[receptivity of arvicanthis niloticus to infection by schistosoma mansoni]. 1976135626
natural schistosoma mansoni infection in arvicanthis niloticus in ismailia, a survey for zoonotic helminthic infection in rodents schistosoma mansoni eggs were detected in the large intestine and liver of arvicanthis niloticus.19902121849
long-term infection with schistosoma mansoni (gezira strain--sudan) in the nile rat (arvicanthis niloticus).the long-term infection with schistosoma mansoni (gezira strain--sudan) was studied in the nile rat (arvicanthis niloticus) to investigate the 'self cure' phenomenon. the results indicated that while a considerable number of worms and eggs were still recovered by week 28 post-infection, elimination of some of the worms occurred by week 20.19883135307
susceptibility of rodents to infection with schistosoma mansoni in richard-toll (senegal).the susceptibility of arvicanthis niloticus, mastomys huberti, mastomys erythroleucus and mus musculus was studied to assess the capacity of these rodents to transmit schistosoma mansoni. the susceptibility was determined by the percentage of adult schistosomes recovered, the number of eggs per gramme of faeces, the viability of these eggs and the capacity of the rodents to maintain the life cycle of schistosoma mansoni. the percentages of adult worms recovered were respectively 18%, 11.5%, 8.4% ...19969033908
comparison of human and murine isolates of schistosoma mansoni from richard-toll, senegal, by isoelectric focusing.studies on human and murine isolates of schistosoma mansoni, from richard-toll, senegal, were carried out by isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels. seven enzyme systems; lactate dehydrogenase (ldh), malate dehydrogenase (mdh), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g6pd), acid phosphatase (acp), hexokinase (hk), glucose phosphate isomerase (gpi), and phosphoglucomutase (pgm), were used to compare the two isolates. all systems tested, apart from ldh, were found to be polymorphic for both isolat ...19979192707
rodents as reservoir hosts in the transmission of schistosoma mansoni in richard-toll, senegal, west africa.more than 2000 animals belonging to six different rodent species and one insectivore species were examined for infection with schistosomes in the region of richard-toll, senegal. two murid rodents, arvicanthis niloticus and mastomys huberti, were found infected with schistosoma mansoni. prevalences were about 5% for both rodent species with a mean worm burden of about 20 worms per host. the sex-ratios of s. mansoni worms were always biased towards males. prevalences and worm burdens, although si ...200010881283
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