806774222
depressed immunoconglutinin responses in calves experimentally infected with trypanosoma congolense.contrary to expectation, immunoconglutinin levels failed to rise significantly in calves infected with trypanosoma congolense. in addition, it was shown that trypanosome infection appeared to inhibit the immunoconglutinin response to brucella abortus strain 19. the possible reasons for these findings are discussed.19806774392
a clinical and immunopathological study of brucella abortus strain 19--induced arthritis in cattle.from a series of 11 calves presenting with a clinical unilateral gonitis (inflammation of the stifle), six were subjected to serological examination for titres against brucella abortus and to subsequent post mortem examination. tissues from five calves studied showed similar clinical and radiological features with post mortem examination confirming the presence of characteristic arthritic lesions in the affected stifle and other joints. the immune studies indicated the presence of b abortus stra ...19806776681
the use of immunochemically purified anti-brucella antibody in a direct fluorescent antibody test for brucella abortus.antibodies specific for brucella abortus were purified from the serum of hyperimmunized sheep using immunochemical procedures. they were conjugated to fluorescein isothiocyanate and used in a fluorescent antibody (fa) test for b. abortus. the conjugate did not stain any heterologous bacterial or fungal species tested and background fluorescence associated with its use on smears and sections of abortion materials was particularly low. of 239 cases of abortion examined fluorescent microscopy demon ...198015615052
latent carriers of brucellosis.of 272 heifers subjected to a brucellosis anamnestic test following one injection of k45/20a vaccine, 53 (19%) gave a positive result to the anti-bovine globulin test and 21 (8%) gave a complement fixation test titre at 1/16 or more. three heifers (1%) gave a positive serum agglutination test (sat) titre (60 iu or more) 12 weeks after the second injection of k45/20a vaccine. one of the three aborted at seven months' gestation (brucella abortus culture positive), another had an sat level of 100 i ...19807189074
brucellosis in moose (alces alces). a serological survey in an open range cattle area of north central british columbia recently infected with bovine brucellosis.a serological survey for brucella abortus antibodies in mature cow moose (alces alces) was made in an area of northcentral british columbia which recently had been heavily infected with bovine brucellosis and in which there was considerable intermixing of moose and range cattle. no evidence of brucella infection was found in the moose tested and it was concluded that they were probably not of great significance in the epidemiology of bovine brucellosis in the study area and were therefore unlike ...19807363258
localization of brucella antigens that elicit a humoral immune response in brucella abortus-infected cells.localization of brucella antigens, to which brucella-infected cattle make antibodies, and the surface characteristics of brucella abortus smooth strain 19 and rough strain 45/20 were studied by the use of monospecific antisera in absorption tests, electron microscopy, and electrophoretic mobility of organisms in microelectrophoresis. antigenic determinants of electrophoretically defined antigen a5 were present on the surface of b. abortus rough strain 45/20 organisms, and protein moieties were m ...19816800949
the effect of challenge with virulent brucella abortus on beef cattle vaccinated as calves or adults with either brucella abortus strain 19 or 45/20.groups of female calves were vaccinated subcutaneously with the standard dose of brucella abortus strain 19 (s19) or with b. abortus 45/20 (s45/20). these calves and non-vaccinated control calves were mated at 15 months of age and challenged by way of the conjunctival sac with b. abortus strain 544 (s544). the incidence of abortion, stillbirths, weanling calves and healthy calves was observed after challenge and specimens were collected for culture at parturition and slaughter. fifteen healthy c ...19816802119
outbreak of brucellosis at a south-australian abattoir. 2. epidemiological investigations.the outbreak of human brucellosis among employees of a large south australian abattoir described previously coincided with an increase in the number of cattle showing a positive serological reaction for brucella abortus being slaughtered. comparisons showed that two other abattoirs in the area were slaughtering larger numbers of such cattle, but no cases of human brucellosis were diagnosed there. this suggested an additional risk at the abattoir concerned. all infected men had been employed in a ...19817334991
vaccination of heifers with a reduced dose of brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine before first mating.ten jersey heifers aged 14 to 23 months were vaccinated with 2.25 x 10(8) cells of living brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine. they and 10 similar non-vaccinated heifers were subsequently mated and when about 6 months pregnant were challenged by the conjunctival application of a virulent culture of b. abortus. the serological responses to vaccination was much less than is usually seen following vaccination with the normal dose of strain 19, especially when the indirect haemolysis test was used. a ...19817340776
[production of dialysable leukocytes extracts in cattle (author's transl)]. 19816793294
transfer of memory cells into antigen-pretreated hosts. ii. influence of localized antigen on the migration of specific memory b cells.following i.v. injection, 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (tnp)-primed memory cells localized in recipient lymph nodes draining a footpad injection of tnp-hemocyanin (tnp-klh) in greater numbers than in contralateral nodes draining a p-azobenzenearsonate-coupled klh injection. such hapten-specific, unilateral memory b cell localization was still observed in immunosuppressed mice when antigen injections were given as long as 4 days prior to the memory cell transfer. the memory cells could be challenged to f ...19816173238
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (disodium salt)-labile bovine immunoglobulin m fc binding to brucella abortus: a cause of nonspecific was demonstrated by a radioimmunoassay procedure that brucella abortus agglutinins from noninfected cattle sera, absorbed to b. abortus antigen and eluted with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta), was immunoglobulin m that bound to that bacterium by its fc portion. the edta-eluted immunoglobulin m agglutinated intact b. abortus cells but not erythrocytes treated with b. abortus lipopolysaccharide. the specificity of the edta-eluted immunoglobulin was for b. abortus, although a small titer ...19816790568
the serological response of cattle to vaccines against brucellosis, as measured by the brucellosis radioimmunoassay and other tests.serum sample were obtained from 281 heifers vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19, and from 50 heifers that had received two injections of killed b. abortus strain 45/20 adjuvant (k45/20a) vaccine. the serological response measured by the brucellosis radioimmunoassay (ria) was compared with responses measured by other tests. the serological responses of cattle during the first weeks after strain 19 vaccination were found to give little guide to the frequency of persistent reactions. in the ...19826799566
serological response of cattle after vaccination and challenge with brucella and currently used serological procedures were evaluated using sera from cattle that were challenged with b. abortus s544 (s544) after vaccination with either b. abortus s19 (s19) or b. abortus 45/20 (s45/20) as calves or adults. in animals vaccinated with s19, titres to the indirect haemolysis test (ihlt) rose more slowly, declined more rapidly and involved fewer animals than did titres to the complement fixation test (cft). in animals vaccinated with s45/20 the rough antigen complement fix ...19826810533
on the inactivation of brucella abortus in naturally contaminated milk by commercial pasteurisation procedures.following concern about the recent publication indicating the possible ability of brucella abortus to survive commercial pasteurisation of naturally contaminated milk, such milk was subjected to biological (bt), serological and bacteriological tests. the raw milk was brucella milk ring test positive and biotype i was isolated from 4/5 bt guinea pigs, the one tested being seropositive to the rose bengal test, and with serum agglutination and complement fixation titres of 160 and 36 international ...19826820666
[barbital buffer in tablets as a solvent for complement fixation test (cft)].the purpose of this paper was to develop a tableting technology of barbital buffer as a standard diluent easy in use for complement fixation test (cft). as starting point, barbital (veronal) buffer after alton et al. [1] was assumed. among 4 solubilizers polyvinyl pyrrolidone (pvp 10 000) was chosen, which provided a good solubility of the barbital in distilled water at 20 degrees c and it affected favourably the complement activity (c'). pvp 10 000 added to the components of barbital buffer at ...19827167394
characteristics of togo strains of brucella abortus from cattle.thirty togolese strains of brucella from cattle were classified as members of b. abortus biotype 3 by the recommended methods of the subcommittee on taxonomy of this genus. however two unusual characteristics distinguish the togolese strains from the main group of b. abortus: their mean oxidative profile altered on four of the conventional substrates (l-asparagine, l-arabinose, d-galactose and d-xylose) and their very slow growth on usual media. these two original characteristics are discussed f ...19826820250
latent bovine cattle in a herd suffering from widespread infection with brucella abortus biotype 2 were slaughtered during the eradication campaign. a heifer calf fom that herd was moved to a fresh herd which remained apparently free from brucellosis until nine years later when the same animal produced a strongly positive serological reaction and brucella abortus biotype 2 was isolated from its milk.19827157620
cross-reactivity of haemophilus somnus antibody in agglutination and complement fixation tests and in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the specificity and sensitivity of agglutination, complement fixation, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) procedures in the detection of antibodies to haemophilus somnus was investigated. h. somnus rabbit immune sera were found to agglutinate pasteurella multocida, staphylococcus aureus, and haemophilus agni and, in some instances, also pasteurella haemolytica, salmonella dublin, streptococcus agalactiae, and corynebacterium pyogenes. in complement fixation tests with saline extracts ...19836841584
assessment of an intradermal test for the detection of bovine brucellosis.forty-eight cattle were sensitised to brucella antigens either by vaccination with brucella abortus strain 19 (s19) or b. abortus 45/20 (s45/20) ad 24 of these and 12 unvaccinated cattle were subsequently challenged with virulent b. abortus strain 544 (s544). all these cattle (n = 60), together with 12 control cattle which were neither vaccinated nor challenged, were subsequently subjected to an intradermal test using a s45/20 protein antigen. reactions were interpreted subjectively by observati ...19836417883
immune response to porin in cattle immunized with whole cell, outer membrane, and outer membrane protein antigens of brucella abortus combined with trehalose dimycolate and muramyl dipeptide adjuvants.the immune response of cattle to nonliving vaccines derived from brucella abortus rough strain 45/20 was studied. vaccines contained trehalose dimycolate and a derivative of muramyl dipeptide. n-acetylmuramyl-l-alpha-aminobutyryl-d-isoglutamine. a factorial experiment was designed to test the effects of type of antigen, quantity of antigen, and quantity of mineral oil on the immune response to porin. muramyl dipeptide was kept constant at 5 mg per dose, and 1 part of trehalose dimycolate was inc ...19836315592
selective suppression by auto-anti-idiotypic antibody of b-cell idiotype repertoires generated after stimulation with the same hapten on t-dependent and t-independent the present study, we investigated whether auto-anti-idiotypic antibody in the immune sera from old mice could recognize antitrinitrophenyl (tnp) plaque-forming cells (pfc) generated after stimulation with the t-dependent and t-independent forms of the hapten, tnp. young and old c57bl/6j male mice were immunized with a variety of t-dependent (tnp-bovine gamma-globulin, tnp-bgg; tnp-keyhole limpet hemocyanin, tnp-klh; ovalbumin, ova; bovine serum albumin, bsa; bgg) and t-independent (tnp-bruce ...19836360382
detection of brucella antibodies of different immunoglobulin classes in cow milk by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays were conducted on milk of cows from which brucella abortus was isolated and that of noninfected controls. horseradish peroxidase-labeled rabbit antibovine immunoglobulins igg, igg1, and iga were used as conjugates. a heat-killed whole-cell suspension of b abortus strain 19 was used as the antigen. differences in antibody profiles were observed in milk of cows from which b abortus was isolated and in milk of noninfected cows. antibody profiles were similar in mi ...19836402961
an evaluation of the anamnestic test for brucellosis in cattle of the northern pastoral investigation of the anamnestic test for brucellosis using brucella abortus 45/20 vaccine was carried out in 3 groups of weaner cattle on 2 farms in western queensland. each group originally consisted of about 500 cattle. they were bled before and at 6 or 10 weeks after vaccination and again in the following year. the serums were tested by the complement fixation (cft), rose bengal (rbt) and indirect haemolysis tests (ihlt). most of the cattle reacting to one or more of the tests were killed ...19836403007
vaccination of cattle against brucellosis using either a reduced dose of strain 19 or one or two doses of 45/20 vaccine.three groups, each of 14 mature jersey heifers, were vaccinated. they were mated about 2 months later and those that became pregnant were challenged at about 6.5 months of pregnancy by the conjunctival application of virulent brucella abortus. group 1 heifers received 2 doses of b. abortus 45/20 vaccine 2 months apart. only 5 of the 14 heifers became pregnant, and of these 5 only one resisted challenge. group 2 heifers received only one dose of 45/20 vaccine, 5 of the 10 challenged resisted infe ...19836626063
the cultural and pathological examination of bulls serologically positive for brucellosis.the genitalia from 34 bulls were examined for the presence of brucella lesions using histological, bacteriological and serological methods. tissue fluids extracted from the various genital organs and the serums were examined using the serum agglutination test (sat), the rose bengal plate agglutination test (rbpt), the complement fixation test (cft) and the indirect haemagglutination test (ihlt) for the presence of brucella antibody. titres to one or more of these tests were found in 17 bulls and ...19836403010
the use of a brucella protein antigen in dermal hypersensitivity as an adjunct method to diagnose bovine brucellosis.a total of 191 cows in 3 herds were injected with a brucella protein antigen in an effort to compare serologic and bacteriologic findings with delayed hypersensitivity and to possibly detect incubative brucellosis. using cultural and serologic results, the responses to the bpa antigen were inferior to serologic tests in the diagnosis of infection. none of the 23 skin test positive/seronegative cows were positive on subsequent herd blood tests.19836419446
comparison of radioimmunoassay with the complement fixation test and the indirect haemolysis test in the field diagnosis of bovine brucellosis.sera were collected from female cattle in 118 commercial herds being subjected to a programme to eradicate brucellosis by test and slaughter, in an area in which vaccination of heifer calves with brucella abortus strain 19 was compulsory. of 4583 sera positive by the rose bengal plate test, the brucellosis radioimmunoassay was positive for 1524, the complement fixation test for 1363 and the indirect haemolysis test for 1141. these figures, and supporting evidence from the eradication programme, ...19836401777
immunochemical studies on the binding properties of brucella abortus lipopolysaccharides to bovine precipitating antibodies.the binding properties of brucella abortus smooth lipopolysaccharides (lps) to the precipitating antibodies in the serum of a b. abortus s2308 infected cow were studied by quantitative precipitin and precipitin-inhibition assays. crude b. abortus lipopolysaccharides (clps) and chemical modification products of strains 1119.3, 19 and 2308 (virulent) were used for this study. in the quantitative precipitin assay, 13 micrograms of clps precipitated about 4.0-5.2 micrograms nitrogen of precipitating ...19846083449
studies on the adjuvant action of beryllium. ii. systemic effects with particular reference to secretory immunity.when 5 mg doses of beryllium hydroxide, be(oh)2, were injected intravenously (i.v.) into rats, much of the injected material was retained in the lungs. when the injection of be(oh)2 was accompanied by particulate antigens such as killed b. abortus organisms or srbc, immune responses took place in the intra-thoracic lymph nodes (itln) so that antibodies of the iga class were generated and endowed the bile with significant agglutinating activity. this did not happen when the antigens were injected ...19846432684
comparison of sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis profiles and antigenic relatedness among outer membrane proteins of 49 brucella abortus strains.outer membrane proteins were solubilized from 49 strains of brucella abortus by sequential extraction of physically disrupted cells with n-lauroylsarcosinate and a dipolar ionic detergent (verstreate et al., infect. immun. 35:979-989, 1982). the strains tested included standard agglutination test strain 1119, virulent strain 2308, and eight reference strains representing each of the biotypes; the remainder were isolates from cattle in north america with natural infections and included biotypes 1 ...19846434426
[brucella abortus biotypes found in cattle in morocco: a preliminary study]. 19846436089
recent progress in the diagnosis of brucellosis.progress since 1975 in the development of methods for the diagnosis of brucellosis is summarized. standard serological diagnosis improved with increased use of acidified antigen agglutination and complement fixation tests. immunoassays, tests based on the lysis of lipopolysaccharide coated erythrocytes and tests using new antigens have increased the sensitivity and specificity of serological results. the field of cellular immunology has seen the development and field evaluation of a skin test us ...19846436099
attempts to use thiabendazole to improve the immune response in dexamethasone-treated or stressed cattle.thiabendazole was evaluated in two separate experiments for its ability to enhance the immune response in dexamethasone-treated or stressed cattle. in the first experiment the cattle received either no drug treatment (controls), dexamethasone intramuscularly (im), or dexamethasone im plus thiabendazole orally. all animals were inoculated with heat-killed brucella abortus strain 19, equine ferritin, tetanus toxoid, and live corynebacterium equi at the time dexamethasone therapy was initiated. dex ...19846519958
cellular and humoral responses of brucella abortus-infected bovine fetuses.fifty-nine bovine fetuses naturally and experimentally infected with brucella abortus were studied. lymphoid hyperplasia in multiple lymph nodes, lymphoid depletion in the thymic cortex, adrenal cortical hyperplasia, and disseminated inflammatory foci composed mainly of large mononuclear leukocytes were present in infected fetuses. histopathologic changes in naturally infected fetuses were indistinguishable from those infected fetuses inoculated in utero. fetuses inoculated with 1.0 x 10(3) to 1 ...19846538768
[characteristics of 273 strains of brucella abortus of african origin].273 brucella strains from africa have been examined for identification and typing in our laboratory, since 1976. of these, 213 were isolated from senegal, 30 from togo, 12 from morocco, 10 from rwanda, 7 from guinea bissau and 1 from niger. 272 strains were from cattle. most of them (260) were from native animals that showed hygromas. 12 strains from morocco were isolated from aborted calves of the "pie noire" dairy breed. one strain was from a human case of brucellosis in rwanda. all the strain ...19846436118
a comparative study of elisa and other methods for the detection of brucella antibodies in bovine sera.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), using beta-galactosidase and a fluorigenic substrate, was used for the detection of antibodies to brucella abortus in bovine sera. among 677 animals from 9 brucellosis-free herds, none reacted in the elisa. among 785 animals from 23 brucellosis-infected herds, 336 were positive in elisa, 229 in the slow agglutination test (sat), 185 in the complement fixation test (cft), and 165 in the rose-bengal test (rbt). experimental infections were conducted with ...19846442027
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